Almanac Cricket – A view of Australia from fine leg: Match 3 – Payneham Cricket Club

“The Cricketer”
by Kate Birrell


Wake up at 4.30am, travel 800km from Melbourne to Adelaide for a Golden Duck, yet have a great day? Here is the story of game 3 of my adventure at the Payneham Cricket Club.


Special shout out to Almanac legend Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood, who was instrumental in making the day a success. The great man sets the standard on how to move a raffle ticket!


Match 3 – Payneham Dukes Cricket Club, Saturday 16 November 2019




Twitter: @fromfineleg


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About craig dodson

Born in the sporting mecca that is Wagga Wagga and now reside in Melbourne with my lovelly wife Sophie and son's Jack and Harry. Passionate Swans supporter and formally played cricket at a decent level and Aussie Rules at a not so decent level! Spend my days now perfecting my slice on the golf course and the owner of the worlds worst second serve on the tennis course.


  1. A pleasure to meet you and a privilege to help I admit I was nervous how the day would go re numbers
    pleasantly surprised on arriving at Payneham how many past players were in attendance rushing back to
    Devitt to grab the raffle books a tad nervous asking after hearing re your batting.The night was a outstanding success showing in that how quiet the room was during the interview of your good self.A great cause which will hopefully continue to grow legs thanks,Craig

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Craig, did Rulebook sign you up for a Norwood membership while you were there?

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