Footy: It couldn’t get any better for a Cats fan, could it?

By Susie Giese

I will admit it. I am a footy tragic. A completely untalented footy tragic, much to my chagrin.

You’ll run into your run-of-the-mill fanatic who can remember every stat from the last hundred games their team played (and sometimes the games of other teams, too). There are people who can recall a blow-by-blow account of a thrilling game. People to whom you will talk about a player, and they’ll come back with the response: “Oh, yes. I’ve always thought he was overrated. 36 per cent of his disposals are ineffective, and he’s exposed against talls.”

I am none of those people. I am a fanatic who gets excited before a game, just about has a heart attack during play (typical symptom of a Geelong supporter), is either elated or shattered after the game, and just about dies during summer – despite the cricket. Yet I can remember nothing remotely useful. All I know is that now, smack-bang in the middle of summer, I am just about having fits that my countdown that started two months ago is down to a meagre 31 days. And what else can we do during the long months of summer, but reminisce? As a consequence of that, I am more nostalgic and antsy than ever before.

Being one of the fortunate 99,251 who made it to the 2009 Grand Final, I am appalled to admit I can remember more about where I was sitting than what happened out on the ground. My memories of the actual play are formed by the DVD that has been on high rotation all summer, and still I could not tell you any stats or who played well on talls – except for Harry Taylor, you beauty.

For some people, the 2009 Grand Final was an epic, hard contest won through grit. For me, it was three quarters of bouncing legs, continual cursing of umpires, tears of anticipation before the game, tears of fear and frustration (not again!) during the game, tears of joy after. Frenzied texts during the breaks to and from the friends I had just that year converted to AFL or Geelong or both. It was savage screaming that drew all the blood from my brain and made me want to pass out. It was hugging and high-fiving everyone around me, running out to buy the Mark Knight posters as We Are The Champions blared out.

Following that wonderful day in September, my brother declared he and football are through. Done with, finished – over. He hopes there is never another game of it again. Granted, he said the same thing after the 2007 Grand Final. To a man that honestly, truly, deeply believed that he would not see a premiership in his lifetime, the gift of a Grand Final win (one that cannot be taken away, a lá the 1950 challenge) is the ultimate joy of life. If football as we know it was to end today, Geelong would be undefeated. Frozen in time as champions, legends – the best in the land.

I am from an entirely different school of thought. Though I am obviously revelling in Geelong’s current success, I kind of look forward to the time when we are once again a young, struggling list. It goes against convention, I know. But there has been something missing for me, something I have not had since 2007. I miss people writing off my team. I honestly miss going in to the game with everyone (ourselves included) assuming we will lose.


It’s simple. I miss the shock victories, the upsets. Toppling one of the giants. I miss the excitement you feel when a young man steps up and plays a role in the game like he’s playing the Unlikely Hero in a drama. I miss the excitement of the thrilling, unexpected wins. I miss the pride I feel when the newspapers start talking of us as ‘genuine contenders’, when the year before we were the worst of the worst.

I miss what we had in Round 6, 2007. Geelong v Richmond at the Stadium Formerly Known As Telstra Dome. Coming off a disgusting loss, all bemoaning ‘another season like the last one’, we took our seats at the Dome. Third level  – why waste money on a poor show? – but on the wing. Right in the middle. Perfect view of both goals.

It was the first time my Aunty Mary had joined me, my Mum and another of my brothers since the Western Bulldogs debacle in Round 1. I knew she didn’t want to be there. She had been a Geelong supporter much longer than I had, she had witnessed many more years of heartache. But she is essentially a good woman, and was there for solidarity. She always lightened the mood in the face of a loss, acting as though she was brushing it off, regardless of what she really felt.

Though other clubs would go into a game against Richmond with a certain sense of security, Geelong supporters knew not that sensation. Every game was nervous, a loss unless the Footy Gods rolled the dice in our favour.

Then the game started.

Even now, having watched the replay several times, I cannot recall the plays, the goals. I just remember that there were goals. A lot of them. I remember when we got five goals, thinking what a fantastic start it was, but anticipating the fadeout. I remember when, at quarter-time, we’d posted ten goals. The fans stood as one and applauded the team. We were astonished, overwhelmed – this was the response to the comments from the coach and the media after last week’s loss. We took our seats again, loving the first quarter, hoping we didn’t let Richmond steamroll us this second quarter. The boys had made their point, and they’d made it in style. But now it was time for reality to set in.

Reality didn’t set in. We piled on another ten goals in the second term, and the fans were speechless – in a vocal, incoherent way, if that makes any sense. A standing ovation as has never been allowed before at Geelong was quickly underway. We were proud of our boys – genuinely proud – and they were giving us the most beautiful football that ever had been witnessed, we were sure.

