How to Watch Footy, Part 6

Vin Maskell explains another way of experiencing the great game – this time on ANZAC Day

Painting the globe orange

I am just back from Canberra. I enjoyed the Greater Western Sydney’s first match up there on the weekend, and I reckon there were plenty who did as well. It started with a longish lunch – on the Friday, and finished with the final siren as the shadows fell on Manuka and the Canberra chill [Read more]

Sink or swim for Lions – they sank

Brisbane downpours have a particular soaking quality which seems to soften your bones like arrowroot biscuits. Through the window of the taxi on Wynnum road it looked like a classic. “Ya still goin to the footy? Good on ya,” said the cabbie “They only get up here once a year.” “We’ll go down Geelong Street, [Read more]

Gutted. Absolutely gutted.

I’m Gutted.  gutted– sensation of shock, amazement, normally unwanted, tingling stomach on the verge of crying, Normally happens when horrible news is delivered to you quickly. It can also mean ‘to remove the intestines or entrails.’ Either way, it’s unpleasant. Absolutely gutted. It’s a great phrase, isn’t it. All the profanities in the world fail to [Read more]

Round 5 Winners and Losers

Round 5 is in the history books. The Swans and Eagles are undefeated at the top of the ladder and it’s feeling like a movie I’ve seen before. Here are the winners and losers from a round that gave us several thrilling encounters and a crushing loss or two. Winners Dane Swan The Brownlow Medallist/art [Read more]

The season of a Saints tragic (so far): Rounds 4 and 5

Ross Who? You’d have to live on Mars not to have read any papers, listened to any radio stations or watched any football TV over the last week before the Fremantle-St Kilda game.  What extraordinary hype, what a build up to what was essentially Round 4 football in the 2012 season.  It was all hot [Read more]

Lest we forget ANZAC Day – timeless lessons for all

Collingwood v Essendon – surprise – kicked off the round on Wednesday as The Last Post gave way to a 90,000+ roar. Anyone who doubts the rationale of the AFL – $$$ maximisation – will continue to question why these two teams get the gig. The rest sit back, watch and enjoy or dismiss. This [Read more]

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Five

Greetings Tipsters That was one bloody long weekend of football. It seems like an age since Perky Girl and I woke up, stumbled to the loungeroom to flick on the big screen and catch Collingwood and Essendon going at it hammer and tongs. It was a cracker of a game, struck me that the 4&20s [Read more]

Please explain!

by Medium Dazza Smith   I try not to be one-eyed, I really do! I even applauded a couple of good Melbourne grabs on Sat night, but enough is enough!   Can someone please provide me with a plausible, metaphorical, meaningful or even meteorological explanation as to how L. Montagna is likely to be missing [Read more]

GigStuff 60 – Bad kicking is good for Gigs

  by Andrew Gigacz   BAD KICKING IS GOOD FOR GIGSTUFF There’s been a glut of bizarrely inaccurate scores in the first few rounds of this season. Freo scored 7.15 against Carlton on Friday night and Brisbane followed that up with 4.17 just 24 hours later. OK, those are inaccurate scores but not so bizarre, [Read more]

round 5 – haiku bob – the last second

  Anzac Day one grey cloud covers the sky   space closing at the last second Swan’s handpass   fine rain a snap for goal brushes the post   cloudburst the ball belted one end to the other   autumn mist a handpass without looking   cloud trapped sun Collingwood leading the smother count   [Read more]

Why do we glorify Anzac Day?

What do North Hobart and the Adelaide Crows have in common? Well they happen to be the only two clubs in Australia who have club footballs in the primary school at Villers Bretonneau.  There are three other footballs there – all the mighty Sherrin. Other significant features such as the Victoria Café, Rue de Melbourne, [Read more]

Standin’ on the Outside Lookin’ in

Some have said I’ve recently gone missing and to be truthful, I have. It has been a week of reflection. A task that should not be undertake in the public gaze. I’ve spent many hours trying to make some sense of a loss, that only 7 days ago, seemed unimaginable. I sought refuge in the isolated hamlet [Read more]


I arrived at Etihad Stadium full of confidence in the Kangas. With the absence of Gary Ablett, Michael Rischitelli and Jarrod Harbrow, Gold Coast were looking inexperienced and out of their depth. North Melbourne had most of their guns available with the omission of Todd Goldstein and Scott McMahon. Once the ball was bounced, the [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What mixed week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  We’ve already had The Anzac Day Blockbuster.  It’s history now how an overweight Dane Swan steamrolled the opposition and The Mighty Maggies snatched back the lead they’d held since the 1st quarter to win an absolute spellbinder of a match. Once again [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Go the Early Crow!

Humble Greetings to all this week!   In only a week the Blues have gone from champs to chumps!  Now also with a couple of key injuries.  We are also hearing of the impending demise of the Cats or even the Pies – one prominent journalist has even gone so far as to say the [Read more]

ANZAC XVIII: A great great day

By Mark O’Connell ANZAC day 2012 marked the 10th anniversary of one of the best days of all time. ANZAC day 2002 was the first year my cousin Noel and I ventured to the Dawn Service as part of the occasion which would also involve much eating, drinking, laughing and a game of Australian Rules [Read more]

The View From Shepparton – Anzac Day

It is 3 am and my thoughts are swirling around as lie in bed  thinkindg about the totality of yesterday’s  Anzac Day.   Obviously on this site this should relate to yet another great game of Aussie Rules but really to call this event, great as it was, the highlight of the day would be [Read more]

One Bloody Point

I’m very confused, is it April 26 or August 26?  I look out the window and winter has arrived.  Just four days ago I was basking in glorious sunshine, today it’s  cold hard rain. Hey, but there is an upside.  Last year I bought myself a  GoreTex down coat , so today is the inaugural [Read more]

Talk about luck

An assignment for the Anzac Day match…not fun but I have to go there… due 8:30pm night of the match. I have been sick for a ridiculous two weeks, some sort of flu that went away for a bit but then came back even worse after my second day back at uni. Go figure.