Best Footy Ads of All Time

Over the years, we have seen our fair share of footy ads. A fine mix of truly innovative and unique pieces to ads that were annoying the first time, let alone the hundredth.


I went down a YouTube rabbit hole the other day looking at AFL ads from yesteryear. There is quite the assortment to be found with the blokey bumps and biffs of the 80s and 90s replaced with humour and kid-friendly nature of ads today.


As a young North Melbourne supporter in the early 90s, the Roo Boy ad by Nike was always my favourite. It was quirky, engaging and featured Roy Billing. It is just a tad dark too, that doll is quite creepy.


Watching it now brings back a lot of memories, mostly of a time when North Melbourne was very competitive and successful.


What are your favourite footy ads from over the years?

About Matthew Naqvi

Matthew Naqvi is a writer, editor, and writing group facilitator. He is the Web Editor of The Footy Almanac. He has written for numerous sports organisations and teams including Melbourne Victory, AFC (Australian Fighting Championship) and Football Federation Victoria. He loves North Melbourne.


  1. Shane Backx says

    4n20 pie ads.

  2. We forget how local and provincial footy and tv were 20+ years ago. Everything is slick and multinational these days. News and tv shows are nationally produced with very little state based content. The 80’s and 90’s were the time when the Patra juice and Seiko watch product placements from footy panel shows were transitioning from VFL/SANFL/WAFL to the commercial monster of AFL.
    I came to Perth 20 years ago and my best “footy player ad” memory is Fraser Gehrig in his Eagles gear extolling a loaf of bread. “Battle of the IQ’s there” I thought. Loaf and oaf. Jacko or Suma spruiking for a local home builder. The Eagles were omnipresent in 90’s Perth. Sadly those really local ads no longer survive on You Tube. This gives you some sense of the provincialism of the time. Modern marketing is slicker – and our society sicker. Enjoy.

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I doubt whether the Dennis Sachse Empisal sewing machine ad for Godfreys will ever surface

  4. Dave Brown says

    Kurt Tippett’s Balfours work ended well…

  5. As previously declared on this site, Knuckles Kerley goes well in the ads for Noel’s Caravans (note use of apostrophe) in which the Island Star range are front and centre. He brings the gruffness of Pacino and the gravitas of Gregory Peck to his work.

  6. Earl O'Neill says

    John Lee Hooker – “Cats been playing the blues longer than me? For sure! I’d like to see that.”

  7. Nothing better

  8. this is good also

  9. Peter B, that West Coast ad is so early 90s! The graphics and song are something else.

    Swish – I’ll assume it was a disaster?

    Dave – I forgot about Tippett’s efforts. Good find.

    Mickey – I will have to check that one out.

    Earl – The ‘I’d like to see that’ ads were simply amazing. The fact they got some many sporting and musical guns is astounding.

    Gerry and Shane – Yes, they are the ads that always come to mind when I think of my favourite footy ads. So many footy characters, real characters of the game having a bit of fun.

  10. Shane John Backx says

    Remember the 4n20 ad where the pie boy is listening outside the changeroom to the coach giving his revup speech? Around 1989, sadly I cant find it on youtube.

  11. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    I’ve been down that rabbit hole myself a few time Matt. The Hutton’s Footy Franks ad is a good one and it’s still in the vernacular some 40 years later thanks to Dustin Martin. Don’t Argue:

  12. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I can give you the worst one

  13. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Not sure what to make of this one

  14. Mark Duffett says

    See what you mean with that last one, Swish, something tells me it wouldn’t get to air today.

  15. Famous faces. Not so famous singers.

  16. The Jarrod Harbrow ad is in production.

  17. OK it was Suma. One of the big left footed oafs.

  18. Mr Wrap wrote the copy.

  19. I think its an ad for thermal underwear or a very very large used car lot.

  20. Talent spotting for The Bounce.

  21. Phil – Yes, it is so easy to fall into the YouTube trap. That is a great find and yes, very fitting with Dusty’s dominance atm.

    Swish – The Deon Omond ad is about as stale as it could get. As for the Myer ad, definitely wouldn’t work today.

    Peter – Thanks for throwing so many vids in the mix. The Bulldogs ad is quite well done and hard hitting. I don’t mind the playful/corniness of the Sumich bread ad.

  22. There was an ad for Holeproof underwear with footage of players getting “dacked” that I remember. The words were something like “One Day, You’re gonna get caught with your pants down!”

  23. rabid dog says

    Best of all time – Don’t argue, Huttons’ footy franks are best.
    Noel’s caravans w Knuckles Kerley.
    Dennis Sachse and the sewing machine ads.

  24. Am i the only one, (oldest one), who remembers ‘Jezza’ doing the ads for Yoohoo circa 1973?

    Yoohoo was a chocolate milk drink prior to Big M, but it didn’t last long. I recall going to Wangaratta where it was made.



  25. Rabid Dog says

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