The second half saw slightly fewer goals, but the end result was sweeter than any Geelong fan could have hoped. We, Geelong, the Handbags, the Pussy Cats, WE had posted an insane total. WE were the game that had people Australia-wide receiving texts from their mates to switch over to. WE were superb. And I’d never known that joy.

Suffice to say, Aunty Mary forgave us for dragging her to the game.

My sister’s then-boyfriend had complained, of course. A lacklustre Collingwood supporter (who now knows more about Geelong and its players than he could ever hope to learn about the Pies), it was his first live game. He was bored by the lack of contest. Clearly, he doesn’t get the whole, we-usually-suck-but-that-was-an-unexpectedly-AWESOME-game complex.

The papers that week talked of the Mighty Cats, a phrase unheard of out of mocking circles since Gary the Original’s heyday. But, as all media outlets were quick to point out, though our three wins for the season had come in sensational form, it was only cellar-dwellers we had managed to defeat. We were no better than bullies. The true grit of the team that wanted to be Mighty would be determined that very next weekend, when we faced the undefeated, invincible reigning premiers, the Eagles.

And we won. We actually won. I was not a person who usually cried (this changed come the 2007 finals series), but I came pretty close that Monday. Geelong were being talked about as genuine threats for the flag. That wonderful phrase, ‘The Real Deal’. We were the real deal. My Geelong. High on the ladder, consecutive wins, records being broken. My Cats.

Every year, since I was eleven, I’d inform my brother – the one who wants football to end RIGHT NOW – that this year was our year. We would be premiers. He’d scowl at me and tell me I was a moron, and Geelong were hopeless (yet still he went to every game without fail, and even bought me a membership). After that West Coast game, I really believed what I was saying, for the first time. It looked as though the club was on the same wavelength.

This year will be our year.

The records will tell you that 2007 was the Year of the Cats – AFL Premiers, VFL Premiers, Brownlow, JJ Liston Trophy, Norm Smith, Norm Goss, Rising Star, 9 All-Australians, AFL PA MVP, AFL CA MVP, and a plethora of other media awards and whatnot.

To me, 2007 was the year that I felt absolute pride, perfect joy. Though I had lived but 17 of the 44 drought years, Geelong fans are all about sharing burdens. We all felt the same pain each year, the same regret.

We all felt that same bliss at 5.15pm on that One Day in September. A joy we thought we were perpetually deprived of, ours at last. Premiers.

2009 was a more thrilling game, without a doubt. But in my heart, nothing can compete with the feeling of 2007, what it represented.

There will never be another year like 2007 – not for Geelong, not for any other club. But I look forward to that breakout year, following the seasons of mediocrity that are bound to come eventually. That preseason where no one thinks we will win the wooden spoon, but everyone overlooks us for premiers and even finals contenders. Those early rounds where those who venture to Sleepy Hollow will feel the rumblings of the Mighty Beast waking again, after its years of hibernation. The following rounds when journalists jump on the bandwagon, fuelling speculation about premiership chances while highlighting or inventing flaws, trying to find the chink in the armour. The juggernaut smashing its way through the competition, filling its supporters with that tentative joy and pride, which roars into savage jubilation as the Cats are once more, out of the blue, Premiers.

I look forward to once more telling my brother, “I TOTALLY called that.” And he’ll call me a moron.

About Susie Giese

Born into the worship of the mighty Hoops, Susie has turned to adopting a Zen-like state during games in recent years to preserve her heart. The Cats of 2015 have the ol' ticker a-racing, though!


  1. Richard Naco says

    This is an oustanding piece of evocative prose.

    My 10yo son was musing today about which footy team to committ to (he’s flirted with a few, but the only AFL games he’s attended were Hoops’ victories by less than a goal), and although he has always liked anything remotely associated with tigers, he decided that he’d barrack for the Cats with me because “Geelong people are really special”.

    If I ever need proof to reinforce that decision, I will trot out this wondrous call from the heart.

  2. Susie, Fantastic piece. You clearly understand what it is to be a Cats supporter. 44 years in the wilderness and now a stint in the promised land. It’s as though a miracle occurred after that North debacle at Kardinia Park in R5 2007 (new captain Ling defiant to the end – a great choice as 2010 skipper). My (Richmond supporting) wife was very patient with me the following week at the Dome. I was almost weeping for joy when I saw us finally produce Premiership-style form. Could we keep it up?

    Two and a half years and two premierships later I’m still pinching myself. Go you good things Catters!

  3. Thank-you Richard and Burkie! You’ve really made my day :-)

    Gosh, I didn’t realise how long this was until I saw it posted up here :-S

    Richard – Tell your son he is a good man and we are all very happy to have him :-) I just hope we can win it back-to-back in 2010 to really prove he has made the right choice.

