Data Visualisation – Draft picks and career games

Jake “Cobba” Stevens uses his incisive brain and IT wizardry to show us how successful the AFL draft has been in predicting a long term playing career.

The club fan buries its de-listed

The fate of the de-listed played (with a nod to Henry Lawson).

Bailout for Melbourne not the answer

Melbourne needs to face its demons and tackle the challenge ahead without an AFL bailout.

Naming the tune

Melbourne are dormant. A bulb long forgotten. The chances of growth from here are still a long way distant. Their pain is real for Richmond folk. It shares a scary resemblance to where the Tigers were a very short while ago.

Tanking is no way to the top

Tanking – the term given to suspected ‘game throwing’ by teams looking to improve their position in end of season drafts – has been a staple topic of conversation towards the end of recent home and away seasons. The general consensus is that tanking does happen, and the premise as to why it happens is [Read more]

Hawthorn: the myth is solidified

This is the second in a multi-part series on the building of the current Hawthorn team.  To see part one go to: As the 2002 season dawned there was a lot of optimism from Hawthorn fans, still bitter over the loss of Croad the fan base still reasoned, with some justification, that he was [Read more]

Yes we love trash. Tales of the recycled – Part 1

“Oh I Love Trash Anything Dirty or Dingy or Dusty Anything Ragged or Rotten or Rusty Yes I Love Trash” (Oscar The Grouch, circa 1969, Sesame Street)   Now that the Cup has been run and won and the treasured prize in Australian horse racing is jetting off to France once again, football fans can [Read more]

An Alternative Mid-Season Draft

By Jason Feldman Continuing the AFL’s bold recruitment of Issy Falou and Karmichael Hunt the existing 16 clubs staged a cross-code draft at Etihad Stadium today. The results are suprising.. Richmond – Sharelle McMahon, will provide assistance up forward to Jack Reiwoldt. Besides she’s harder at the ball than Jordan McMahon who will be traded [Read more]

Crio’s Question: A mid-season draft anyone?

In recent years there have been rumblings for a mid-season draft. I don’t know what form it should take, but most supporters would have a dump and a wish list for their side. I watched Brisbane, for example, and reckon that Luke Power has lost his bite and could be headed for the scrap heap. [Read more]

Footy: Ablett oversight heads questions from pre-season and rookie drafts

There were some very strange selections in the pre-season and rookie drafts. Some of the questions that I wondered about are: 1. Why would Gold Coast pick Danny Stanley ahead of Luke Ablett? Danny has played well for Collingwood seconds but has failed to impress every time (five in total) that he was promoted to [Read more]

AFL Draft: Fev sideshow further darkens footy’s big anti-climax

By Jason Feldman Just as Grand Finals are the climax of the footy season, trade week is the true anti-climax. For weeks the tension builds. Player X is being traded to team Y for pick Z and player W. Footy websites crack under the traffic of footy fans eager to scrounge any information on, say, [Read more]

General Footy Writing: 2008 draft to be considered among the best

I think in a few years time, we’ll be talking about the 2008 national draft as a draft to match the super-draft of 2001 which saw Chris Judd, Luke Ball and Luke Hodge start their careers. The 2008 top-10 saw the likes of Daniel Rich, Jack Watts, Jack Ziebell, Nick Naitanui and Stephen Hill taken [Read more]