Adelaide Test, Australia v India, Day Five : Rulebook’s (W)rap

Australia has won a emotion packed, drama filled First Ttest by 48 runs at the Adelaide Oval.

Australia declared overnight, setting India the target of 363 off 98 overs. Australia struck early with Johnson removing the dangerous an hard hitting opener Dhawan for 9 – well caught down the leg side by Haddin, with replays clearly showing the ball came off the shoulder. It was the first howler of the day. Lyon comes on and looks dangerous, immediately removing Pujara for 21.

India’s two best players in Vijay and Kohli join forces. Then comes one of the most amazing things I have seen in cricket; Vijay makes a serious misjudgment on 24 pads up to Lyon. Inexplicably, Umpire Erasmus gives it not out. It was that plumb, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles would have given it out. The lifeline provided, these two settle in and bat. And bat, and bat, and bat and bat.

I adjourn to the back of the members. A comment is made suggesting the match will end in a draw, to which I reply “there are too many overs left, India are going to get them”.

The next bit of drama occurs when Michael Clarke pulls his hammy. Clarke has provided statesman-like leadership for the country during the last two weeks but after hurting his back batting, should he have fielded at all in this game?

India grind on. Our pacemen don’t look threatening – in particular, the lion-hearted trier Peter Siddle. We wonder aloud whether this is his last day of Test cricket? I decide it’s time to head back out and watch live. Vijay is given out lbw for 99. While the height was questionable, he lingers at the crease clearly disappointed with the decision. Hey pal you have been gifted another hit and made 75 more runs. It’s time to depart.

Rahane comes in and cops a shocking decision; being given out, caught at bat pad by Rogers off Gazza Lyon without troubling the scorers and is another example of some poor umpiring. Credit where it’s due, Umpire Marais Erasmus had had a good first four days and been clearly better than umpire Ian Gould, but today the South African has lost all confidence and must surely just be guessing. There’s no doubt that money rules the sporting world these days. For every dollar cricket makes world-wide, 81 cents of that comes from India, so there’s a certain irony that the BCCI have used their influence at ICC level to shun the very system that may have kept their hopes of winning this match alive. India, your fault for refusing DRS.

R Sharma departs for 6 and Saha plays a poor shot to be bowled by Lyon for 13. Clearly, nerves got the better of these two when a supporting role for the magnificent Kohli was required.

Then comes the defining moment of the game; Kohli doesn’t quite middle a pull shot and is well caught in the deep by Mitch Marsh for 141. At last Lyon is well and truly delivering on the final day.

India’s tail is terrible and will prove to be a crucial difference in this series. Harris removes Shami for 0 trying to hit over the top, Johnson comes back to dismiss Aaron plumb lbw for 1, and then fittingly Lyon has I Sharma stumped for 1.

Australia have taken 8 wickets in the last session and Lyon – with match figures of 12/286 – has bowled Australia to a famous victory in the Phillip Hughes tribute Test match.

A huge negative of this game was the dreadful over rate in particular by India. Hurry up and bring in run penalties. It is not hard to bowl 90 overs in six hours, let alone six and a half! The umpires must take blame, as well as Alan Favell – noted being late back from lunch and tea breaks, and having more drinks breaks than if you had been on free drinks out the back. And for $9.50 a beer, how in the hell catering is running at supposedly a seven per-cent profit is another mystery1

I am copping a hammering re: bagging the drop in pitch. Wile this one was better, I stand by the point that there is not enough life early and basically the toss is too important. You can not lose batting first unless you declare too early.

Australia completes a remarkable win with a huge amount of emotion with Warner and Kohli making hundreds in each innings, Smith continuing his rise up the world cricket ladder, a remarkable hundred from Clarke considering all the circumstances and Vijay is a class player.

DRS must be used to remove the howlers and Australia win!

Go the Aussies!

Man of the match Nathan Lyon

May Bob Neil be with you.

7 dec. for 517  (Smith 162 n.o, Warner 145, Clarke 128) and 5 dec. for 290 (Warner 102, Smith 62n.o, Marsh 41)


444 (Kohli 115, Pujara 73, Rahane 62, Vijay 53, R Sharma 43. Lyon 5/134) and 315 (Kohli 141, Vijay 99, Lyon 7/152)




  1. GreAt test bad umpiring and bad call by you on the pitch. Adelaide test always goes down to the last session which is what you want. Saca board needs a shake up lake of flexibility and common sense.