    Burkie – My arms are permanently black and blue from the number of times I’ve had to pinch myself! I still can’t believe it. We are PREMIERS!!! Not only that, but we’ve won it TWICE!!! In the past three years! If you’d told me that in 2006, I would have made a hefty bet to the contrary.

    Something this good just doesn’t happen to the Cats! It’s unbelievable.

  4. Peter Flynn says


    A cracking read.

    Have you read Scott Gullan’s The Mission?

    There is a section of the book that deals with Rounds 5 and 6 in 2007 from the player’s perspective.

  5. Richard Naco says

    I’ll second what Peter says about The Mission. But make sure that you get The Mission II, as it covers the 2008 and 2009 seasons as well.

    Fantastic book.

  6. I had to make the tough decision of getting Side by Side: A Season With Collingwood, or The Mission II the other day. I went with the Side by Side book, but i wonder if i would have gotten a better read out of The Mission.

  7. Richard Naco says

    The Mission II is superb & well worth the investment, but I saw the Collingwood book up at Miranda Fair last week & was wondering whether or not to buy it.

    I put it on hold for the moment, and ordered the 2007/ 2008/ 2009 editions of The Footy Almanac instead. ;)

    (Is Side By Side … any good?)

  8. Thank-you Peter! :-)

    I have read the Mission II – and I absolutely loved it. Maybe it’s just the Geelong supporter in me, but I think that Scott Gullan did a fantastic job. Other writers may have made it a really dry read, but he perfectly captured the passion, nerves and disbelieving excitement of the Geelong team and fans. It was brilliant. I bawled like a baby, naturally – it really took me back, made me remember things I’d forgotten.

    I am also contemplating getting Side-by-Side, but think I will just borrow it from the library. Really not too keen to give Collingwood any money ;-p

  9. Side by Side is definitely a good book, but i can’t make any comparisons to The Mission. I’m three quarters of the way through the book, and so far i have a better understanding of how the club works, and have a little more respect for the team (unfortunetly). It’s got 450-odd pages too i think, and 62 chapters. It can be a little boring when reading about a speach from Eddie or Buckley but that’s just me.

    I’ll definitely be getting the Mission I and II next, unless a North Melbourne book is released in the meantime ;)

  10. Josh,

    Just get the Mission II – you can’t get the original book anymore (you couldn’t get it six months after it was released – I learnt the hard way). But that isn’t a worry, because Mission II is in fact an amalgamation of Mission I and an extra 150-odd pages covering 2008/9. In other words, it’s just the Mission I with extra chapters and some footnotes.

    Great read though :-)

  11. Why can’t you get the original book anymore??

    I will definitely get it after i get some money, being a teenager its hard to scrounge together enough money for a book especially when i’m getting new school clothes, text books etc.

  12. I think they only printed one lot, and when they sold out, that was it. I looked everywhere for it – even the internet – and I ran out of luck. But I was stoked when the new book came out, because, like I said, it actually has the first book in it. So I haven’t missed out after all.

    I know what you mean about teenagers and no money – I’m 19. Just wait till you get to uni! $100 – $200 per book! Sometimes more!! Add transport and stuff onto that . . . let’s just say, I’m not looking forward to the start of March (but you get 4 – 5 months holidays over summer, homework free! :-D)

  13. No wonder i’m so scared of growing up, you’ve just made me it all a whole lot scarier Susie haha.

    The homework thing is not an issue with me, I just don’t do it, and thankfully the teachers respect that, or they just don’t care. Probably the latter ;)

  14. LoL, what year are you in? I remember in year 11, I did stacks of homework, I was doing a couple of Unit 3/4 subjects, so the teachers really tried to put the fear of God into us about SACs and everything.

    By year 12 they didn’t scare me anymore, so I just didn’t do any homework or study all year, barring a few pieces here and there I knew I couldn’t charm my way out of (not exactly a role model, as you can see ;-))

    At Uni, I learnt the hard way you can’t get away with not doing at least SOME of your homework – tutors are nasty people if you disrespect their subject by not being ‘adequately prepared’ for the class.

  15. Susie nice to have another teen female on here. im 18 in May and in year 12.
    To hell with SACS lol :)

    Nice piece btw although it would be nice for Geelong to give another team a chance…PLEASE! :)

  16. LoL, I gotta admit, much as I loathe Collingwood as a general rule, so many of my friends go for them, including one of my best friends, that I kinda almost support them – I end up watching or going to a lot of your games.

    I reckon something is seriously wrong if the Pies don’t win a premiership in the next five years, you definitely have the talent for it, just keep in mind your list is still a bit young. Give it a year or two and I daresay you will be premiership favourites.

