The Precarious State of our Nation’s Great Game

Siobhan Calafiore provides her perspective on where the game is at and why.

AFL Round 20 – Richmond v Essendon: Hey Now, Hey Now (DO Dream, It’s Not Over!)

Strange things are happening for Paddy Grindlay. Tennis in the winter time. A father who talks to horses (Collingwood ones). And his Tigers are winning. Strange days indeed.

AFL and NRL – weekend results and ladders

All the wrap-up from this weekend’s AFL and NRL. Gold Coast are third. Take a photo of it.

Round 7 Preview – Living the Dream

Sal Ciardulli discusses women’s role in footy and previews Round 7. He’s not putting the crown jewels on his Bluebaggers, but he rates them a fighting chance.

Round 6 Preview – Oh no, no, no and No!

Sal’s tips for those looking to punt on something other than two up this weekend.