  2. If only Kohli had rolled his wrists.

    Fantastic Day 5.


  3. Great match. Fantastic final day. Clarke, Lyon, Kohli, Smith,, Warner all excelling at various stages over the 5 days. Test cricket remains alive. Looking forward to the next there tests.


  4. Kevin Martin says

    Some Indian numptie on cricinfo whinging …why does the 3rd ump interfere to check for no balls when someone is put bowled but doesn’t check bat/pad if they’re correct


  5. Looks good Malcolm. How good was Lyon in those conditions that really suited his bowling. The fast bowlers had very little to work with.

  6. Good summary Rulebook. One of the great joys of this Test was the absence of DRS. As Tim Lane says in the Age today, it reminds us that its only a game after all. Umpires are human, just like the players – making decisions in split seconds in real time from one angle only.
    With independent umpires it evens out over five tests in a series.
    Technology gives the illusion of certainty, but in reality just adds another layer of complexity and uncertainty.
    You take the rough with the smooth and get on with it. As in life, as every local cricketer knows.
    Work and golf interfered with my watching much of this Test, but I loved its rhythms. Its ebbs and flows. Just when you thought you knew what would happen next, you didn’t. As it should be.
    Thanks RB.

  7. India also chose the wrong spinner , K Sharma his action is more suited to the sub continent . Ashwin would have been a better option and his batting would have been handy as well

  8. Great article Rulebook. I was lucky enough to be at Amazing Adelaide in 06 and at the SCG when Clarke took 3 wickets in 5 balls to beat India in 08 at the end of the day, but that last session yesterday surpassed both of those in my eyes. 8 wickets in a session, when realistically if India didn’t get all out they should have won the game.

  9. Good wrap up mate.

    True who wins the toss on an Adelaide pitch won’t lose, but the pitch always provides quality entertainment on the last day!

  10. Chandrashekar says

    Nice summary of Day 5, Malcolm. What a match! Test Cricket is the winner. Hope Clarke gets well soon and continue his awesome journey on the cricket field

  11. Agree Ashwin would have been a big threat. Feeling for Siddle and Clarke. Malcolm- your comment about the fragile tail may well be vindicated in the coming weeks – and the team spirit was also palpable obviously. But hats off to Kholi for rising to the challenge and making a real game of this – hope MS takes the same approach in the rest of the series. Looking forward to Starc in Bris and Haselgrove at the WACA

  12. Dan Sergeant says

    Book I would have thought a man who has spent as much time as you have on the grass would have been a fan of a drop in wicket.
    If the ornamental tomato farmers of the world can embrace growing their product in perfect conditions then so can the SACA. Drop In pitches are an emerging technology that will get better over time. It may not be perfect, but it’s better solution than having a rock hard surface for footy!

  13. Yes cricket was the winner. Those players must all be mentally exhausted

  14. From the 63 seconds of applause on day 1 to the boys singing the team song on the 408 at dusk come the end of day 5 – It was quite a remarkable exhibition of sport.

  15. Great report, Kohli gun.

  16. I have to agree with the baggers Book, you got it wrong with the pitch. Whilst a drop in might not break up like a traditional wicket, the lack of life on day 1 is more about it’s preparation than its origin. Dhoni will strengthen India’s middle order too though the bounce in Brisbane could trouble them.

  17. Yeah I’m with the 8x medal winner Michele Legrand. Or is it 8?: I love the look of Kohli. He’s a tiger, and supremely talented. Stand-out performances all over the place this test. SACA continues to do lunches well…but not much else. Thanks Malcolm. Nicely played.

  18. *9

  19. Good job Malcolm. Astonishing match which shows there’s life aplenty in Test cricket!

  20. Rulebook, you are correct: the Kohli dismissal was the pivotal moment of the final day.

  21. Cameron Glenn says

    Last two hours were fantastic with 8 of the 10 wickets in a thrilling Australian victory. Umps looked like needing new glasses and a cricket rule book for Christmas.
    Was worth going to Adelaide Oval for the day and ticket prices were fantastic for the day of cricket.