    Yay, another May baby!!! Except, sadly, come May this year, I’ll be in my 20s . . . depressing thought :-(

  17. lol well most of my closest friends are not into footy at all and if i ever mention something footy related during our lunch time chats its almost like im talking a diff language! oh well lol but i do know a few Collingwood friends so thats okay.
    well im still not over 2002 not sure if i have ever cried so much!

    lol Yay are you a Taurus then?
    ohh come on 20 wont be that bad, infact it seems like a nice number unless we are talking about Ben Reid… *shudders*
    lol :)

  18. Oh, I know your pain! I had to actively work to get my three closest friends into football (and onto the Geelong Cats bandwagon).

    Yes, a Taurus, stubborn all the way :-) May 13 is T-Day :-( LoL, poor Ben Reid – still, we’ve got Steve Johnson, don’t know that that is much better.

    Trust me – when your lot win a premiership (and I’m sure it will be soon) it will be the greatest day ever. You’ll never forget 2002, but it will certainly help in getting over it :-)

  19. hmmm well i have only managed to get ONE friend who for some reason already had a Collingwood scarf (lol dont ask why im lost too) but all i had to do was show her a photo of Nathan Brown and well thats all it took really.
    LOL yayyyy!! :) stubborn and never patient us Taurus’ Im on the 11th :)
    i made the big mistake of brining my friends to watch COLL VS ST.KILDA round 7 for my birthday which was on that Monday night of the game…yeah as you would know it was NOT a HAPPY birthday since our whole foward line was injured and Jack Anthony chose the week b4 to headbutt someone or something! lol

    i think i read somewhere that Steve Johnson was about to come to Collingwood cos u guys wanted to get rid of him. lol

    yeah well lucky me missed out on the 1990 cos i was born in 92!
    am i selfish for only half wanting the flag this year? i feel like i wont be able to live the moment if im so study focused! :(

  20. No, I know what you mean – that’s okay, I want Geelong to win back-to-back.

    So we’ll come to an agreement? Geelong can win in 2010, and Collingwood 2011? I think that sounds fair :-)

    Oh, I HATE it when we lose on my birthday match! It’s such a downer.

    It took me many years to convert my friends – luckily, two of the reckoned they went for Essendon, but they weren’t really supporters. So I took them to Geelong vs Essendon, when we were up by 10 goals at three quarter time. After that they really got into footy and followed Geelong. I felt so proud that they watched both the Grand Final AND the Brownlow, LoL.

  21. Im 15 going on 16, and starting year 10 next week.

    Cmon people, we all know North Melbourne already have one hand on the premiership cup

  22. Hmmm, my birthday? August 20, and that weekend North Melbourne had a lazy win over St Kilda..nothing special :)

  23. ahhh year ten, that was a good year…

    Hmmmm not yet Josh ur Roos are younger than my Magpies!

  24. lol as if they would want to miss the Brownlow! i mean Hello, footy players in suits!! :)

  25. Younger is better Danni

  26. Not always Josh.
    anyone know if Fed is playing tonight? im terrible i just turn on the tennis and hope that i catch one of his matches!

  27. hey guys

  28. fed is playing hewitt tomorrow night, cant wait

  29. He played just before, and the news isn’t good for you

  30. Discard my comment..

  31. Josh, February 21. NAB Cup. Geelong vs. North Melb. We’ll start talking whose got hands on what after that ;-p

    LoL, Danni. I can totally see you hosting the Blue Carpet special in a few years’ time ;-p

  32. nice piece Susie

  33. Damian Watson says

    Great piece Susie, I agree sometimes going into a game as the underdog is a blessing in disguise.

    My birthday is in October so unless the Grand Final is replayed the day is uneventful from a footy perspective.

    I still drool thinking about Rebecca Twigley’s dress at THAT Brownlow night lol.

    I remember the night when Hewitt came from two sets down to defeat Federer in the Davis Cup.

  34. That’s the game i’m convincing Danni to go to which she won’t! I’m making the long trip down for the match, should be a good win ;)

  35. yeh, 2003 it was i think, that was the last time hewitt beat fed


    hahahhaa lol YAY you have no idea how much of a compliment that is Susie

    “So here Cameron Ling, now Lingy could you please explain your choice of colour? A pink suit, now really why did you ever think that a ranga like yourself could pull off this baby pink? please explain yourself!”


  37. lol poor Damo…her dress didnt leave much to the imagination thats for sure.
    i loved her dress for the 09 Brownlow much more classy.

  38. Steve Healy says

    Nice work Susie, its great to have another teenager on board.

    Your very lucky to be a Cats fan thats for sure.

  39. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s right and the Philopoussis won the next week when we beat Spain in the final.

