Almanac Writing Competition – #almanac280: Finals

The time-honoured #almanac280 story-writing competition returns. Write us a story inspired by footy finals. The story cannot be more than 280 characters long…

Almanac Flashback – The 2009 AFL Preliminary Finals: Cats v Magpies, Saints v Bulldogs

The 2009 AFL Preliminary Finals produced contrasting results, one a thrashing, the other a cliffhanger. Here’s your opportunity to re-live those two games and experience the pleasure or the pain associated with them.

“No rest for ‘Wobbles’…….” by KB Hill

Kevin Allan’s direct involvement in local football clubs spans almost 80 years! KB Hill talked to Kevin and records the story of a remarkable servant of the game.

Balcony Banter – Preliminary Final preview: Memories of finals past

As an MCC member of long standing, Bill Hodges has seen many finals at the MCG. The thought of another Richmaond v Collingwood Grand Final has him reflecting.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Finals Week 1 and Week 3

Not long to go in 2019! Cam Hooke looks back at the Pies’ triumphant Qualifying Final and ahead to the Preliminary Final against GWS.

Luke Hodge

Luke Hodge has played his last AFL game. Take a look at Kate Birrell’s portrait of the champion, and read Tim Boyle’s piece which features as one of the introductory essays of The Footy Almanac 2013.

The Ashes 2019 – The Oval blog

The Ashes are safe, but there’s much to play for. The Oval beckons. Tell us what you think folks.

“Coming clean…” by Simone Kerwin

Simone Kerwin is a guest writer on KB Hill’s website ‘On Reflection’. Just like KB himself, she tells a good yarn, this one about a long repressed but niggling dark deed from ages ago.

Too Old For That Yeah! podcast with Sue O’Brien and Karyn Howie is coming

Sue O’Brien and Karyn Howie have got energy to burn. Here’s the trailer for their new podcast Too Old For That Yeah! Looking forward to their first, coming soon.

Almanac/Odd Friday Lunches – Sep 13: Matt Rendell

Former Fitzroy ruckman and skipper Matt Rendell will be the special guest at the Footy Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch on Sep 13 at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel. All welcome.

Danny Frawley: Tribute Blog for Saints champion

RIP Danny Frawley.

The Ashes 2019 – Fourth Test: The Old Trafford Blog

The Footy Almanac Fourth Test The Old Trafford Blog is here! Got something to say? Can the Aussies win or will the Poms be pumped after their unlikely Third Test victory? Why not rid yourself of those cricketing frustrations, present an opinion, or comment, or join in the discussions on the blog.

Martin Flanagan’s speech to the Grassroots Sports Club in Hobart, Spring 2019.

Martin Flanagan is one the country’s leading writers on Australian football. This is a timely speech about footy in Tassie which Martin gave in Hobart last weekend for the Grassroots Sports Club to raise money to buy sports equipment for disadvantaged kids.

Balcony Banter – Musings from the (Lord’s) Pavilion

Clare Cannon, MCC Committee member, was a guest in the Committee Room at Lord’s during the Second Test in mid-August. She wrote about her experience for the MCC blog, Balcony Banter.

“Best Kick I Ever Saw…….” by KB Hill

What would the week be without a KB Hill tale of a local sporting identity from up Wangaratta way? Today his focus is on Ray Thompson, the man with ‘hands the size of meat plates’ who knocked back offers from no less than five Melbourne clubs. Classic KB!

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Final comment: Finals Week 1

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life is priming up for the finals and sets the agenda for the True Believers for the coming week.

Almanac Books – “The Last Dance” by Murray Walding

A new book from Almanacker Murray Walding – a rollicking tale of hi-jinks, surf and dancing in the ’60s – has just been released.

Balcony Banter Round 23 – Richmond v Brisbane: An MCC debut

David Leydon is a sports nut. He had never been to the MCC Members until he was the guest of a good friend for the Richmond-Brisbane game. Here’s the piece he wrote for the MCC’s Balcony Banter. [Well played Comrade – JTH]

When you’re in the groove by KB Hill

After a full weekend of football and cricket watching, KB Hill has been reminded that a sportsman ‘in the groove’ is a powerful thing.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 23 Review and Finals Week 1 Preview

Cam Hooke is delighted the Magpies finished top 4 and have the double chance, so it’s onward to the finals for Collingwood supporters!