“Waiting For Godot” is a legendary play where nothing happens. “Waiting For Goddard” is a sublime pastime whereby every time Goddard gets the ball something happens and it’s panic time for the opposition. Those wealthy West Aussies at the WACA forgot all about the new mining tax and started really crapping in their bulldozers every time Brendon got near the ball. Tough as iron, worth his weight in gold, and as dangerous as uranium – Brendon put the ‘Goddard Tax’ on those uncouth clowns from the Wild West.
Lenny is awesome with his grit and class, but with Goddard back in the midfield, we’re a top side. And the reason we’re back is our forward line has now got young talls Ben McEvoy (at times) and Rhys Stanley up there. Rhys played a role similar to Nick, as well as being a potential trailblazer with his brilliant ‘Don’t mark but palm the ball to a fast moving team mate’ move, which, as the game gets even faster, will become a lethal weapon. He did it a few times in the NAB Cup and twice yesterday, and when it comes off the opposition are hopelessly flat-footed. He covered the expanses of the WACA easily, presenting up on the wing as well as inside 50. Can’t wait for his maiden goal next week at home in the Dome.
Cheyenne was rapt for Raph, and his smile was even wider for Schneider; he sang a lilt for Gwilt, and enjoyed the sweet smell of Dal.
All in all, a very lyrical Sunday in the West. Back home in Yarraville there is a major traffic jam outside the local TAB, where punters are elbowing their way to the counters to get on Goddard for the Brownlow.
Finally, I hope our shocking run with the umpies is at an end. C’mon you attention-seeking whistleblowers – Nick Riewoldt has just fronted a TV campaign to get us punters to lay off you maggots. Surely that’s enough to give us a fair go in the Free Kick Stakes from now on.


  1. Them cowboys sure shoots from the hip down round Cheyenne way.

  2. Chalkdog says

    Just up the road from the Yarraville TAB there are many a fan “waiting for [Nathan to] ‘get hard’ “. Its been a longer run than The Mousetrap…

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