The Names of The Game

What 2014  footballers’ names would be suitable names for a romantic weekend getaway destination?

What 2014  footballers’ names would be suitable names for a middle-European smoked sausage?

How many ways can you spell Jarrod this year?

Peter Cronin’s annual Names of the Game list is in the latest edition of The Monthly.

See also his 2013 list.


  1. Name for a romantic weekend destination: Bradley Hill

  2. ned_wilson says

    Middle European Sausage: Breust. Could follow up with a Rioli for desert. Delicious.

  3. Neil Anderson says

    I can’t believe they’ve run out of Neils. I suppose those babies born after July 1969 are well and truly retired from football by now.

  4. Farren Ray is the strangest, most enigmatic name ever.

    Not just for a footballer.

  5. Dave Brown says

    Farren Ray sounds like a sci-fi weapon – ‘fire the Farren Ray on my mark’

    A Winderlich with some sauerkraut would, not doubt, go down a treat too. Although, if one was really peckish perhaps a Leuenberger might be in order – definitely one for Suarez. Although he may prefer a Silvagni…

  6. Dr Goatboat says

    Barry Robran, Bruce Doull, Wayne Harmes, Kevin Sheedy, Noel (ene) Pettingill, Ron Elleway…whatever happened to the blokes who played the game…
    Fos (named for beer brand no doubt) would never have countenanced a Chad or a Kane…..
    The crows have many players whose christian names and surnames are interchangeable…

    Still Stirling Mortlock for mine sounds like a rugger captain

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