2010 – The Year of the Tight Tiger

The title above does not refer to the Richmond, Glenelg or Hull City Football Clubs nor to a constipated Siberian in Melbourne Zoo but more so a poor/clumsy alliteration on what has been one of the closest run years in sport (& politics) for a long time.

So what will 2011 be like in comparison?  Another year of change or some stability?  (A bit like in the early 2000s when the Australian cricket team & the Brisbane Lions looked invincible – hmmmmm). Regardless, it’s always good to speculate…..and the process of listing is very cathartic…apologies for yet another list but I couldn’t help myself…..after all it is the time of year when we all consume too much.

2010 TOP 5 HIGHS

1. Spain – from Nadal to Contador to the national football team, Espana was dominant, Fernando Alonso must really feel like he let his country down by not winning the Formula one title.

2. An interesting Ashes series for a change, it feels like the 1980s again when you really had no clue as to what would happen in each test.

3. The return of Collingwood – every type of sport needs clubs to loathe, let’s just hope that it’s a one year “dynasty” only….

4. Observing that Tiger Woods isn’t invincible on a golf course and that there are new stars like Rory McIlroy, and new #1’s!

5. Jack Riewoldt – a fiery full forward with great hands – check! let’s hope that other forwards step up and we go back to the halcyon days of 3 or 4 blokes all shooting for a ton of goals…..

2010 TOP 5 LOWS

1. Russia and Qatar winning the rights to host the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups – call me biased but as a citizen of both England and Australia I felt that both were hard done by…….

2. Vuvuzelas – waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! it’s hard enough to see both the above countries getting thrashed by Germany, let alone having to listen to those ‘traditional’ plastic pieces of garbage.

2. The self-destruction of the Geelong Football Club – ok ok I have hope and I’ve never had it better in the last few years, but is it really over?

4. The decline of Liverpool Football Club…again.

5. Lleyton Hewitt not retiring…..and producing terrible ‘Hewitt branded clothing’.


1. The return of Carlton & Hawthorn as AFL “powers”– Trust me I really don’t like Carlton at all, mainly due to mental scarring from the1995 GF, but there was something in Judd’s eyes after the Sydney loss…and as for the Hawks?  They have traded well and have all the weapons to compete.

2. Cricket World Cup – the last time we see a 50 over tournament? Pakistan to beat India by one run in the final.

3. Sam Stosur to win the 2011Australian Open – she’s a gun, has great guns and is a great sportsperson.

4. Tottenham Hotspur to win EPL – they have the gameplan, the squad and finally the confidence, rather see LFC win it but there’s more chance of Perth Glory winning the EPL.

5.  Victorian and South Australian Cricket associations merge in protest at Australia picking all 11 players from NSW for the tour to Bangladesh.  After decades of being mistreated, the Vics and the Croweaters form a rebel outfit and call themselves the ‘Eureka X1’…Peter Siddle jumps ship, Shane Warne comes out of retirement, with Brad Hodge included as well and the side, captained by Cam White and vice captained by Callum Ferguson thrash the Australian team 3-0 in one test match, one 50 over match and a 20/20 game.

Reckon that I’m mad? Maybe so, after all it is 41degress here in Adelaide today, but if you swapped Siddle with Bollinger and played the Australian team from the 4th test versus the Eureka 11 below, who do you reckon would win?

Eureka 11



C.Ferguson (vc)



C.White ©






Other 3 squad members – A.McDonald, C.Bailey,D.Christian

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Hi , I'm Dan. I'm a Geelong, Liverpool, Sturt and Celtic FC fan with soft spots for Richmond, Chester and Leicester FC's as well. I'm an Geography, History & English teacher who adores sport but whatever you do, don't ever start me on music....


  1. that look in Judds eye was him thinking how easy its gonna be to add “triple brownlow medallist” to his name. That was one of the Lowest of the lows in 10. Has to be 8 guys better than him.

  2. Richard Jones says

    OLD newshound Peter “Roeby” Roebuck might have put his finger on why NSW is over-represented in national crikky squads.

