AFL Round 7 – St Kilda v Carlton: WAKEY WAKEY

by Cheyenne Autumn

It had to happen sooner or later and now the alarm is ringing it’s head off. Let’s hope Ross and the selectors aren’t on valium or they might sleep through it. The Art of Footy changes quickly, and already we see that there is no place for small defensive forwards without pace (sorry to our number 32). One thing that hasn’t changed is the folly of kicking to an outnumbered, not very mobile big forward – if he (Kossie) drops the mark or falls over, it’s a shot at goal for the opposition.

Cheyenne can’t believe that we’ve had no plan B for the day when Roo goes down. Every player (except Jimmy Stynes) goes down and misses weeks/months at some stage, so the replacement (Rhys Stanley) should have been slotted in from the first No Nick encounter. He’s been with us for 2 years now, played well in the NAB Cup, apparently followed Roo around, gleaning everything he could from him during pre-season, takes a strong mark, is fast (just in case you’re the only person in AFL land who doesn’t know – he won the GF sprint), and tough (his ruckwork for SA under 18s was strong stuff indeed).

I know our coach won’t play any youngster till he fills out so much he looks like Ironman (e.g. Jack Steven), but Carlton’s 6 first or second year players, plus about 40 others throughout the AFL, give a lie to that theory. I can’t remember the last time a Sainter was a NAB rising star nominee. Most of the other 15 clubs have decided the way to beat our defensive cage is through speed. We managed to scrape home against the Bulldog speedsters, but now the game is up.

Cheyenne still believes that we can prevail – and is relieved to see that the Pies are finally playing some decent teams – Freo in WA (finally they have to travel), Geelong, Brisbane at the GABBA (travel again!) then the Dogs who will be thirsty for revenge. I wouldn’t have mentioned the Pies except for the fact that every ‘expert’ is raving about them again after beating North (!?!). Crabs: they have many – Toovey, O’Bree, Dawes (proclaimed the messiah after kicking 3 goals against 2 bottom teams), Davis, Wood and Reid, to name but a few.

If Cheyenne were a Sainter selector this week he’d relieve King, Raph and McQualter of their duties, and bring in McEvoy, Stanley and Peake (we need speed). What will probably happen is they’ll only drop Raph, and bring in Pattison, who struggled to even touch the ball during our 100 point flogging of the Roos. Wake up Sainter chiefs, don’t let life pass us by.

The Blues? Very dangerous – when Cheyenne saw assistant coach Matty Lappin joining in the pre-battle manoeuvres, and having long shots for goal, he knew they were hungry. Could it be that a 10 day break is too long and even our Sainter warriors slept through the alarm?


  1. Nice work Cheyenne – but you still have Schneider on the field – is that an oversite, or do you like him.

  2. Is Cheyenne sure Collingwood is playing Freo at Subi.

    Its not Feo’s turn for a game against the Pies away from the ‘G’ yet is it?

    Isn’t Eddie’s preferred ratio 5 to 1.

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