  22. a 5th day result was never in doubt Rulebook. Both teams had a healthy run rate for test cricket. MS Dhoni would have been handy in the run chase.. You can cliche this now rulebook when off spinners are being slogged into neighbouring houses. Rise and rise again. Until lambs become Nathan Lions.

  23. Great Test.
    It was a testament to Test cricket.
    I am still stunned India gave up eight wickets in the last session.
    Can’t remember the last time that happened.
    Awesome for Lyon too. 127 wickets from 36 Tests is very good. His average of 34.66 is too high, but he’s a finger spinner and he just bowled Australia to victory. Well done him.
    As for the pitch, it’s always been a long match with a lot of runs. Batting first is important, but few captains who win the toss bowl first. And Australia batted second when they won in Adelaide in 2006/07 against the Poms.
    The Toss is important, but it all comes down to how you play.

  24. Lisa Edwards says

    Great wrap Book.

  25. Adelaide has been a great setting for these two nations to put on fantastic tests. . 77-78, 81-82, 91-92 and the current match, all going down to the wire, with any of the four results possible in the concluding stages. If it’s Michael Clarkes swansong ,what a fitting way to go. Off to the Gabba, let’s see what it holds.


  26. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thanks folks drop ins are improving but the SCG has kept there wicket why can’t Adelaide ? , you just can’t get the same pace in it the toss has become 2 important overall . Wonder if this is due to tv deals and desperate for a 5 day game ?
    Scrote re footy you could water the square re hardness and cover it if needed and take them off just before footy starts if needed just see no reason why , may be because cricket was desperate just to get there debt wiped as has been clearly shown yet again in this test match , common sense is not a Saca admin strength .
    ( Dan never a fan of the grass either not my cup of tea )
    PB while you have a valid point re DRS I think we want and need the correct decision made and , Erasmus was that bad on the final day he should be put on the afl panel
    Ashwin non selection was baffling his batting would have been handy 2 ( geez there tail is that bad , McGrath would just about bat 8 ! ) thanks folks very clever , Rafa , classy and spot on Sam . Jen it will be a long process but yep spot on re mentally .
    Cricket was the winner overall in the Phillip Hughes tribute match

  27. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thxs Malcolm. Great write up of a memorable Test. India can’t be disappointed.
    Very thoughtful of u for also including the result & scorecard at the end of your article.
    RIP PH.


  28. Mick Alldis says

    Cant help but think that this is a Test that India lost, more so than we won. If Australia were in that situation and lost 8 – 80 odd in a session we’d be filthy on the players….. the Indians were cruising with about 70 – 80 runs required. had they have kept their focus they would have knocked the runs off….. you are right Malcolm – their tail is woeful and its one area of Australia’s game that has been a gradual and steady improvement – adds a great dimension to your game if you can get an extra 100 – 150 out of your number 8 – 11 batsmen…or even the ability to keep their heads and stick around!

  29. Another legendary Test at a wonderful ground. Good wrap Mal.

  30. 1. I’ll say it again, you were wrong.
    2. Lack of “‘life” in the pitch was not the fault of the pitch, but the half rat-power bowling from India. I’ve never seen so many four-balls bowled in the first hour of a test.
    3. India stuffed up their selection of Karn Sharma. Either Ashwin or Jadeja are much better bowlers and certainly would have been handy with the bat.
    4. No MS Dhoni hurt the Indian batting.
    5. Siddle is finished. No more “lion-hearted” efforts can be accepted. Wickets are the only currency that matters. And not the cheap two poles he got when the Indian tail were slogging.
    5. Covering/watering wickets for football??? Come-on. Football is the dominant game and therefore will always have precedence over cricket. That is the sort of sentiment that has got the SACA in its current predicament of stick-in-the-mud/born to rule attitude.
    6. Steve Smith an absolute gun.
    7. Kohli batting was beautiful to watch.
    8. Admire your ability to still stick with the drop in pitch argument in the face of all facts and opinions.

  31. Great wrap up for a great test match! Nathan Lyon tore it up with his first 10 wicket haul. Kohli being dismissed on the final day was probably the most crucial dismissal of the test.

  32. Adelaide spectaculor again. Just a great event

    India = choke.

    Agreed, Siddle is gone. 26 wickets in last 12 tests. Not enough, too many promising young quickies at the moment not getting a look in.

