AFL Round 14: Collingwood v Essendon: Revenge is sweet

By Danielle Eid

Last time these teams met the red and black crowd was up and my tears were streaming down.

Never in my life I had I been so annoyed at Channel Ten for removing the clock off the screen. My team was leading, the clock had disappeared, and surely the time was up!

But, no, the game went on, for what seemed like an eternity, until Essendon took back the lead and the stubborn siren sounded.

I was alone sitting in a darkened room with nothing but the echoing sounds coming from the television and a flood of tears as long as the Nile pouring down my face. I couldn’t believe it; it really couldn’t sink in that we had lost in the last minute. It was almost like someone had died and I couldn’t come to terms with the loss. I sat there for a few minutes just thinking and rubbing my eyes, I felt so stupid.

I didn’t even cry when the Last Post played, but I cried when the siren went.

Hours passed and I tried to function as normally as I could, clearly the loss had hit me hard. My thoughts are interrupted by ringing of my mobile, not bothering to look at the number I answer the phone.


The reply: the Essendon theme song. Obviously my uncle thought it would be nice to give me a call.

I kept a grudge going for the next week.

Now we come to tonight when these two teams face off once again.                  This time Essendon don’t have the weapon that killed us last time.

Zaharakis is not named in the side. He was the difference in the last game so maybe he could have been the difference in tonight’s game …  we’ll never know.

This time they are not playing in respect to the ANZACS but for Collingwood to cement a top four place and for Essendonto stay alive. Last time we played we were in our white shorts. (Shudder.) I hate those shorts, but it’s our home game so I better see some black shorts! Mick has managed to shock me, he’s taken out Cox who has been playing well but still manages to leave in Alan Toovey. You know what; I’m not going to say anything; I’ll let Toovey’s actions speak for me.

It’s been a crummy week, so you can bet I’ll be pissed off if we lose.

To get into the spirit I’ve worn my Collingwood jersey with my pink pj bottoms.

Seems like Hollywood star Tom cruise couldn’t stay away from experiencing the culture that is Melbourne footy. I wonder if he’s chosen a side but it’s a sure thing that he will have plenty of questions to ask. I love American guys. Just look at my favourite band and you can see it. It’s been my dream to go to America, I just love their accents!!

Well looks like he chose a good game to watch!

Essendon miss their first two shots at goal as Goldsack throws himself at the ball desperately. It takes a while for the ball to actually stop in one side of the ground; it’s almost like a tennis match. Lloyd kicks his attempt at goal out of bounds and I’m getting annoyed because my boys have not yet had a shot at goal. Lloyd goes on to miss his second while Lucas put the first goal of the night through.

I leave the room for a muesli- bar and come back to find that Cloke has scored a point.  Come on; please don’t embarrass me in front of Tom Cruise!

Finally Dale gets our first and Davey gets another for Essendon after the commentator says “Tooveys gonna get nervous!!”                                                 (Bangs head on wall)

McPhee is starting to get on my nerves.

“Do something Mick!”

Cloke brings us within two points but I’m still not happy.

“Effing CHASE BOYS, CHASE!!!!!!!!”

COLL: 15                    ESS: 18

After receiving a spray from Mick, Superman responds in record time and kicks his first.                                                                                                                        Essendon miss again and so do Leigh Brown and Cloke.                                      Toovey almost beheads poor Monfries who gets a goal after a free kick.

Superman….MISSES…misses?… didn’t see that coming.

Swan, Cloke and Lockyer kick goals and Dale also joins them by adding one. Essendon are having a bad quarter obviously what ever Mick said to the boys has worked.

Meddy helps Swan’s ball through for a goal and a 50-metre penalty gives Cloke his third.

As the siren sounds to end the second quarter, I sing Much Better by the Jonas Brothers.

“You’re much better!”

This quarter was MUCH BETTER!

COLL: 60                   ESS: 26

Reimers starts off the goals for the third followed by a reply From Davis.    Maxwell commits himself with courage; I love my captain, even though he missed!

Lloyd gets his first.

I let out nervous squeals as Superman … misses … AGAIN. REALLY?

It’s not his night, either he’s nervous about Tom Cruise being there or he’s having girl problems.

Lucas kicks one through but, more excitingly, Dick kicks a running goal on his wrong foot, not bad at all!  To add to the quarter Fraser kick one, too, yep looks like Joshy is back!

COLL: 82                    ESS: 46

Can my boys KEEP the lead?

Swan misses one to start the fourth while Meddy’s koala tackling methods give me something to laugh about! Maybe he was showing Tom Cruise what a koala looked like.

Beams bangs through the first, awww he’s such sweetie!

Lucas, who has been the only dominator for the Bombers, kicks his third. Beams gets his second and Cloke his FOURTH!!!

Lovett and Lloyd each add a goal, a little too late.

Siren sounds. I dial my uncle’s number. He answer: “Hello …”


COLL: 102                         ESS: 67


COLL:  Didak, Fraser, Swan, Maxwell, Cloke.

ESS:    Lucas, Monfries, Lloyd, McPhee.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. very good :)
    go the pies

  2. danielle says

    haha Lauds and i are gonna start the ‘we hate toovey’ fan club!!

  3. Love your write up and I bloody agree with you. It was a sweet revenge…

  4. danielle says

    This has not much to do with footy, but i have to say that i just bought my killer heels for the formal!!
    im so excited but have to practice in them so that im am not a hazard to myself or others!!
    im going to look like a bomber fan because my dress is red and my heels are black…lets hope my Collingwood boys wont be playing the Bombers that night!!

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