Nallei Jerring – My Footy Story: Kirsty Gosling

My Football Story

By Kirsty Gosling


1930, the siren had just blown and my great-grandmother at the time, who was ten was collecting empty bottles and caps to raise some pocket money, at Punt Road Oval. Little did she know that this would be the birthplace of the love for Richmond, which would be passed down for generations and generations.

Basically all my family and extended family on my father’s side barrack for Richmond; both great-grandparents, their four children, the twenty children amongst them, their children and now the latest generation. It’s funny how even my aunty married a Richmond supporter whose whole family also support Richmond, so as you can see I have rich family history of Tiger supporters with no doubt led to me becoming a passionate Tiger.

Going to the football is and always has been a special time for me; my favourite ground would definitely have to be the MCG, it is my favourite place in the world, like seriously not even exaggerating.

I have been going to the football since the age of four, but by the time I was the age of eight I was turned into a fanatical Tiger supporter.

The MCG (Level 1 behind the goal, Punt Road end of course) is like my home away from home, I mean there is nothing I don’t love about being there.

Before the game, that indescribable feeling of sitting in my chair while I wait nervously for it to begin. The amazing atmosphere of the crowd, is overwhelming, I can feel the passion, anticipation and nervousness run through me. But the best of it all, would have to be the “Roar of the Tiger Army” , when we are all up and about, high fiving strangers, singing the song loud and proud with our hearts on our sleeve. With our fists pumping in the air, coming together as one team, one army. Truly no comparison.

It has been a long and bumpy road, but when you support the boys for so long, through ups and downs it has greater sentimental value when they win. It’s easy choosing whatever team is winning at the time or to support more than one team, but it is more challenging and meaningful to stick with one club and support them as they develop.

I can’t stand that empty feeling when we lose, I cry for an hour, but not because I hate losing but because I feel the emotion of the players, I am disappointed for them.



Another aspect of barracking for Richmond, which I love is singing the Tiger Army chants. My favourite chant is one dedicated to one of my favourite players:

“Oh Dus..tin Mar..tin,

you are the love of my life.

Oh Dus..tin Mar..tin,

I wanna share my life,

With Dus..tin Mar..tin.

And I want neck tattoos too.


It is almost impossible for me to favour one Richmond player over another, though my favourite players would have to be Shane Edwards (who happens to be Aboriginal), Dustin Martin and Jake King.

On 28th May 2012, Round 9 Richmond v Hawthorn is one of my favourite memories, Richmond smashed Hawthorn and even though for the duration of the game it poured with rain we remained seated whilst wearing our Richmond ponchos. After the game, like always, I ran down to the front of the fence, singing the song passionately whilst hoping to get a signed football from one of the players. I struck lucky, Dustin Martin had spotted me and proceeded my way, I couldn’t believe it! He handballed me the ball but a man standing in front of me, tried to grab it off me, but Dustin Martin pointed to me. I was so happy, I ran to my Dad who was still happily singing the anthem, I was so overwhelmed that the moment I hugged my Dad I began to cry.

To briefly sum it up, football plays a big part of my life and I would be lost without it.




  1. Great story Kirsty. I love how passionate you are for your Tigers.
    Over breakfast in Perth I read to my wife (the Avenging Eagle) your sentence about how sad you are after the Tigers lose, and it can make you cry, because you know how hard the players tried and how disappointed they are.
    We both smiled because she is very similar even though she is much, much older than you (how much older is a State Secret).
    She makes me stay and clap the Eagles players off after every game, even when we get thrashed and I am grumpy and angry about how badly they played.
    Life needs more people like you and the Avenging Eagle who keep smiling when times are tough.
    Thanks for your story, Kirsty.

  2. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great stuff Kirsty. Love watching Dustin Martin in full flight . Hope the Tigers bring you plenty of joy in the years to come.

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    And footy would be lost without supporters like you, Kirsty.

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