To shake or not to shake…and other post-Easter randoms

Early season observations (that wise period just before round 3)


Sorry to disturb anyone who is agonising about their tips for Round 3 (getting 6 will win you most weekly comps I reckon), but I just wanted to bring up a few issues, one of which I really want to know how other people feel.

There’s the typical footy- type observations, you know:

  • The cats showing that they really really love beating hawthorn (from my end we’d have to beat them 100 times or in 1 GF to atone for 2008)
  • The dogs/Rodney Eade being almost annoyingly arrogant in the dogs having a 12 goal win over the hapless tigers…(also refer to Collingwood being ‘relieved’ after win over the more determined but equally hapless Dees)
  • The Jonathan Brown versus Nick Riewoldt vs. Quentin Lynch debate…..yes the big Q stick? Is he tempted by the Gold Coast?
  • Freo –the seasons upstarts, looking for their full driving licence, or whatever
  • Adelaide the early season flops – poor craigy getting booed I hear? terrible
  • Saints—still the team to beat?

BUT…NO!! I think the major talking point is this!

None of the above was the most pertinent points I gained from the “bumper” Easter round 2 of the 2010 AFL season…so what was?  Brock McLean, on that boring but necessary footy show on Channel 7 (Sunday gameday not the bounce) stating that he doesn’t shake hands because it’s something that he just “doesn’t do” and that both his father and grandfather “don’t do”?  So here’s the debate —- who thinks that it’s a bad thing to not shake hands?  Is it un-Australian?  Are sporting types like Brett Kirk just too “metrosexual” for our game?

For me – I reckon you can say a lot about a man who refuses a hand-shake, fair enough not to offer but if an opponent sticks it out (his hand that is), then the least any footy player can do is the same back….as mentioned before love to know how others feel about this.

Cheers! (And that’s with an imaginary handshake attached to it as well)

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  1. A perfect example of what i think about shaking hands was shown in the Pies V Saints match.
    If your gonna bump, grab someone buy the leg, poke em in the eye,( im looking at you Juddy) throw them around like a rag doll during the game, then there’s no point to shake hands.
    It just loses its meaning of sportsmanship of whatever.
    Both Nicks (Maxy and Roo) shook hands before the toss then about ten minutes later they are at each other’s throats!
    I see no point in the handshake even after the game.


  2. You probably want opinions from people other than us teenagers, but here’s my opinion.

    The fact that Brock McLean refused Kirk’s offer of a handshake speaks volumes about his character, as does his attempt to justify what he did. He doesn’t realise the effect his lack of sportsmanship may have – will we see kids in the under 10s following Brock’s lead and refusing to shake hands?

    A young Dees supporter on this website who I will not name mentioned recently that as a child, Brock “chose not to go for a team as a youngster because he knew he would make the afl”

    I thereby contend that Brock McLean is a complete and utter tosser and good sportsmanship should be encouraged, for AFL players are role models.

  3. I went to shake my opponent’s hand today, was ignored, then called the c-word, then he bumped me continously. As the match progressed, I learnt that this kid had been to jail before so I avoided trying to agitate him. After the game, I went to shake his hand and he put his head down, touched my hand and walked off.

  4. Steve Healy says

    I think Adam is refferring to me in comment 2

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