A Baker’s Dozen

Saturday was overcast and rainy in Hobart. A check of the forecast suggested nothing was likely to change. So what’s new in Tassy I hear you ponder? My regular traveling companion, Lezzy, was not too enthusiastic about the footy fixtures in and around Hobart so I hopped on the net, bought two seats at Hawk [Read more]


I love Buddy. I’m not ashamed to admit my admiration and affection for the guy. Call it a man crush, call it whatever you like but as a Hawthorn supporter it’s only natural to show some love. I know I’m far from alone. He is Hawthorn’s poster boy, every hawks youngsters favourite player. Watching Hawthorn [Read more]

The Wrath of Josh

By Josh Barnstable Something isn’t right at Aegis Park. Something has gone wrong, deep in the heart and soul of the North Melbourne Football Club. 10 rounds into the season, sitting 12th on the ladder with just four wins, everything possible has gone pear shaped for the club that promised so much in the pre-season. [Read more]

Is Brad Scott kidding?

Aberration? Aberration?  Does Brad Scott expect North Melbourne members to swallow that? After being smashed by 115 points by Hawthorn on Saturday – a previously out of form Hawthorn, mind you –  coach Brad Scott faced the media and declared it an ‘aberration’.  Not a typical North Melbourne performance.  In two weeks time, after the [Read more]