    It’s because the AFL hasn’t made the inroads into the talent pools of young males in New South as it has in Victoria, and to a lesser extent, in Croweater territory.
    Roebie waxed lyrical on ABC radio on this topic the other day with either Jimmy Maxwell or Aggers Agnew or “Skull” O’Keeffe. The exact one, I forget.

    Granted there’ll be a second Sydney team in the top bracket soon so we’ll wait and see how this affects selection for the baggy green.

    At least young Vic. Keath turned his back on Aussie Rules footy riches to concentrate on cricket.

  3. Hang on …. QUEENSLANDERS have earnt the eternal right to have more chip than shoulder.
    This is an affront to any true Victorian….the very thought of including those lower life forms who live beyond the mouth of the mighty Murray River in a Eureka XI is appalling.

  4. Is this an issue of interstate migration then?

    GWS will be at least 75% represented from those in the “footy belt”…

  5. Richard Jones says

    IF Spurs win the EPL title with Mighty Man Yoo currently sitting with 2 games in hand, I’m going to throw my sports writer’s laptop into the Bendigo Creek.

    Oh yeah, along with my 2 Man Yoo caps and Red Devils beanie purchased at the Old Trafford merchandise store in November 2009.

    And what’s with all these whingers on the Knackery constantly moaning about freaking Liverpool?? They’re no good. There’s even been talk about bringing back Kenny Dalglish.

    For ****’s sake.

    Ditto the laptop into the Creek if the Squawks climb up the 2011 AFL ladder into 4th spot. Don’t mind the FlagPies having a brief stab at success even if they did crucify the Catters on their way to the Big Dance. But the Brown and Pukes.

    No sirree.

    Lets hope the fossil the Squawks recruited from the Dees breaks down in the NAB Cup. And doesn’t return. That’ll show ’em!

  6. Oh dear – Richard it seems as if you are from a alternate Catters universe than me, one where I support Man Ure, and wear 2 hats….they’re just speculations, if any of my predictions came true then I’d be a very wise/rich man.

    The reason people ‘squawk’ about LFC is probably because we care about them – after this morning’s hugely embarassing 3-1 defeat to Blackburn the one positive was a number of our fans singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’…regardless of anything to me that’s what supporting is about, never giving up and loving your allegiance no matter what the score.

    And I hope Cam Bruce does well – at a Geelong, St Kilda, Pies, etc he’d be regarded as a champion. He’s always consistent and can hold his head high…..as for the hawks, i still dream of beating them in a GF

  7. Richard Jones says

    YOU’RE much more even-handed that I, Danny Boy.

    I can’t bring myself to care about players from other clubs, such as the new Squawks’ recruit. Can’t say I actually care whether he does well, or not.

    Simple, really. He’s not wearing a hooped guernsey.

    Mind you, I have to cast aside all this fervent one-eyedness (if that’s a word) when taking up the word-smithing on the keyboard.
    At least for the readers’ sakes, it seems I have masked my very passionate support of my clubs when writing about others.

    At least, that’s what the fans tell me. “Do you really hate Hawthorn that much?” is an occasionally posed question at central Victorian sports arenas.

    “Why not Collingwood, like us?”

  8. Richard Jones says

    CAN you hear the gnashing of teeth already, DC ??

    FA Cup: Man Yoo 1, L’pool 0. Kenny says don’t expect miracles — or summat similar.

    Ref. sure to cop bagging for the awarding of the penalty which gave the Red Devils the win. But seems he was spot on for sending off Gerrand.

    The same Pool player was biffed at a nighclub when we were in the north of England. It was late winter 2008, 2-3 days before NY Eve. We weren’t in the exact vicinity but the Liverpudlian press was full of anecdotes about ‘he said-she said-they said’ snippets.

  9. Richard Jones says

    SORRY, Typo. Should be Steve Gerrard of Liverpool and ”You’ll Never Walk Alone” — but it’ll be an excruciatingly long walk — fame !!

  10. Great read. I would like to say that ’11 is the year of the Tigers in footy but I think that would be unreasonably optimisitic

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