The Ballad of Geelong 2012

Round 1

The reigning premiers were put to the test
When the season opened in the west
A new coach poached and on the move
The Dockers had a point to prove
Both sides played with skill and talent
The game was close, the Cats were gallant
Pavlich, reliable, like a golden retriever
Ballantyne went down with Scarlett fever

Round 2

The Hawks were favourites, for tonight, and the flag
The tipsters think it’s in the bag
But they have a bogie team to overcome
Since 2008 the record’s lost 8, won none
The Cats came home with a mighty rush
At the siren Hawk hopes were crushed
We sang and danced and shouted out loud
The Cats again had done us proud

Round 3

We’ve owned North for years and years
So playing the Roos held no great fears
An evening out was my expectation
I hadn’t counted on North’s desperation
Indeed we received a “Rood” surprise
The Kangas cut us down to size
We played with little sign of passion
They blitzed us in a “Roo-thless” fashion

Round 4

Richmond at home was our round 4 task
Can we beat them? we were forced to ask
In the absence of Trav and Wojo
Have we lost our mighty mojo?
The Tiger army is starting to roar
The Yellow and Black are hungry for sure
We just managed to hold them off
A 10 point win was doing it tough

Round 5

The heavens opened, the Gabba in flood
Round 5 was a battle in the mud
Players were trading their boots for flippers
But in the wet the Cats had a couple of rippers
The Tomahawk was amazing, simply on fire
4 goals in the first got the Cats off to a flyer
The Lions fought hard and never gave in
But the Cats paddled and splashed their way to a win

Round 6

No team has suffered like the Dees this season
Mark Neeld’s stress levels are up for good reason
The death of a legend, the arrest of a star
False accusations of racism, Facebook bizarre
The Demons returned to Kardinia Park
Their team in trouble again, in need of a spark
They fought and tackled and chased and harassed
They lost but this time they were not embarrassed

Round 7

A couple of wins had the Cats back on track
Till we went to Adelaide and copped a real whack
Under ex-Cat Sando the Crows are a genuine force
But even they played second fiddle to a horse
Black Caviar extended her winning streak
And Geelong were belted, the resistance was weak
Chris Scott said “We won’t dwell on defeat
Gotta focus on the Pies at the G next week”

Round 8

In the round 8 rematch both teams were grand
But all night the Magpies held the upper hand
The Cats kept coming, they would not be denied
With Jimmy Stevie and Joel willing the side
In a stirring last quarter the Pies were under attack
The Cats drew level in a stunning comeback
Then fate hunted us down, 50 metres awarded
The Pies goaled twice, our comeback was thwarted

Round 9

After two straight losses the doubters were sure
The once mighty Cats “are supreme no more”
If we didn’t want the season to turn seriously bad
We needed to beat the Bulldogs at Etihad
They barked and yapped and snapped at our toes
And late in the last they drew awfully close
But Johnno turned on a dazzling display
And with 3 late goals Geelong just held sway

Round 10

Sheedy and Chocco came to town
Their Jaffa Giants tried to bring our house down
At quarter time the scores were tied
Same again at half time, they’re not a bad side
A few stars out meant some new kids played
With 6 goals in his hundredth victory was Taylor made
The Cats flicked the switch as the sun went down
And sent Sheedy packing back to Blacktown

Round 11

After Port’s belting Carlton have got the blues
This was a game neither team could afford to lose
Under the roof on a Friday night
Eddie Betts and Steve Motlop set the game alight
Early on the speedy Blues ran amok
But poor kicking for goal brought them unstuck
Bad kicking’s bad footy the experts say
The Blues kicked behinds and the Cats made them pay

The Bye

As the 2012 season reaches half way
In Almanac terms I’ve had little to say
So I thought I’d use this mid-point timing
To do a little footy rhyming
The Cats have won 7, been beaten in 4
In contested possession we’ve only once lead the score
But stats can mislead when assessing a side
More important are skill, and will, and pride

There are plenty of teams in with a chance
Of being there on the day of the Final dance
No-one knows who’ll win it this season
Some results have defied all rhyme and reason
Pies Cats or Swans, Blues Hawks or West Coast
Bombers or Crows or the Saintly host?
Any one could win it if luck goes their way
Depends in the end which team comes to play

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