Round 12 – Tuohy copped a headbutt, as the Dogs played catchup

Touhy, Touk, Daicos, Brayshaw and more – TroyBOP has them all covered in his coverage of Round 12 in verse.

Round 11 – Like playing the Romans in Rome

TroyBOP watched TV
and there he did see
the boys from Sin City
get away with the kitty!

Round 10 – This blue winning wave was navy, not teal

Thinking back to Round 10
TroyBOP took his pen
And found the real deal
was in navy, not teal!

Round 9: There was a young man named Charlie

TroyBOP returns to tell the tale of Round 9 in limerick.

Round 6 – There was an old coach named Ken

The Round 6 review of matches is presented in limerick form by the very clever Troy BOP.

Round 5 – There was a young team from SEQ

Troy BOP is back with his view of the Round 5 matches in limerick.

Round 4 – There once was a push in the back

Troy BOP is back
as sharp as a tack
To keep his tale
of the season on track.

Round 3 – There once was a kick after the siren

Troy Brunel-O’Peerents reviews the Round 3 matches in verse.

Round 2 – There was a man named Lance

To reflect on Round 2
TroyBOP chalked his cue
and the games in verse took us through.

There once was a round of footy: Edition 1.

We welcome occasional rhymester and writer, the elusive Troy Brunel-O’Peerents who has chosen the poetic form of his homeland, Ireland, to report on Round 1 of the AFL season. We were not expecting match reports in haiku and we’ve been enjoying them for a decade. Now we’re rapt to be getting match reports as limericks.