Round 14: It’s my lucky night

by Cade Lucas I’m not normally one for indulging in superstitions or omens, but I must admit to feeling rather more optimistic about Collingwood’s chances in Friday night’s blockbuster against Essendon, after receiving a strike of good fortune. Waiting on my lonesome in the que outside Gate 1 of the Ponsford, a voice from behind [Read more]

Round 14: Floreat Pica Society – Bombers come unstuck

By Timothy O’Leary     Before leaving for the train station I was noticeably toey, and it’s times like this that my superstitions come out. Not that I believe them, and I  know they’re irrational, but that doesn’t stop them. The night before we’d scored a chest of drawers put on the nature strip in [Read more]

AFL Round 14: Collingwood v Essendon: Tangents provide food for thought

By David Enticott It has been a long day. At 6.29pm I am running to catch the train at Boronia station, having briefly popped in to a family dinner (making the briefest of cameo appearances). I guzzle down the ribs and then race for the train to Richmond station. As I sit down I wonder [Read more]

AFL Round 14: Collingwood v Essendon: Revenge is sweet

By Danielle Eid Last time these teams met the red and black crowd was up and my tears were streaming down. Never in my life I had I been so annoyed at Channel Ten for removing the clock off the screen. My team was leading, the clock had disappeared, and surely the time was up! [Read more]