Almanac Synchronised Yobbo Diving: Yarrawonga

The O’Donnells and water sports: Phyllis as a world champion surfer and Dips the team man playing his role.

‘The Game-Changer……….’ – KB Hill

KB Hill is a seemingly endless source of heart-warming stories about local sportspeople who have really given it a crack! In this latest edition, KB tells us about Michael Newton, a man with an extensive sporting CV. (Great stuff! – Ed.)

Roger Angell on growing (really) old [from The New Yorker]

Peter Baulderstone was recently reminded to return to the writing of the celebrated American essayist Roger Angell. He found this piece on growing old.

‘Andrew Greskie’s Fling With The Sport Of Kings’ – KB Hill

Andrew Greskie wasn’t cut out to be a football player but, boy, was he good with the horses! Another KB Hill special on a Wangaratta personality gets the Almanac’s day off to a great start.

Almanac Book Review – The Eagles Almanac 2018: First published in Perth’s Sunday Times

Tony Barrass, father of Tom, has written a tremendous piece about The Eagles Almanac 2018 for The Sunday Times and Perth Now. Read it here.

So what’s in The Eagles Almanac 2018?

So what is in The Eagles Almanac 2018?

Almanac Cricket Comment: Luigi wants to turn history on its head and make cricket a game for footballers in the summer.

Luigi has been taking it easy over the Christmas-New Year period and has had plenty of time to think and chat. He’s hearing lots of ideas about cricket. He’s got a few of his own. This one turns history around. [Creative – Ed]

‘The Big-Man Who Made A Difference…’ by KB Hill

KB Hill returns in the New Year with his homage to John Waldron, a big man from the 50s and 60s, who became a legend in Victorian country footy.

Almanac Cricket: Luigi returns!

Luigi the fruiterer has finally felt he has to say something about Australian cricket. He’s back – and he’s not happy.

Almanac Cricket: Two-Test tyros from the `80s until now

D.T. Hoban remembers the two-Test wonders for Australia. There are some names here you won’t have thought of for a while.

Almanac Art: Kendra Heil’s painting goes to Susan Alberti

Kendra Heil’s painting of Hannah Scott has been auctioned. The successful bidder was Susan Alberti.

Almanac Surfing: Dips is up (for real)

Evidence of Dips O’Donnell as a genuine surfer has landed at Almanac HQ.

Almanac Basketball: Collingwood Wildbeasts meet some stars on their US tour.

Steve Earl with a quick update on the Collingwood Wildbeasts’ trip to the US where they’ve rubbed shoulders with some legendary American sporting figures.

‘Fired by passion…..’ – by Simone Kerwin, courtesy of KB Hill

KB Hill recently invited Simone Kerwin to tell the tale of Wangaratta’s Julian Corboy, master farrier.

‘…..SPUD……….’ – KB Hill

There’s no stopping KB Hill. This time he profiles a real character from Wangaratta – Renato Leonardo Patat, better known as ‘Spud’. Comparisons with Nino Culotta aren’t far off the mark!

Mickey Randall and an Almanac SA pub crawl: a gestating idea

We think connoisseur Mickey Randall is the perfect person to organise a South Australian pub crawl. He just needs some suggestions regarding itinerary. The principal criterion is heartfelt connection to the pub in question.

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Almanac Footy History: Keogh and Lenaghan – two Bendigo FNL champions

Trevor Keogh and Frank Lenaghan were two champion players of their eras, both having important connections to Sandhurst and were inducted into the BFL Hall of Fame in 1996. Richard Jones tells their stories.

Almanac Books – ‘The Animator – a street art fable’ by Peter Warrington and Rachel Williams.

Peter Warrington and Rachel Williams of ‘Not Quite Newtown’ have a new publication – ‘The Animator – a street art fable’. Inner western Sydney, street art, story-telling and mystery come together in this colourful production.

‘Football rotting at the roots in Fish Creek’ – Martin Flanagan

Martin Flanagan has a habit of striking at the very heart of the issue. Here he nails it once again in this recent opinion piece in ‘The Age’ as a local footy team battles to survive.