FEARLESS 2022: Round 12 – Not so easy to flick the Dimmer Switch…and it may not be the answer anyway.

FEARLESS 2022 is catching up with his match reports. Here they are for Round 12.

Round 12 – Tuohy copped a headbutt, as the Dogs played catchup

Touhy, Touk, Daicos, Brayshaw and more – TroyBOP has them all covered in his coverage of Round 12 in verse.

Round 12 – Sal’s Preview: It’s not the end game, it’s the journey!

Sal came away from the Norm Smith Oration with his spirits lifted by the speakers, Sarah Jones and Nathan Jones. Today he has the good oil for this weekend’s AFL Round 12.

Round 12 – AFL Footy Fixture

Round 12 marks midway through season 2022. Check out who, where, and when your team is playing, or if it’s their bye.