Season Preview – Are the Swans good enough to be in the mix this year?

Craig Dodson can’t wait for his beloved Swans to hit the ground running for another season of AFL. He’s over all the summer stuff and is philosophical about what the season may hold for his Swans.

Almanac Cricket: The anatomy of a batting collapse

‘What is the anatomy of a batting collapse? Like a rollercoaster, it starts slowly…’ Sixteen and a half years later, the impact of that calamitous match is still almost enough to send Craig Dodson into therapy.

Never give up the chase for a baggy green!

Another great yarn from Craig Dodson who can now proudly say he has donned the famous baggy green! Here is his story.

A night at the Big Bash – Taking one for the kids

Craig Dodson will take a bullet for his kids, however, under no circumstances will he put a Colonel Sanders Fried Chicken bucket on his head while watching a bunch of mediocre state cricketers hack it around the park in the Big Bash. Craig reports on a night at the BBL with his “scallywags”.

Bring back the great Australian backyard!

Craig Dodson has a theory as to why Australian Cricket is stuffed. It all comes down to the death of the great Australian backyard. He asks us to hear him out.

The curse of the flat stick

Craig Dodson knows only too well the curse of the last shot (for most of us mere mortals anyway) from the short stuff – so much so that he now has it down to “tee” via a five step plan.

Round 21 – Melbourne v Sydney: Game of cards

Craig Dodson reckons sometimes in life you get dealt a decent hand, other times not so much. For his young ones, being gifted the Swans as a footy team doesn’t seem such a bad deal.

Simon Madden and the 5.07PM train from Moonee Ponds

Wracked with memories, apprehension and a sense of a real “sliding doors” moment, Craig Dodson had the chance to meet his first footy hero, Dons ruck extraordinaire, Simon Madden.

Round 15 – Richmond v Sydney: A test from the Tigers

Craig Dodson felt the cheer squad’s fervour was a bit overwhelming as his Swans headed south to face the reigning premiers .

Round 7 – Sydney v North Melbourne: Finding their old self

‘Thank you to the North Melbourne Football Club for wrecking my 40th Birthday.’
Craig Dodson’s milestone celebrations were tainted when the Roos defeated his Swans in Sydney on Saturday night – sorry about the loss Craig but Happy 40th from all us here at The Footy Almanac!

Round 4 – Western Bulldogs v Sydney: The moment

Craig Dodson had his ‘moment’ over 30 years ago; he had the chance to witness his children’s own Swans moment as Ollie Florent sealed a famous victory.

Almanac Cricket: A common sense guide to sledging

Craig Dodson considers sledging in cricket after recent incidents and recalls his own experiences playing the game. Here he has put together some guidelines for what he thinks is appropriate on the pitch.

Good parent or a pompous tool?

A parental confession? You be the judge.

AFLW Round 1 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Experiencing Unfamiliar Territory at the Western Oval

Craig Dodson had to face some 2016 GF demons as a Swans fan on Sunday afternoon entering Whitten Oval, but he could enjoy the Bulldogs victory this time around with his family.

The Ten Commandments for average cricketers

His children having caught the cricket bug, Craig Dodson draws upon years of experience to dispense some wise advice on cricket, dating and life in general

My season as a Sydney Grade Cricket nobody

Craig Dodson leaves Wagga Wagga for The Big Smoke where he tries to make his way at Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club. [This is a perfect introduction to the summer of cricket. Super piece – Ed]

Jack takes down his old man

There is a point where every father relinquishes alpha male sporting status to his son. Craig did not expect this to occur when his first born was only five years old!

Finals Week 2 – Geelong v Sydney: Well, I didn’t see that coming!

The Sydney Swans fairytale season has come to an abrupt end at the hands of the Cats. Craig Dodson was as shocked as most Swans fans (and neutrals) with the result and the performance.

Elimination Final Preview – Sydney v Essendon: More than belief

For Craig Dodson this September is about more than mere belief. He knows something, he thinks.

Round 19 – Hawthorn v Sydney: I only have two words to say about Hawthorn…

Craig Dodson went to the extreme of a media following Sydney’s loss to arch rivals Hawthorn.