  40. lol, speaking about the brownlow, did you hear about the dresses that got stolen a few weeks back, one of them was jimmy bartel’s gf’s dress,

  41. Cameron Ling: Well, they DO call me the ‘Pink Pig’ … ;-P

    And Josh, I agree – it should totally be a good win. Nothing better for Cats to start off their premiership defense with than a 100 point plus drubbing of the Woeful Roos ;-p

    And thank-you very much, Dom and Damian

  42. philopoussis- another story- hes planning his 50th comeback but hes playing on the champions tour with like mcenroe, rafter, leconte and cash- now that’s embarassing, the guy’s like 34 and the rest are 45+, and hes still losing

  43. Her 2009 dress was made easy-accessable for one Brendan Fevola i believe..

  44. Gday Susie, very interesting piece, although as a Tiger supporter I can’t really empathise at ALL.

  45. Thank-you Steve :-) Who do you go for?

  46. lol i remember once they asked him who did his hair and he replied “the shower”
    Hahahah :)

    Yeah Damo i read about that.

    hahah Josh is not going to like that Susie!

  47. Steve Healy says

    Anything’s easily accessable with Fev lol

  48. Sounds like me. My hair looks best when I get out of the shower, definitely.

  49. well Josh shes just lucky she didnt wear the red dress last year in that case!

  50. Susie, you’ve made a powerful enemy tonight :|

  51. Aw, Adam :-( It’s okay -I think Richmond are my second team. I just absolutely loved Richo, hence I got on the Tigers bandwagon (it hasn’t exactly started moving yet, though :-() Besides which, you officially have THE coolest club song in the entire history of the world!

  52. hahahhaha lol Adam.
    well ur not a ranga, so are you blond?

  53. Steve Healy says

    I’m a 15 year old Dee Susie

  54. Susie i must disagree the best theme song is Freos! even i would sing and dance to it lol.

    hahah lol you have angered the Joshy!

  55. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’ve been watching that Champion’s tour on One HD-funny stuff.

    Philopoussis makes more comebacks than John Farnham and that’s saying something!

  56. It’s not often I’d associate the word “powerful” with anything North Melbourne related …

    Only joking. Hard not to admire Petrie, especially after the St Kilda game …

    It is Petrie I’m thinking of, right? Or was it McIntosh? Either way, they are both awesome.

  57. susie, our bandwagon hasnt left the MCG carpark since 1980

  58. Danni – I have dark hair actually.

    Thank you Susie, i love the song too, i just don’t hear it enough! :( The Freo song is a joke btw lol.

  59. LoL, Danni! I think I have to agree with you there!

    My, my, my – I feel like we should have donation tins of some sort, Demon, North and Tiger fans, all in the one place . . . I’m only kidding. I reckon 2010 will be a pretty even year across the board.

    Except for at Freo. Let’s face it. They will always suck. :-p

  60. lol same mines black used to be darkest brown u could get but i dyed it.

    WHAT no its NOT!

  61. Steve Healy says

    Adam, I accepted ya on facebook mate

  62. Susie, i believe everyone wearing blue and white dominated that day 8)

  63. Yeah even if they fix their feral jumper they will still suck.

  64. Steve Healy says

    Susie the Dees are on the rise, we’re already on track to smash last years membership record of 31,500 odd. We’ve already hit 20k and im not even a member yet!

  65. Susie – Our donation tins were put away 20 years ago :P Our problems are more on-field, although I’m expecting us to improve slightly this year. It’s hard to pick the ladder now, maybe after the NAB cup we’ll have a better idea.

    Who else is excited about the NAB cup?

  66. Damian Watson says

    Of course Carlton has more money than those clubs put together! lol

    Listening to the West Coast song is like sitting at a 1980’s Charity cocert.

  67. True Josh – best defensive game I’ve seen in a long while. Why did it take them til Round 21 to produce it?!?!?!?! I lost out on a LOT of points in tipping because I kept thinking North were better than they were!!! ;-p

  68. Steve Healy says

    im so excited about it, that i’ve been counting down day by day for 2 months. 19 days till the nab cup!

  69. Let me rephrase that Damo, “Dick Pratt” had more money than those clubs put together, lol

  70. MEEEEEEE!! i cant wait to see my Jack Anthony!! i miss him terribly!! :(

  71. Me! Me! I’m excited about the NAB cup! My count down started with 100 days to go – now it’s down to 28!!!! :-D

  72. what about “Tin Tin” aka Dustin Martin, now thats a player

  73. Steve we at Collingwood have recently hit 40K

  74. 28 days til the first Geelong game, that is :-)

  75. 19 days? Hell yeah I’m excited. Of course by then school and goddamn year 12 will have started, but still I’m excited, particularly to see our new boys in action!

  76. yeah Dom! Tin Tin= HOT HOT!

