“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: extract no. 3, Playing above oneself

In this third extract from Graeme Willingham’s new book,  Not Bad Thanks, he briefly speaks about exceptionalism and its focus, rather than endeavouring to play above oneself.





“I’m worried about the modern media’s addiction to

exceptionalism. Our focus is constantly guided to people and

feats that are out of the ordinary. There is continual hype not

only surrounding out-of-the-ordinary success, but also failure.

And to a large extent this entirely misses the point of team

sport. A real team is not defined by any one act of brilliance

or game-winning shot, its weakest player or biggest mistakes.

A real team, such as Not Bad Thanks, is defined by actions that

help the team, playing every Thursday night, and not trying to play

above everyone else, but by trying to play above oneself. We

celebrate the exceptions to the rule, but we also celebrate the

people and their actions that become the rule.” — Plasma


Graeme will speak about his wonderful book, and its tale of a ratbag team of basketball players, their trials and tribulations  confronted along the way in lifting themselves from the bottom of the ladder in a forthcoming Footy Almanac dinner. Details HERE


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