Hawthorn: the myth is solidified

This is the second in a multi-part series on the building of the current Hawthorn team.  To see part one go to: https://footyalmanac.com.au/?p=38530 As the 2002 season dawned there was a lot of optimism from Hawthorn fans, still bitter over the loss of Croad the fan base still reasoned, with some justification, that he was [Read more]

Building of a Flawed Contender

PART ONE: HOW THE MYTH WAS BORN 2012 was looking like it would be a lot of fun for Hawthorn fans, as the season approached you were able to open a newspaper or watch one of the now ubiquitous football panel shows without being made aware that the Hawks were one of the favourites for [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – Some Origin thoughts from an ecumenical fan

by Lee Carney Australia is a unique country when it comes to its sport and particularly the football codes, like fans of sport in all nations we follow our teams religiously, having our moods go up and down based on the fortunes, of what in this era of trades and free agency is really a [Read more]