Read this. By Barry Dickins.

Barry Dickins on Docklands Stadium

It is a most grim truth that Docklands Stadium has no moral right to exist.

Get up there you mongrel

In The Beginning Of The Royboy Bail-Out Was The End Of The Word Love.

I remember everything and that is unforgivable when you love the Fitzroy Football Club with every molecule and gum-guard. I have always adored them in their absence and write them back to life at every single chance. When the blessed can-rattlers came out like ghouls bearing bent two bob bits I knew the jig was [Read more]

The Miracle of Geoff Leak (Leek)

    By Barry Dickins         Many torps ago there was Geoff Leek whom my father knew and played cricket with down at our local church. It was the unhappiest land of them all. Known as The Reservoir Baptist Church it approved of capital punishment and its sententious Sunday School teachers knocked [Read more]