Almanac Poetry: ‘Rain Band Creep’ – Tommy Mallet

The rain, the mist, and the wind provide a wondrous backdrop of nature at work for Tommy Mallet in his poem, ‘Rain Band Creep’.

Podcast: Martin Flanagan on Ron Barassi and Melbourne FC (via Speakola)

With thanks to ‘Tinsel’ Tony Wilson’s Speakola program, check out this incredible monologue by Martin Flanagan on Melbourne FC – recently uploaded.

Almanac (Family) Footy: It’s tough being a Dee.

Damien Collins is a Demon in a Bombers family. This fine personal memoir puts family and footy in their historical context.

Information for The Footy Almanac Zoom Grand Final Lunch today

Some info (including Zoom link) about the lunch today.

The Footy Almanac Zoom Lunch Loose Rundown

We’ve got a lunch plan.

The Tip the Top 8 Leaderboard (for today’s Grand Final Lunch)

This is the Tip the Top 8 Leaderboard after 7 places have been counted. One to go.

Almanac (Demon) Life: Success is a Journey not a Destination

Geoff Woolcock has lived a Demon life which he chronicles in this timeline.

Almanac Footy – The 2016 Grand Final: Western Bulldogs v Sydney Swans

In the lead-up to Saturday’s big match, The Footy Almanac continues its coverage of Grand Finals involving either or both of this year’s combatants. Today it’s the turn of the Western Bulldogs and their landmark 2016 victory over the Sydney Swans.

‘Whorouly boy maintains lifetime bond with the Swans…’ by KB Hill

KB Hill traces the career of Whorouly product Clem Goonan who played for South Melbourne and still retains his links with the club.

Almanac Life – Was that an earthquake just now?

Share your Melbourne earthquake stories here.

Almanac Footy: Splendid isolation? How a Demon premiership will be different

Chris Weaver writes on Melbourne, his club, and the club of his father and grandfather. He describes the significance of Saturday, and the emotional challenge of potential isolation-bound Grand Final revelry.

Almanac Footy – The 1964 Grand Final

Melbourne haven’t won a Grand Final since 1964. Norm Smith was sacked the year after, then re-instated, bringing about the 57-year curse that has beleaguered the club for much of that time. Here are some highlights of their last grand final victory.

The Footy Almanac Tip the Top 8 Count Grand Final Day Lunch

You are invited to The Footy Almanac Tip the Top 8 Count Grand Final Day Lunch (note it’s Grand Final day). Details in this post.

Almanac Footy – The 1954 Grand Final: Melbourne v Footscray

In preparation for Saturday’s season decider, let’s go back to the last time this year’s Grand Finalists clashed for the flag – 1954 – and revisit how that match unfolded.

Almanac (Footy) Life: Pie Boy – a kid takes his chance

Damien Collins recalls his days as a pie boy at the MCG during the 1970 season. He took a chance and ran with it, ultimately coming face to face with his hero, Ron Barassi! [A commercial genius at work – JTH]

Balcony Banter – The Preliminaries

Lynda Carroll shares the whole range of emotions she experienced as her Dees took on the Cats in the Preliminary Final last weekend.

” ‘Luigi’…Star achiever in an all-round sporting family…” by KB Hill

KB Hill recalls Wangaratta’s Flanagan family and, in particular, Laurie Flanagan, also known as ‘Luigi’.

Balcony Banter – Worth the Wait

In her piece for ‘Balcony Banter,’ Dees fan and MCC member Lynda Carroll remembers Melbourne’s 2018 victory over Geelong in the Elimination Final.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Four Flags’ – Tommy Mallet

With the AFL Grand Final around the corner, Tommy Mallet remembers a footballer who played in four premiership teams in his poem ‘Four Flags’.

Almanac Sport: A ‘purple patch’

Have you experienced a ‘purple patch’ in a sport you have played? The Footy Almanac would love to hear from you.