Almanac Rugby League: On how to improve the greatest game of all

John Campbell has followed rugby league for a long time. Some of the modern aspects of the game, dressed up as ‘progress’, give him the Edgar Britts. He explains his concerns.

AFLW – The next generation: Will it have its mother’s eyes?

Where to now for the AFLW in the current advertising-heavy sporting environment? Verity Sanders hopes the characteristics that “make” footy aren’t left to fall by the wayside

Best Footy Ads of All Time

Footy ads have always been a highlight over the years. The best ones can get you fired up for a footy season like nothing else. What have been your favourite footy ads over the years?

It’s all a bit of fun … isn’t it

Trucker Slim asked whether the game is the aim or just another means to an end. The end being selling your soul for a dollar

The most embarrassing promotions in sport

Ridgey thinks this ad from the BBL might be the worst in sporting history. Can you top (bottom?) it?

Who do I send the invoice to?

Saint66 has REALLY had it with the cross-promotional advertising on televised sport. Who knew that My Restaurant Rules is now an Olympic sport?

News from Greymouth

We’re still over in Te Waipounamu, where the only sport of note is Rugby Union, with the primary, if not sole emphasis being on all things All Black. But not for much longer, will their shirts be simply All Black. The local corporate media have run stories of a new sponsorship deal with American international [Read more]