Almanac (Jail) Footy: Why there were few fights in jailyard footy

Sports journalist Ron Reed recalls social footy matches in the 70s against teams from Pentridge and other prisons.

Almanac Premierships Against The Odds: The Premiership Bandits

Fresh from winning Basketball Victoria’s 2019 Media Award for his book ‘Not Bad Thanks’, Graeme Willingham returns to share an extract from the book.

Story of a grass-roots basketball club wins Basketball Victoria media award

A book has won Basketball Victoria’s media award for the first time; “Not Bad Thanks,” by Graeme Willingham. It is a story of an 80-seasons-old basketball club, covering everything from premiership quests and disappointments to births, deaths and links with the likes of Magic Johnson and The Harlem Globe Trotters.

Almanac Sporting Juggernauts: The Basketball Phenomenon Not Bad Thanks turns 40 and that’s no April Fools’ Day Joke

Forty years trying to reach Sport’s Everest, and they’re still trying. Graeme Willingham celebrates a significant anniversary for Not Bad Thanks.

Almanac (Club) Basketball: Missed it by that much! Another chapter in the life of ‘Not Bad Thanks’

‘Not Bad Thanks’ were in the running for another basketball premiership. But, in the words of that great philosopher Maxwell Smart, they “missed it by that much.” Graeme Willingham reports (from the floor). [They’re officially nuts – Ed]

Almanac Book Review: The craziness that is “Not Bad Thanks”

Deakin Uni student and basketball enthusiast Mark Miller recently read Not Bad Thanks the story of a basketball club/team/phenomenon that has graced the courts of Melbourne since 1980. This is his review.

Almanac Books: Not Bad Thanks is a hoot

If you want an entertaining examination of mateship and sporting obsession, John Harms thinks Graeme Willingham’s ‘Not Bad Thanks’ is an excellent investment. For extracts, and details on how to obtain the book, please read further.

“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: extract no. 3, Playing above oneself

Exceptionalism, or playing above oneself? Graeme Willingham defines his thoughts on both in this extract from his new book, “Not Bad Thanks”.

“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: extract No. 2, Tribunals!

Some members of the Not Bad Thanks basketball team had problems with the rules and regulations of the game. This extract from Graeme Willingham’s book “Not Bad Thanks” details some of these problems and their subsequent consequences.

“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: an extract

Graeme Willingham has written an entertaining book “Not Bad Thanks” about a rag tag team of basketballers. Here is an extract from the book.

Almanac Dinner – Graeme Willingham: “Not Bad Thanks”

Graeme Willingham has written a stranger-than-fiction tale of a grass-roots basketball team’s refusal to let power struggles, tragic events, media scrutiny and lack of skill hinder their climb from the bottom of a city league.