What’s that smell in the air? Must be finals

It’s finals time and fans of at least four teams are soaking up the fever in case they are eliminated in the first week. Any idea how North Melbourne can pull off what would be a remarkable victory in the west? Are Collingwood any chance of knocking off Hawthorn? And what would that do to the confidence of the brown and gold? Can the Swans stitch up a home preliminary final at Adelaide’s expense? And how far the Cats?

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  1. I’ve worked out that the cats will meet Hawthorn in the prelim, but who do we meet in the GF? Can anyone help?

  2. Is it cricket season yet…?

  3. Andrew Fithall says

    You have to win to advance, but fourth is pretty good. Not confident of a Pies win in week one – will accept it gratefully if it happens. But a loss means a home final in week two and if win, then a prelim on the other side of the draw in either Sydney or Adelaide. Have beaten both opponets as a traveller this year. Hawks and whomever (Cats?) can beat each other up.

    I’m just taking it one month at a time.


  4. I reckon AF is on the money. Adelaide v Coll in the prelim on that side. Hawthorn v ? on the other side. Freo are a forgotten side. You have to rate their win in the Derby. That match was lost on most of Australia because it was Foxtel and at a weird time late on a Saturday arvo when all good households are looking for takeaway menus stuck under fridge magnets.

    Most interesting thing that can happen in the finals is for Collingwood to win on Friday night. Now that would shake the possums from the plane trees in Kew. I won’t know until the ball is bounced but I may be barracking for the Carringbush on Friday night (like liver, I couldn’t say the word).

  5. Richard Naco says

    I hope Collingwood win on Friday.

    That we Geelong can beat them in the Prelim and then flog the Dawks in the Grand Final (by 2 points – the emotional thrashing is the one I’m looking forward to seeing yet again) (onya Mr Kennett).

  6. But,Mr Naco,Geelong may very well lose to the Purple Passion by an over-umpired point and tumble,very ceremoniously,one hopes,into 2013.

  7. I think the MRP has done Geelong a favour here – a rest for Stevie J at this stage of the season will do him good. He’ll be cherry ripe for the Crows or the Swans next week. It also gives another player a chance to step in – that’s not a well worn cliche, that’s list management (and we all know how important that is in the modern game, just ask Terry Wallace). Yep, it’s all coming together at the Cattery.

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