The A to Y of Seldom Watched Sports (Part One: A-E)

Having survived another football off-season, Jamie Simmons recalls his search for something to replace the joy of football. Today he presents the A-E of his ‘couch-bound expedition to investigate the merits of other televised sports.”

A Christmas Miracle? A Yuletide Greeting from John Harms

A Christmas greeting from JTH and the Almanac. [He witnessed a Christmas miracle – Ed]

Ramblings From The Oche

Michael Howard flung a few arrows the other night. As in life not many of them went straight. (Wonderful, moving piece from Michael-Ed)

Singapore Darts Masters: “There’s only one word for that – magic darts!”

Welcome to the theatric showmanship of…. British Darts. “One hundred and eighty!”

Disillusioned with Modern Sport? Try Darts

Craig Dodson would much rather have a few quiet ones with Phil Taylor than a Red Bull with James Magnussen.

Howard Jacobson on Phil “The Power” Taylor

Peter Baulderstone alerts all darts fans to Booker Prize winner Howard Jacobson’s piece on World Darts Champion Phil Taylor.

My time with Sid – a comment on commentators

In a sporting world overflowing with hyperbole one word seems to have remained untouched. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of doyens out there. When we lose one therefore it seems an ideal moment to hop off the tread-well and let the mind go back in time for a change. I first encountered [Read more]

Sid Waddell

John Harms, P.J. Flynn and all lovers of fine sports commentary mourn the passing of Sid Waddell, son of a coal-miner, Cambridge history graduate, novelist and lover of language. Darts will never be the same. Here is a tribute: and from The Guardian:

The Wizard of Oz

While the focus of attention has rightfully been on the MCG for the past four days another no less enthralling contest has been unfolding in the Northern Hemisphere. The World Darts Championship is now approaching the pointy end of the competition and never has the event been more exciting or unpredictable. After seemingly months of [Read more]