The North Fitzroy Post Office and the 5.95 Degrees of Separation

It really is a small world. The Fitzroy North Post Office has provided John Milton with quite a few links since meeting John Harms there.

VAFA Premier B: Fitzroy v Peninsula Old Boys

Phil is pleased with what he saw from the Roys as they defeated their long-time rivals, the Peninsula Old Boys.

VAFA – Fitzroy v St Bede’s: Triple J Triple L

This right royal King George! III has a voice all of his own. He writes with a smile. Here’s his report of the day at Brunswick Street. Includes the line: If [Ligris] were reduced to the size of a bullant I’m sure he could kick a miniature football through the wings of fly-by mosquitoes cascading them into the hungry mouth of an air-oscillating hummingbird a yard away. [Love it – JTH]

VAFA B Section Round 6 – Fitzroy v Old Brighton: The remains of the day

David Wilson channels Kazuo Ishiguro for a day on which people, in the form of players, volunteers and supporters all shine brightly through the lens of “club”.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Hampton Rovers: Peta’s Providore, Kerry’s burgers and Roysters Natural ice the cake for Jimmy O’Reilly and Val Allpress’ (2nd) inductions to life membership.

Another match at the Brunswick Street Oval for Fitzroy sees a comfortable win for the Reds over Hampton Park. By King George!III recounts the day for the Footy Almanac. [Sparkling writing, by George – Ed]

VAFA B Section – Fitzroy v Mazenod: Carlton may have a mountain to climb but Fitzroy only needs a Hill(e)(y)

King George III is a loyal Fitzroy Football Club patron. He is to be found in the club’s great halls of dining, behind its goals, and along its wings. He travels to all its away battles. His son Prince George is one of the club’s finest.

Announcing a partnership between the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy branch of the Bendigo Bank and The Footy Almanac

We are thrilled to announce a special partnership between the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy branch of the Bendigo Bank and the Almanac. This will also involve the Fitzroy Football Club for whom the Almanac will be writing match reports. See how it all works.