A message from an Almanac Pie to Rabid Dog

G’day Mate,


I’ve been barracking for your boys since the finals began and am full of admiration for their guts and great footy skills.  They’re seriously good and deserve to win on Saturday.  I’ll be barracking like mad with fingers, toes and everything crossed for them.  I wish them good luck – that everyone ‘comes-to-play’, that they get no injuries and that there are no stupid 50 metre penalties or important frees (missed or given) that change the momentum against them. I hope you’ve managed to get a ticket.



Sue Currie


  1. bob.speechley says


    I’m a RABID BULLDOG married to a MAD MAGPIE who, like you, is pumping for the Doggies on Saturday. Hopefully she’ll get to repay the seat I arranged for her to the 1990 Granny when she shed copious tears of joy at the outcome.

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