American Football: The Saints finally march in

By Cade Lucas. It was gonna be great. I had all these grand pretensions of getting right into the swing of the Superbowl. It was gonna be all buffalo wings, cheese fries and Budweiser. Instead it was gluggy porridge and black coffee as I staggered out of my bedroom just in time for the kick [Read more]

American football: Clear-eyed Colts stand in way of Saints’ Superbowl fairytale

By Cade Lucas Well it’s almost that time of year again. You know the one. It’s a Monday morning in late January or early February. You switch on the TV and, ‘Oh yeah, that Superbowl thing’s on.’ And so you lounge on the couch in your pyjamas till mid afternoon, trying to work out what [Read more]

American football: Favre leads all-star cast in Hollywood finals

By Cade Lucas Among the many weird and wonderful pleasures afforded Australian viewers by the arrival of Channel 10’s One HD channel, the orgy of American sport it delivers into Australian loungerooms, free of charge, at a conveniently pleasant hour of the morning, is among the best. And chief among these sports is that most [Read more]

Round 14: It’s my lucky night

by Cade Lucas I’m not normally one for indulging in superstitions or omens, but I must admit to feeling rather more optimistic about Collingwood’s chances in Friday night’s blockbuster against Essendon, after receiving a strike of good fortune. Waiting on my lonesome in the que outside Gate 1 of the Ponsford, a voice from behind [Read more]