The most embarrassing promotions in sport

They played this atrocity during the innings break at the Stars vs Scorchers BBL game on Australia Day.

Which led me to think:
1. How on earth did they convince Rob Quiney to do this
2. Is this the most embarrassing promotion ever seen in world sport?

On a related note, Guardian cricket writer Russell Jackson has put together a great blog featuring some classic cricket ads:



  1. Andrew Starkie says

    At the very least he could have learned the words

  2. A bloke in a sport promo being a dork. Not exactly cutting edge material.

  3. G Hocking – whiskers

  4. embarrassing in deed!

  5. John Butler says

    Carlton’s Blue M&M’s come to mind.

    At least it’s good to know R Quiney is still alive. Otherwise only sited this season doing his shoulder.

  6. Who is Rob Quinney? What about Bobby Skilton’s butternuts snaps ad

  7. Okay, for one, to reference Pitbull and Ke$ha is to nakedly claw at the bottome of an already shallow pop-culture barrell. Secondly, to do so without any sort of context is as odious as it is inevitable from such a soulless enterprise.

    Whoever conceived this should go find a hermit cave in the bush to disappear into forever and ever.

    *note: JB And least we sold our soul for M&M money – this is a woebegone clusterfuck to give those in the cheap seats something to clap their hands to.

  8. bernard whimpress says

    Even more embarrassing than his selection to bat at number three for Australia and his batting average of 3.00.

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