AFL Round 8 – Essendon v Brisbane: A footy love triangle

The circus surrounding Brisbane’s inception swayed Cliff Bingham to follow Essendon instead of the Bears. Meetings between the two have been awkward since and he can’t help thinking, What If?

AFL Round 5 – GWS v Gold Coast: Gary plays park footy

Cliff Bingham takes in an afternoon of park footy – until G. Ablett gets going.

Almanac Rugby League – March: the month of shared hope

March is a legitimate contender for my favourite month of the year. In no other month does the concept of hope resonate more strongly. Hope that my tipping competition exploits and ongoing duels with bookmakers will prove victorious over the winter months. Hope that via another skill-based medium, that of fantasy football in its multiple [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – The near demise of the McIntyre finals system

Let me be upfront about this – I don’t like the McIntyre finals system and believe it to be inherently flawed. The potential (as occurred this season) for the opening week finals matches involving sides three to six to be rendered all but moot by the top two sides winning their games is highly irritating. [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – Restarting the tackle count of hope

The life of a North Queensland Cowboys fan is not an easy one. Having just completed our 17th home and away season across the ARL/ Super League/ NRL competitions and reaching the finals series for only the fourth time is an underwhelming return. If the Cowboys were an investment stock, there wouldn’t have been too [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – Finals Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Come back to 1995 with me for a moment. The ARL expanded their competition by introducing four new teams – the Western Reds, the South Queensland Crushers (featuring the incomparable St John Ellis), the Auckland (subsequently New Zealand) Warriors and the North Queensland Cowboys. With my early childhood years split between Mackay and Brisbane, I [Read more]