Almanac Book Review – ‘On the Chin: A Boxing Education’ by Alex McClintock

Boxing, ‘the sweet science’, polarises the general population and sports lovers equally. Luke Stegemann reviews a new release, Alex McClintock’s “On the Chin: A Boxing Education” which approaches the sport from a different angle.

Australia’s Role in the making of Jack Johnson – opinion piece in the ABC by Daryl Adair

Daryl Adair has written a piece on the boxing champion Jack Johnson and how Australia influenced his career

The Final Round at the House of Stoush

There is a part of Smokie that dies just a little when a familiar old building is demolished. It will be even more so when Festival Hall meets the wrecking ball.

Amateur Boxing: Twenty-four hours in Bundaberg

Luke Stegemann ventured to Bundaberg for a day of boxing with controversy, passionate locals and a late road trip home.

Almanac Boxing: Why does society put up with the brutal sport of boxing?

Jan Courtin has little to no time for boxing, a ‘so-called sport’ that she believes should be banned. She asks what do fans (and society) see in this sport where ‘prolonged and repeated brutal behaviour by one person upon another’ is encouraged?

Almanac Boxing: School teacher to champion

The Battle of Brisbane was a real fight. Horn is world champion. Australian boxing has a new face.

Muhammad Ali: In Louisville, he’s finally The Greatest

Glenn Brownstein has returned from Australia to his home near Louisville, Kentucky, where you might guess what the top story is.

Once Were Warriors – Remembering Muhammad Ali

Peter Baulderstone remembers Muhammad’s Ali life as it unfolded and his impact in changing the culture and attitudes in the 60s.

Muhammad Ali

Neil Drysdale pens a wonderful tribute to the late, great Muhammad Ali. Add your Ali tributes and memories.

The gentleman of Australian Boxing: Scott Brouwer

In this profile of former boxer Scott Brouwer, David G sees him as a contradiction, out of place in the rough and tumble world that is professional boxing in Australia.

Almanac Boxing: Barry Michael Fight Night 26th February 2016

David G reports on Barry Michael Fight night

Almanac Boxing: Ken Buchanan, Scotland’s greatest boxer, turns 70

Ken Buchanan, Scotland’s greatest ever fistic champion, turns 70 this year. Neil Drysdale has sent us the story he wrote when he met Ken Buchanan 15 years ago. [Terrific profile – Ed]

Almanac Boxing: Forget Anthony Mundine, Zac Dunn is here!

Griffo predicts 2016 will be a big year in Boxing for Brunswick’s Zac Dunn.

Almanac Boxing: Boxing Observations and Andy Broome

David “Griffo” Griffin chats with Andy Broome and reflects on the state of Boxing.

Almanac Boxing: Nigel Benn (first published in The Guardian)

Regular Almanac contributor Patrick Skene on Nigel Benn and his work in Blacktown, published in the Guardian.

The bloody brutality of boxing – Daniel Geale

Iron Mike on the contrasting fortunes between two boxers who met on Saturday: Australian Daniel Geale and Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto.

Why Boxing and Cage Fighting Should Be Banned. But Won’t Be.

In the wake of the death of 23 year old Queensland boxer Braydon Smith comes this piece from Rick Sarre, Professor of Law at the University of South Australia, who calls for boxing and cage fighting to be banned. Very interesting reading.

Help! Boxing Doco on Peter Jackson

David Latham plans a documentary on 19th-century boxer Peter Jackson, who won the Australian heavyweight title in 1886, and seeks experts who might appear on camera.

Boxing: A FTA Network Televised Comeback?

Boxing is returning to free-to-air television in the United States. Is promoter/manager Al Haymon Boxing’s Dark Lord, or someone to be thanked? Gregor Lewis gives us the lowdown.

Revenge: The Rematches

Gregor Lewis riffs on REVENGE and how it will motivate the remaining teams in the AFL Finals, just as it will today’s Mayweather – Maidana boxing rematch.