‘Gumleaf Games’ to the world stage

Ron Reed has seen more Olympic Games than most since 1956, primarily as a journalist. Here he comments about Brisbane then (1982 Commonwealth Games) and what we might hope for in 2032.

Almanac Tennis: Why Barty matters so much

Ron Reed, an award-winning sports editor, columnist and feature writer with the Herald and Weekly Times, and a past Australian Sportswriter of the Year, reminds Australians why Ash Barty matters so much us.

Almanac (Jail) Footy: Why there were few fights in jailyard footy

Sports journalist Ron Reed recalls social footy matches in the 70s against teams from Pentridge and other prisons.

Almanac Footy: Edelsten – Death of the Swans Golden Era

Sports writer Ron Reed remembers the flamboyant Geoffrey Edelsten (a ‘cartoon character all his life’), his effect on the Sydney Swans, and on football in general.

Almanac (Footy) Memoir: Snakes in the goal square

Sports journalist Ron Reed tells more fabulous footy tales from the Dennington Dogs; this time, the ‘bit unusual’ Robbo, the snake catcher.

Almanac (Footy) Memoir: Grossman – Remembering the Battle of Bushfield

As a young man celebrated Australian sports writer Ron Reed played senior footy at Dennington where he was coached by South Melbourne premiership player Don Grossman. The Dennington Dogs went on to win the premiership. [Terrific memoir – Ed]

Almanac Book Review: Ken Haley on Ron Reed’s ‘War Games’

Ron Reed’s recent release ‘War Games’ has been read and thoroughly reviewed by Ken Haley.

Almanac Book Extract: ‘War Games’ by Ron Reed – Oh Brother, Jezza’s Joy

To whet your (reading) appetite further, we present a second except from Ron Reed’s forthcoming book, ‘War Games’. Ron will be guest at the Odd Friday/Footy Almanac Lunch on April 23 at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel.

Almanac (and Odd Friday) Lunch – Friday, April 23: Ron Reed

The next Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch is on the 23rd April. It will feature veteran sports journo Ron Reed. Ron will be discussing his latest book, War Games, as well as yarns from his long career.

Almanac Book Extract: ‘Media and Me, by Warnie’ from ‘War Games’ by Ron Reed

Ron Reed’s latest book is the special guest at the next Odd Friday/Footy Almanac lunch on April 23 at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel. Here’s a chapter to tempt your (reading) taste buds!

Book Release: ‘War Games’ by Ron Reed

The most recent book by veteran journalist Ron Reed is called ‘War Games’ which deals with his father’s wartime experiences in Japan, and the plan Ron had to honour those memories with one last trip to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games.