Almanac Footy: Finals Diary Chapter 8 – Pride

With the 2023 Grand Final rematch coming up at the Gabba tonight, we reprise Shane Reid’s coverage of that epic September clash.

It was not quite the outcome Shane Reid was expecting as Brisbane fell four points short of a premiership.

Almanac Footy – Finals Diary, Chapter 6: Mr Scorsese, for your consideration: Preliminary Final Match Report – Brisbane v Carlton

Shane Reid continues his entertaining coverage of the 2023 Finals series, from a Lions’ perspective, of course. Scorsese, De Niro, U2, Jason Donovan, Michael Voss…they’re all there, and more!

Almanac Sporting Science Fiction: Millimetre Bob and the Royboys

In this short story, Paul Harman combines sci-fi, footy history and inner-city Melbourne life.

Almanac Footy Memoir: Last of the Royboys

Paul Harman makes quite a splash with his debut piece. Settle down with a quiet one as you ready yourself for the start of the season and enjoy this memoir in which he explains how he came to barrack for the Roys.

Almanac Book Review: ‘Fitzroy’s Fabulous Century: the 100 Greatest Victories 1897-1996.’

Royboy Adam Muyt (author of the acclaimed ‘Maroon and Blue’) reviews Fitzroy Pete’s recently released book ‘Fitzroy’s Fabulous Century’. [Gives it a big tick too – Ed]

VAFA Premier B, Round 2 – Fitzroy Football Club: Lunch, Flags and Game

Fitzroy Football Club unfurl two premiership flags this Saturday at the Brunswick Oval. Join them for lunch, celebrate the flags then watch the Roy Boys take on Uni Blacks for the first time in their modern history.


Read this. By Barry Dickins.

The Pies’ most memorable wins over Brisbane (and Fitzroy) in the past 50 years

Steve Fahey looks at his most memorable Collingwood wins against Brisbane/Fitzroy. Will this weekend’s game be another classic?

Solving the Case of the Roys Ring-In Premiership Trophy

Mystery solved! The case of the Fitzroy Premiership that wasn’t! Read all about it!

The Lousy Bounce – Part 2

This is the second part of Adam Muyt’s 1996 diary extracts, which were originally published in ‘Maroon & Blue – Recollections and Tales of the Fitzroy Football Club’

VAFA – B Section: Stocktake hotcake or draft your Wills

King George! III gives his mid-season assessment of the Roys as they make their way up the Section B ladder.

VAFA B Section – Beaumaris v Fitzroy: A Game for the Ages

Every now and then a sporting contest gets a hold of you because it is such a thrilling contest where everyone gives their all. Royboy Nick Marshall, who played in the seconds on Saturday, became totally engrossed in this classic contest between hot faves Beaumaris and Fitzroy. [I’ve got to watch the replay – JTH]

VAFA – Fitzroy v St Kevin’s: Scrubbers scare Skobbers but Coach cares for the young cobbers

King George III chronicles a classic game at Brunswick Street Oval in which the Roys nearly caused the upset of the season

VAFA – Parkdale v Fitzroy: Queens rule the Co-op; Princes the Park

And I thought I was following Fitzroy for the football. It’s the yarns as well. Playful words from his Highness on the Roys timely win against Parkdale. The boys are a chance at both the finals and relegation, such is the precarious nature of the season.

VAFA – Parkdale v Fitzroy: Royboys’ clinical precision

Teamwork is required in dentistry and in the clinical dismantling of a footy opponent. Dr Phil Hill reports – in his inimitable way – on the Roys victory at Parkdale.

In The Beginning Of The Royboy Bail-Out Was The End Of The Word Love.

I remember everything and that is unforgivable when you love the Fitzroy Football Club with every molecule and gum-guard. I have always adored them in their absence and write them back to life at every single chance. When the blessed can-rattlers came out like ghouls bearing bent two bob bits I knew the jig was [Read more]

The Miracle of Geoff Leak (Leek)

    By Barry Dickins         Many torps ago there was Geoff Leek whom my father knew and played cricket with down at our local church. It was the unhappiest land of them all. Known as The Reservoir Baptist Church it approved of capital punishment and its sententious Sunday School teachers knocked [Read more]