  77. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I really don’t care about Collingwood. There always gonna have their standard 40-50k

  78. LMAOO COMMENT 76- me talking Caveman!

  79. Tin Tin? No, no, NO! I like Aston, as in Aston Martin. That or Dusty.

  80. they reckon that the pies will get 50,000 danni

  81. lol gee im sorry steve!
    btw Watts is still bodgey..until he fixes his hair! you have to talk to him

  82. Damian Watson says

    Hopefully next year they will play a NAB Cup match in South Africa next year because the game is starting to attract a real following across the ocean.

    Did anyone hear about Dick Pratt’s grandaughter, what would an 11 year old do with $23 million?

  83. DUSTY! lmfao Adam He’s not a horse!

    Well Dom ya never know.

  84. Steve Healy says

    Ask Danni Damo, she probably has that much money.

    Watts is awesome, I dont care about his hair, and its great to hear that’ll he’s on track for round 1

  85. Who really gives a pair of dingo kidneys about Collingwood’s membership numbers?

  86. i like tin tin,

  87. well damo…she will buy herself a lollie shop and a few more ponies.

  88. Tin Tin Danni? She’s not a dog!

  89. buy a lot of barbie dolls

  90. Tin Tin Danni? He’s not a dog!

  91. Tin Tin is cute! i like it!

  92. Steve Healy says

    I love motels

  93. lol good for you Steve.i think lol
    im so lazy i cant even be bothered going through each subject folder to make sure i have done the hw or if i have printed it….

  94. I’m so disorganised too, one week to go til school starts and I’ve barely started the English homework.

  95. omg Adam dont u have novels to have read!?
    i still have 10 chapter of one book and a whole play to read for Lit.
    argghhhhhhh i already hate year 12

  96. Steve Healy says

    yeah when I get home I better get cracking for school preparation.

    And Danni, from your comment from ages ago: No i haven’t had a haircut and my hairs gettin really long

  97. Yep. 3 texts (2 of them are plays though), and 1 film to watch (On the waterfront). We watched it at school during year 12 orientation, but I had no idea what was going on. I need to watch it with subtitles.

    I’ve read the 3 texts luckily, still have to do quite a few questions though. I know people who are almost definitely worse off though.

    Don’t worry Danni, just think in 10 months time it will be all over :D :D :D

  98. lol nice work Steve!

    lol yeah we had to watch this thing on teh plauge cos our English text in on the plauge in England…(drainer of my life)
    i must admit i loved the histoyr hw though!:)

    10 months?– Adam imma cryyyyyyyy!! :(

  99. Damian Watson says

    Steve have you seen the dog on the tackle box yet? lol

  100. i had to read 8 books and answer 100 questions, 1 assingment for lit- teachers annoy you even when your at home

  101. Steve Healy says

    tuckerbox isnt it? Yeah lol Damo we went past it. WHATS SO AMAZING ABOUT IT? i dunno why its so famous

  102. I’d give you a hug if I could to make you feel better Danni…just remember in between all the hard work year 12 has its fun bits too.

  103. yeah like the cliffjumping???

  104. Steve Healy says

    in year 12 im not gonna change my lifestyle: Footy before everything else!

  105. Damian Watson says

    lol that’s right tuckerbox.

    I think it is a part of one of those famous Australian poems.

  106. God bless you Steve.

  107. People say it’s nowhere near as bad as its made out to be, and the whole year will be gone in a flash. Don’t worry about it, everyone else is going through the same thing.

  108. Steve Healy says

    oh ok, Gundagai is a great country town guys, apart from the fact that it’s in NSW

  109. Adam year 11 was the WORST year of my life and year 11 doesnt count! im a total stresshead you havent seen me in my moments so this year will not be easy for me. Its good that you have that positivity.

  110. Thanks Danni.

    On a different topic, let’s say tennis, Safina withdrew against Kirilenko.

  111. hmmmm interesting.
    ohh god im soo scared for Roger!!

  112. Damian Watson says

    Gee that’s a suprise, they wrote a big article on Safina in the Herald Sun and she claimed she wanted to avenge for her loss in the final last year.

    How was Jervis Bay Steve, did you fish at all?

  113. Steve Healy says

    nah we didnt get to go fishing in the end, but I had some great swims at a few different beaches, including the collingwood beach.

    The waters nice and warm in the area

  114. safina is all talk, she gains the number 2 ranking and she still hasnt won a grand slam

    Danni, you have nothing to worry about, Fed will beat Hewitt in the tight 4 setter

  115. Collingwood beach Steve? What?

  116. Is it a beach entirely filled with long haired, toothless, tattooed dole bludgers?

  117. arggg i have a driving lesson 2mro..

