Floreat Pica – Collingwood v West Coast – Best Win of the Year (to-date)

At the conclusion of Saturday night’s game, West Coast Eagles players quickly showered and then headed for the airport. They would back in Perth in the early hours of Sunday, head home and then get some sleep. They adopt this strategy because after a game of football, players find it hard to sleep anyway, so [Read more]

AFL Finals Week 2: Why the underdogs can win

After tipping Fremantle to defend Geelong and Sydney to defeat Adelaide last week (alright, I also tipped Collingwood), I firmly believe that both underdogs can win this week’s semi-finals. Such is the nature of finals football and in a testament to the competition’s evenness this year, both of the favourites (Collingwood and Adelaide) could be [Read more]

AFL Finals Week 1: The View from Shepparton

I hope the tribunal throws the book at Chris Tarrant I love players that play the man and not the ball. I have had a sneaking respect for the Pies for most of the year but now hope that they get walloped.

What’s that smell in the air? Must be finals

It’s finals time and fans of at least four teams are soaking up the fever in case they are eliminated in the first week. Any idea how North Melbourne can pull off what would be a remarkable victory in the west? Are Collingwood any chance of knocking off Hawthorn? And what would that do to [Read more]

The Ballad of Geelong 2012

Round 1 The reigning premiers were put to the test When the season opened in the west A new coach poached and on the move The Dockers had a point to prove Both sides played with skill and talent The game was close, the Cats were gallant Pavlich, reliable, like a golden retriever Ballantyne went [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – March: the month of shared hope

March is a legitimate contender for my favourite month of the year. In no other month does the concept of hope resonate more strongly. Hope that my tipping competition exploits and ongoing duels with bookmakers will prove victorious over the winter months. Hope that via another skill-based medium, that of fantasy football in its multiple [Read more]