    Rogers has been ok, but time for a young opening bat to come in or Marsh to open and youngster elsewhere.

  33. Good summary, Rulebook. I got to watch (on TV) some of Day 4 and most of Day 5 and felt that Clarke declared on the basis of the stats for highest 4th innings to win. Once there is a decent sample, drop-in pitch stats may show higher 4th innings winning scores. India choked – with less than 100 to get they should’ve treated it like a one-dayer, push for 1s and 2s. India may also have been psyched out by the stats.

  34. Great summary Book. I don’t need to go to the game….just have to read your lines. On the DRS…I don’t mind it NOT being there, just so long as the cameras do not replay the actual event. Poor umpire Erasmus; he has just made a call, then he has to see how bad it was over and over (he would have been better off just asking the batsman whether he’d hit it).
    So EITHER DRS AND all of the cameras and replays… OR…. NO DRS and no replays. That way the poor umpires can sleep soundly.

  35. Once again the ‘Book and Adelaide Oval deliver the goods!
    A fitting tribute to PH – pity the Dedbacks couldnt deliver the same.

  36. BD’s got it, India wanted to finish it with a hour to spare. They got themselves to a position where sensible shots could have won it.

  37. Martin Rumsby says

    A good summary Malcolm. It’s a pity that the unfortunate re-scheduling of the match deprived some people of the opportunity to see it live.

    A new look test team is emerging. Smith and Warner taking over as key batsmen (when will Michael Clarke play his next test?) and the possible replacement of Siddle with Hazlewood.

    We have an interesting few months in front of us.

  38. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks Malcolm, fantastic review of day 5. Not bowling 90 overs in the alotted time is a disgrace. 100 really shouldn’t be a stretch given the time allowed. But this has been going on at very least since the 1980’s.

  39. Insert appropriate mocking of you over the pitch here, Malcolm (although it did take two Australian declarations, some dodgy umpiring decisions and terrible tail end batting to make a result happen). That non-LBW was truly amazing – oh, to have a ride in Erasmus’s head on that last day.

  40. Another great wrap Ashy!
    It’s difficult to criticise a pitch that gave both sides every chance to win and did the same when England came the previous year, from memory.
    I think Adelaide provides the truest test of Test match cricket anywhere in the world because every single player is needed to shape the game, no one type/style of player generally is advantaged overall and they inevitably go the distance!

  41. Shammi Saini says

    Win or loss is part of the game. I won’t criticise any side India and Australia both are top teams. I am very happy to see Virat taking responsibilty and playing like a star.
    Since he has been rated second behind British Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton in the list of most marketable athletes in the world, he has lots on his shoulders but still he is performing like a Top player. I missed Dhoni and Suresh Raina in the squad.
    Worried about Aussie skipper. I hope he gets well soon perform well in worldcup as he always does.
    Looking forward to the Worldcup, it will be a tough competition and Smart move by India to play test series in Australia as will be handy for the worldcup.

  42. Great game of cricket! Loved the way kohli and co went for the win instead of playing for the draw. Great performances by clarke, warner, smith and lyon. Test cricket at its best. Hope the next game in brisbane is as closely fought as this one.

  43. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Mick , BD and Diggers spot on re India lacked patience influence of too much , 20 20 ?
    Duncs , Geo and Dave while it is hard to argue with your logic I still think the toss is too important in Adelaide ( Geo I like your point re all players shaping the game )
    Bizz I see your point but unfortunately , Erasmus was gone mentally and was just guessing was not good for him or the game
    Martin yes times are changing in aust cricket
    Luke run penalties would fix bloody overs rate immediately and why on the last day are minimum overs bowled regardless why not every day ?
    Shammi and Mayank thank you would you have picked , Ashwin any other changes ? Thanks folks

  44. Great to see a result, great to see Nath Lyon taking wickets and getting the credit he deserves and good to see that test cricket is still the number 1 format of the game!

  45. Adelaide Oval test has always been the test match all players love. The viewing points at the new Adelaide Oval are now fantastic regardless of whether one is in a corporate seated area, the members or the outer areas. Adelaide Oval is a winner for our state. Just hope that the SACA now realises that football brought to the Adelaide Oval is the real winner.

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