  118. ADAM!!! :(
    and u can ask Steve about my teeth!!

  119. Steve Healy says

    hahahah Adam theres a beach called Collingwood beach near where we stayed in Huskisson. There’s also a place called Fitzroy falls, its funny.

  120. Steve Healy says

    Danni has a nice set of teeth for them black and white things.

    to 106: Amen

  121. I apologise, Dani. I guess you’re not entirely a stereotypical Pie fan then.

    Steve – does she have long, scraggly hair and tattoos?

  122. Adam you have a lot to learn about me and no im not the sterotypical Magpie you assume i am.

  123. Steve Healy says

    no tatoos, unless shes hiding them, and her hair was ok at the launch.

    anyway im off for a shower, be on soon

  124. i have very long black hair which is always straightened but no i dont have a tatt.

  125. Easy Dani, I’m stirring. If all stereotypes were true, Steve would have just come back from the Swiss Alps the instant Scully and Trengove were drafted.

    OK!!??? i spent ages fixing it and made sure all the windows in the car were closed on the way so it wouldnt fudge up but apperently this was not good enough for steve!

  127. …WHAT Steve went to SWITZERLAND and didnt take me with him!

  128. What did you guys do at this launch you all went to?

  129. well we stood around and said very little b/c we were all very shy.

  130. Were you the only girl there?

  131. Damian Watson says

    Of course Danni didn’t want to have a kick with us because she had her high heels on lol.

  132. around our age group yeah i was the only girl. Mikey and i had a chat while the rest of the guys just stood there shy as hell lol you should read my report on it just click on my name on the almanac bar and look for it. its a detailed explination of the launch.

  133. haha, hey ive started writing a 4 part series on Richo, part 1 should be in tommorow, hope you like it

  134. lmaoo im sorry Damo! but they looked good with my dress okay! :P

  135. Lol Damo.

    Found it Dani, just reading it now.

    Looking forward to reading that Dom.

    So many D’s!

  136. Steve Healy says

    yeah if you dont know, me Danni, Damo, Michael and Josh have been on here for at least 7-8 months.

    About a year ago I contacted John and Paul after reading the almanacs 07 and 08, and ive been on board from before the start of last season, so has Josh, and Danni, Damo and Michael all came on mid season

  137. Steve Healy says

    ive also got a piece on the launch Adam, so does Josh

  138. Cheers Steve. I read the 08 almanac also a while back and really enjoyed it, but I only recently discovered the website. Its fun talking to people who are as passionate about footy as I am, if not more.

  139. yeh it is great adam, i only got on like 2 weeks ago

  140. Steve Healy says

    yeah lol, we love it here, im glad we’ve got another diehard teenager in you. ive got over 60 pieces that ive written since I came on, Josh has a few more

  141. am i the youngest on here, im 15

  142. im off guys, cya

  143. Steve Healy says

    me, Damo and Josh are all 15 born in 1994 Damo’s the youngest of us but his only 10 days younger than me. There’s also Zander Adam whos a year younger than us, but he doesn’t write on the website, only in the book.

  144. Steve Healy says

    cya Dom have a good one

  145. Did all you guys have pieces in the 2009 almanac?

  146. Steve Healy says

    yep, me Danni and Damo 1 each, Josh got 2 for some reason

  147. Steve Healy says

    oh and Michael, sorry forgot about him he had a piece too

  148. I’m off guys, catch yas all later.

  149. Steve Healy says

    cya Adam.

    Danni, well done on getting that Nadal question answered! There must have been thousands who asked him things, and you got chosen!

  150. lol yeah thanks! :)
    i was stoked and i mean running around the house squealing stoked.
    if it had been Roger i would have like..DIED

  151. Well Goodnight all

  152. I had two pieces, the most out of the teenagers.

    Susie, will you be going to the game? I only get to go to 3-4 games a year and the Geelong game will be my first for 2010, so it better be a win or i won’t be a happy Jan.

  153. Steve Healy says

    goodnight Danni,

    yeah susie some of us are meeting up at that nab cup match

  154. Steve we know why i got 2 8) because the Almanac doesn’t have many Roo supporters to cover games lol.

    Oh on the topic of Geelong, i’ve always found it unfair that the Cats geared themselves up after they lost to us in Round 5, 2007 (the last time the “real” Geelong was sighted). It’s like they said “Jeez, we just lost to the Roos, we better start playing well” :|

    My kitten just threw up all over my thongs. totally gross :(

  155. Steve Healy says

    yeah good point, although there’s only a few Dees as well.

    I’ll never forget the time we were beating Geelong in the first quarter in Round 6 this year after Cale Morton kicked a long goal

  156. Steve Healy says

    ive got the tennis on in my room at the moment, go roddick

  157. I’ll never forget Gary Ablett kicking a goal in 9 seconds of the first bounce.

    Just thinking, when Danni actually dies, it’s really gonna take the spark outta that joke :|

  158. Steve Healy says

    lol, ill still be on the almanac when she dies, presuming she lives a long and healthy life. Who do you think will run the almanac when JTH, Daff and Gigs die?

