VAFA – Fitzroy v St Bede’s: Triple J Triple L

This right royal King George! III has a voice all of his own. He writes with a smile. Here’s his report of the day at Brunswick Street. Includes the line: If [Ligris] were reduced to the size of a bullant I’m sure he could kick a miniature football through the wings of fly-by mosquitoes cascading them into the hungry mouth of an air-oscillating hummingbird a yard away. [Love it – JTH]

VAFA B Section – St Bede’s v Fitzroy: Show your real clobber and take your chances

Take your chances boys! King George III offers encouragement to the battered Roys.

VAFA – Fitzroy v St Bede’s: An unexpected good win to the Roys

Young Louis Hodder starts the day with Auskick at the Brunswick Street Oval and finishes it cheering home the Roy Boys for an unexpected win. [You should get a swag and pitch a tent at the BSO Louis – Ed]