Gideon Haigh’s book launch

I’m afraid I’ve done it again – that is, dashed off a new book. It’s called OUT OF THE RUNNING. It is about the 2010-11 Ashes series. You can see it here. It has Michael Clarke on the cover. Sad to say, despite the small fortune he must have spent on them, none of [Read more]

David Bridie’s song ‘The Deserters’

This is brilliant.

The great pack-splitters

Peter Zitterschlager has introduced a new statistic which has gained considerable (Almanac) currency. Name those players who would have racked up the stats in the pack-splitting category.

Where’s the stat for the split pack?

by Peter Zitterschlager The presentation of Aussie rules players stats has come a long way since the days when they simply tallied up kicks, marks and handballs. From this rudimentary approach, it has evolved to a level of sophistication – one which it is fair to say is nothing short of a science. Possessions are [Read more]

Time for a new AFL Draw

By Robert Dalton With the expansion of the AFL to embrace even more interstate teams, it is high time to re-think the draw and extend the football season, perhaps by eliminating the NAB Cup for starters. In the days of the old VFL it was a fair draw as all teams played each other twice [Read more]

The Footy Almanac XI selected

The selectors are pleased to announce The Footy Almanac XI for the match against Overland on Feb 20. The team is: C.W.J. Little J.R. Butler A.T. Gigacz David Bridie T.C. Riordan T. Ivins D.A.C. Dawson P.J. Flynn C.D. Down Dave Goodwin G.C.J.D. Haigh Neil Belford (??) J.T. Harms (subject to a fitness test – and [Read more]

Details of the Footy Almanac XI’s inaugural match.

The Footy Almanac XI v Overland To be played for the Jack Clancy Cup, currently sitting on the bar at the North Fitzroy Arms. 20 February, 2011 from midday At the historically significant Gillon Oval, Brunswick (corner Victoria and Pearson Sts) All welcome. The bar will be open to purchase drinks and nibbles. Or you [Read more]

When it rains it pours……goals apparently

The Postman and Gus Falcons Vs Bahrain One of the great tactical minds of the 20th Century, Sir Winston Churchill, once said “Anyone with half a brain starts their puzzles from the sides and works their way in”.  I believe it was in reference to the battles won on the cold outskirts of Europe that [Read more]

New Geelong Supporter

As announced, Evie Grace is the newest addition to the Harms clan, as well as the newest member of the Almanac. Congratulations to the Handicapper (who we presume did most of the work) and to John. If you wish to send your regards, here’s an opportunity. As we are a classy website, we’ll entertain no [Read more]

Billy Midwinter and the Clyde Hotel

The Clyde Hotel, scene of the launches  of the 2009 and 2010 editions of The Footy Almanac, has a great sporting link. The landlord was once Billy Midwinter, the only man to play Ashes cricket for both England and Australia. Peter Flynn uncovered two great yarns about Billy. Click on the links below to reveal [Read more]

Gazza should take a leaf out of the Pav book

By Tristan Taormina Mathew Pavlich is a Docker, and will be for life. The speculation around the Captain’s future was finally put to rest when the 29 year old signed a three year deal that will see him end his illustrious career in the West. Whispers have circulated around AFL ranks that the South Australian-born [Read more]

Poker- A sport, surely not

By Domenic Favata A recent documentary on ESPN about Poker caught my eye, a documentary that compared poker to sport. Currently, the Australian Poker tournament is underway at Crown and it was interesting listening to the comments of the “world’s best” poker players. This initial tag by the hostess made me laugh, but she was [Read more]

Andrew McLeod’s speech to the United Nations

Good afternoon, my name is Andrew McLeod and I am here today to talk to you about combating racism through sport, and to do that I’m going to take you on a short journey with me – my journey.   I am a recently retired professional sportsman from the Australian Football League (the AFL) and [Read more]

Abdul’s Australian summer

Check out this piece, published on Cricinfo 12 months ago, from writer Chris Ryan (leg-spinner and author of Golden Boy).

Haigh unloads

Gideon Haigh could be speaking on behalf of many at the Almanac with this withering assessment of Cricket Australia’s performance this summer, from Cricinfo. His aim proves much more unerring than Australia’s bowlers.

When Dog Hopes Were High

Round 12 2010: Western Bulldogs vs. Brisbane Lions -Sunday 13tf of June -Etihad stadium By Cam Hargraves Living in the ACT, I’m usually limited to 2 to 3 (providing we can make the finals) live games a year in Melbourne. And on Friday the 11th of June my mother, father and I (all diehard dogs [Read more]

Cricket Losing Out In Schools

By Peter Hulthen In my last few years in education I could see the writing on the wall . One of the unsaid that is besetting our Australian Cricket is that it is not promoted in schools to anything like the extent it should be. Sports such as Rugby League, Basketball , AFL and some [Read more]

Donna’s Bicycle

©Noelene Goodwin First appeared in The Launceston Examiner 3rd August 2008 Charlie was a fisherman and he supported his family of five children with the limited catch taken from the Don River in Devonport.  When his daughter was growing up she was told by her father, “If anyone asks if you’re related to Don and [Read more]

Ashes Sydney Test Blog

The Ashes stay with England. But important questions remained unanswered. Can Australia save face by levelling the series? Is it worth levelling the series, anyway? Should Australia be more concerned with rebuilding for the future rather than winning in Sydney? And with Usman Khawaja set to make his debut, the really big question is just [Read more]

Rebuilding the Australian team

by Ben Dunn (in response to Dave Goodwin’s Punter’s Goose is Cooked) Hey Dave, We miss your not so hittable leg spinners and lusty hitting up here in Singapore! Consider the current Australian side: Watson Hughes Ponting Clarke Hussey Smith Haddin Johnson Siddle Harris Hilfenhaus Now of that side how many will play in the [Read more]