The Ten Commandments for average cricketers

His children having caught the cricket bug, Craig Dodson draws upon years of experience to dispense some wise advice on cricket, dating and life in general

The Great Russini – A one trick pony or man of wisdom.

Aussiegus looks at the cyclic changing of our sporting lives as the season’s weather decides which ball will be chased.

Seasons in the Sun – Part 20 : Vesuvius, the Fly Ball Invertebrate and Finals Aren’t Logical

It’s finally the finals. Having made it this far, the mighty Lower Plenty Thirds now face their nemesis from earlier in the season; the Lalor Stars. After their near-elimination in the previous round, our heroes know that logic and form has no place in the post-season. Let the action begin!

Cricket and conflict

Melbourne-based cricket umpire John Gascoigne on the stick he cops as an umpire.