General Footy Writing: Umpire red-carded for dissent during Knights-Vannies clash

By Ken Wilson An excellent standard of game has seen the Knights triumph over the Vannies, 9.2 (56) to 7.3 (45). The Collingwood Knights, and we are not sure if they are White Knights after our defeat or the Black Knights — in those jumpers who could tell,? — defended admirably after winning the toss [Read more]

AFL Round 17: Gusto got its mojo back

  By Helen Dunne   My piece a few weeks ago on the Lack of Gusto in Geelong supporters appeared to fall upon deaf ears.  As I  looked out the window of my salon late in the afternoon of the Geelong v Melbourne encounter,  it  was sad to see the cars heading home  with not [Read more]

AFL Round 17 (FPS): “I hate Carlton!”

by Michael Atta   REPUGNANT :- Carlton Supporters   There is no better feeling than waking up on a Saturday morning knowing that your beloved Collingwood has thumped the old foe in Carlton and you have the remainder of the weekend to savior the Victory. It also means that we can watch all the TV [Read more]

AFL Round 16: Pies flounder under Hawthorn pressure — again

By Paul Harkin As was the case twice last year, the Pies were unable to think their way through the dreaded Clarkson Cluster. Collingwood never really looked comfortable all night, despite a rally near the end of the second quarter. The early signs were not good as Buddy looked switched on from the opening bounce. [Read more]

General Footy Writing: That sense of hopeless vulnerability returns for a Collingwood icon

By James Gilchrist My Mum started following Collingwood in 1953. At age twelve she used to go to VFL games by herself to watch the Richards brothers and Ray Gabelich. Gabbo was her idol. She would travel by tram each week and stand on top of empty beer cans in the outer to try to [Read more]

VAFA: Ivanhoe try to round up old premiership players

By Don Blackwood Forty years have fluttered by since an Ivanhoe Amateurs senior team has won a flag; the last was in 1969 over De La Salle at Victoria Park by 15 points. The celebration and reunion of that momentous occasion will take place at Ivanhoe Park on Sat 25 July at 12 noon as [Read more]

AFL Round 15: Pie fans with long memories breathe easier after fighting win

By Mick Ramsdale It was meant to be a dark and stormy night. It didn’t happen, and the lid was on anyway. For the second time in five days a Blockbuster at the Dome. History has taught some of us to dread playing certain teams, especially in big games. The Doggies are not one of [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Get some gusto, Cats

By Helen Dunne I grew up in Geelong with parents who moved to Victoria from interstate in the 1960s. Naturally, I supported my home-town team, the Cats. Having parents with no allegiance to a VFL team also meant that football was not eaten and breathed in our house. However, living only 200 metres from Kardinia [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Have a snag at St Vinnies match at Punt Road before heading across to the ‘G

By Zoe Clare St Vincent De Paul soup vans have been feeding homeless and disadvantaged men and women in the Collingwood area for years. And all volunteers who work on the vans quickly learn that, in order to have a chat with the regulars, you must know your footy. If not, you fake it. The [Read more]

Round 14: Floreat Pica Society – Bombers come unstuck

By Timothy O’Leary     Before leaving for the train station I was noticeably toey, and it’s times like this that my superstitions come out. Not that I believe them, and I  know they’re irrational, but that doesn’t stop them. The night before we’d scored a chest of drawers put on the nature strip in [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Being a fan keeps us young forever

By Michael Mueller I wish I could remember from where I read this particular snippet of information, but a survey of British football fans a few years ago revealed that the loyalty they show to their clubs– albeit tempered by periods of extreme desperation and agony – far exceeded the loyalty and perseverance they displayed [Read more]

Local Footy: Colourful nicknames make footy world go round

By Daryl Pitman “Go Pies!,” shout Collingwood fans. “Up the Crows,” some even more misguided individuals have been heard to utter. But what about the more original nicknames that have evolved in local football? If you haven’t heard of the Cavemen, the Redeyes, the Yabbies or the Gorillas, then read on . . . One [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Tired of silence in the stands? Now sit down and listen to this …

By Bill Mapleston Recently I was walking past the telly. The match of the day was on at the ’G, Cometti was commentating, and the match looked to be at an exciting phase. So I took a minute out to watch – “Luv the game,” as they say. Cometti kept me amused with his “right [Read more]

General Footy Writing: An Irishman’s thoughts on footy, such as they are

By Cormac McCormack Big wages. Big muscles. Big city clubs shipping 6000 kilometres to play at big stadia … Everything about the AFL should make anyone from a GAA background skulk around in anxious compunction, waiting for the inevitable comparisons. It doesn’t, though. The bottom line – that Gaelic games are amateur sports, played and [Read more]

Channel 31 Local Footy Show: Big show planned for Friday night

 by Ian Bennett   On this week’s LOCAL FOOTY SHOW shown on C31 Friday Night at 7.30pm for one hour and again on Saturday Morning starting at 9am for the full hour and a half show. This week’s match for highlights, interviews and presentations from the Worksafe Country Championships between MPNFL Vs WGLFL played [Read more]

AFL Round 7: Freo break their Queensland duck

Carlton versus Fremantle 7.10pm, Saturday 9 May 2009 Carrara Oval (Gold Coast Stadium), Gold Coast, QLD By Dianne Waddingham A quick scan of the 2009 fixture had Fremantle’s first away game outside Victoria in the glitzy, high-rise world of the Gold Coast (and Warwick Capper). Carlton sold their souls for the mighty dollar to play [Read more]

Application for the Richmond coaching job

8th August, 1997   Tony Jewell Richmond Football Club PO Box 48 Richmond, 3121   Dear  Tony,   With the recent uncertainty surrounding the senior coaching position at your club, we write to offer our services with respect to this role.  This correspondence is not meant to represent a waste of your time, or ours. [Read more]

AFL Round 11 (FPS): Did Dick? Dick did. Talented Dick.

  by Tony Scully Good morning Floreat Picans, lovely to wake up to a cold rainy winter’s morning.   It was with trepidation that I, (1) accepted this responsibility knowing the quality of previous offerings. And (2) went to yesterday’s game knowing I had only been to ‘loss’ games so far this season. (Am I the [Read more]

Women’s footy: Vics win national championship

by Leesa Catto The BIG V claimed the AFL women’s national championships today with a hard fought thirty-eight point win over West Australia in perfect conditions at Subiaco Oval. In a very tight opening term the Victorian backline was placed under enormous pressure as the W.A team pushed forward relentlessly. W.A led by seven points at quarter time, the [Read more]

Special Feature: Bring the farm to the footy

      1960s “footballers” Graeme Willingham (Camperdown and Daylesford FCs) and Owen Beaton (Camperdown, Heywood, Birregurra and Colac FCs) continue with their plan to recognise the contribution The Farm has made to today’s modern game.   Naming a FoFF Farmyard Team of The Centuries is all well and good and has been done by [Read more]