Round 14: Floreat Pica Society – Bombers come unstuck

By Timothy O’Leary



Before leaving for the train station I was noticeably toey, and it’s times like this that my superstitions come out. Not that I believe them, and I  know they’re irrational, but that doesn’t stop them. The night before we’d scored a chest of drawers put on the nature strip in the neighbourhood. In the daylight I saw that one of the stickers plastered all over it was a Bombers sticker. Imagine my horror! I had to immediately scratch it off.


On the subject of superstitions, it would be great to hear from others on the list. My main one is to never wear the clothes on the day that match the colours of the opposite team – this is usually easy given that I’d tend to wear black and white but I got caught out once wearing blue socks to a Carlton game where they beat us. I attribute that loss in part to those socks.


Travelling in on the Epping line is like catching a Collingwood train due to the northern loyalties. Stepping out at Jolimont station I was caught by the buzz and feel of a big crowd coming to see a big game.


Our banner read “Side by side, nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing” following the fashion for merging our sponsors slogan and our motto with underwhelming results. On the big screen we learnt that this was the 450th game for umpire Hayden Kennedy and in a nod to history the umpires decided not to get too bogged down in sticking to this year’s rules, which didn’t seem to bring about much sentimentalism from the Collingwood supporters nearby.


The game began with a Essendon putting on a clinic for how to kick points and avoid applying scoreboard pressure until Dane Swan popped up and showed them how goal scoring is done and they seemed to catch on a bit after that.


This time around Josh had real spring while Paddy Ryder looked tired and at quarter time the game was still anybody’s but looking to be ours. The second quarter saw a cascade of goals with Jack and Clokey looking good and both converting. When Tarks goaled he once again demonstrated his value as a most reliable member of the team. Jack got his second poster for the game and Essendon scored two goals against the tide while Nick Maxwell was off the ground for a patch up. Maxwell was frequently ropeable at some pretty mysterious umpiring decisions but otherwise led soundly throughout the game.


The Pies showed Carlton how to beat Essendon with the forwards consistently applying pressure to keep the Bomber’s backmen from quickly releasing the ball to their speedy runners. We also zoned up well forcing the bombers to kick in wide to the flanks. A highlight of the game was big Trav scoring the points against McPhee at the business end of the season.


By three quarter time Essendon had thrown all they had at us which was big on effort but lacked any real venom. I like watching other teams play close games and was pleased to sit back in the last quarter and look forward to the three special features of a resounding win: 1, watching the bombers fans leaving early and hearing the larrikin comments – the bloke behind me had lots of friendly one-liners: “tuddah”; “thanks for coming”; and “see you later”, all said with a warmth, and a wave. Second fond feature is hearing the final siren and then, lastly, singing along with that great song of ours!


It was good win against a one-trick team. Cut out their run and their lack of depth is exposed, just as ours was earlier in the season when injuries left us in dire straits. Fellow list member George Habib reminded me of my words of dubious wisdom when I did the Danny Roach votes and condemned Fraser and Leon, who are both in career best form and declared that we were gone. George said it best: “You go early and you go hard!” I’m very pleased to be very wrong!


The votes:


J. Fraser 3

A. Didak 2

T. Cloke 1


Honorable mentions to Swan and Leon.  Beams is maturing nicely and Thomas seems to be returning to form.


  1. I think I’ve now counted three summaries of the Pies/Bombers game. BFD!!

    I wish the Pies would lose again soon so we can all rejoice in the usual cannibalism that the fans indulge in.

  2. danielle says

    i understand what you mean, once when we played Freo i had purple nail polish on, lets just say i never made that mistake again!

  3. Danielle,

    Purple nail polish?

    As someone who grew up without any sisters (I’m the oldest of four boys), I’m learning a lot from you.

    Love your enthusiasm, even if it’s for the Pies.

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