This is a huge Grand Final (or what will close an art gallery?)

From Bridget McDonnell of Bridget McDonnell Gallery in Carlton:


As a family of Bulldog supporters, for the first time in the gallery’s 33 year history, we will be closed on Grand Final Day.

The gallery will open on Sunday 2-5 pm for the current exhibition The Farm.


Here is a photo of the Rathdowne Street wall:


Bridget McDonnell Gallery Bulldogs image


And here’s a photo of Bridget’s partner John Timlin, also a massive Doggies’ fan, with the late Jack Clancy. John was at the 1954 Grand Final:


John Timlin


  1. As a former Gallery owner, albeit a Swans Gallery owner, I’m very pleased that the Gallery will be closed.

    Enjoy your day off, enjoy the Parade, and enjoy all of your successes in future years to come – just not this year!

    Cheer cheer

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