  159. Damian Watson says

    The Aussies did a demolition job on Pakistan so it has been a good weekend for Australia all round!

    Has there ever been a quicker goal in AFL footy than Ablett’s?

  160. Go Verdasco, i’ve been watching for the past hour

  161. I’m not gonna answer that question Steve, and for your sake i hope none of those trio sees that comment lol.

    Are you guys planning anything special for Australia Day?

  162. Steve Healy says

    who knows, Graham Polak kicked 2 really quick ones to open the game in Round 19 2007 against the Pies, but he did go back for a set shot on each occassion.

  163. Steve Healy says

    Roddicks always been my favourite player, gee his on fire with the serves tonight.

    I’m firing up the barbie and havin a bit of finely cooked meat, Josh

  164. Damian Watson says

    Probably have a BBQ, eat lamingtons and wear my Australian cricket top.

  165. Steve Healy says

    maybe its a role thats gonna be passed on from generation to generation in the Harms, Daffey and Gigacz families

  166. That sounds delicious Steve, i’m not doing anything, never really rated Australia Day.

  167. Steve Healy says

    yeah me neither, but its still a good day for eatin a bit of finely cooked meat

  168. Damian Watson says

    Where is your country pride!? lol, although I’d still rate my birthday and Grand Final day higher.

  169. Steve Healy says

    plus the cricket and the tennis are on for viewing

  170. Any day is good for eating some finely cooked meat.

    I haven’t had any parma’s in a while in fact, think we’re going out for tea in a weeks time so might have one then. Have hardly been eating the past few days.

    Really, really, really, really excited for the NAB Cup, the footy news is slowly but surely taking a hold of the newspapers now

  171. Steve Healy says

    I rate any day between mid febuary and September better than any day not between them

  172. I think the best days of the year, footy-wise, would have to be:

    (in no particular order:)

    1. First match of the NAB Cup
    2. First match of the season
    3. ANZAC Day
    4. Queens Birthday
    5. Rivarly Rounds
    6. Rounds 16-19
    7. Finals
    8. Grand Final Day
    9. Fixture announcement
    10. Trade week
    11. The drafts

    Oh have you guys seen my piece on Contested Footy?

  173. Steve Healy says

    I was so disappointing today, I bought the daily telegraph cos I thought it’d have footy news like it did for about 5 consecutive days- it had none. If only I could go back to that news agents in canberra which had the age and the sun.

    I had a steak for dinner tonight, we went out

  174. Damian Watson says

    lol I still laugh at that Bigpond ad, “What does January 26th mean to australians?’ “We can stay up to watch the cricket.” and the father says “probably should’ve mentioned the tennis as well.”

  175. Steve Healy says

    just saw it then, good work Josh, im gonna send a piece there soon

  176. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha yeah I love that ad lol

  177. Damian Watson says

    Round 22 is big as well Josh especially if there is a big battle for spots in the eight, but I agree with all of those.

  178. Those ads are pretty funny, and i like the “Hey Edward, my dad used to play for Collingwood, see!”

  179. Steve Healy says

    yeah and the great wall of china one

  180. Steve Healy says

    I really hope the Dees field there best side against Freo, I really wanna get to see a nab cup Dees game for the first time ever, ive only ever been to one nab cup game before and that was Geelong V Carlton last year

  181. Hopefully we’ll see some more Toyota Legendary Moments this year. Us kids should make up some footy-related videos and get Damo to get ch 10 to air them 8)

  182. Damian Watson says

    I went to the 2007 NAB Cup final not too much of a spectacle.

    The hype around thre Pre-season was bigger when Waverley used to host the matches on those cold nights.

  183. Damian Watson says

    Oh yeah Josh I also got offered Work Experience at the Herald Sun, not sure if I’ll take it though.

  184. Last year was my first NAB Cup game, and i only saw one supergoal i think, and it was a huge loss to Carlton.

    In the HS it says Melbourne has the worst odds to win the NAB Cup out of the 16 sides, Essendon and North are next “best”. Geelong are favourites.

  185. I’ll take your spot if you don’t wanna do it then? Lol

  186. Steve Healy says

    im hoping ill get it at the Age, I remember in Freo V Richmond last year Freo kicked 5 SG’s.

  187. Damian Watson says

    maybe I should lol. I thought you got in at Channel Nine?

  188. I remember a Richmond v Collingwood NAB Cup game from 2005 i think it was, both teams kicked around 5 SG’s.

    The day i went to the NAB Cup last year was pretty good apart from the match, i remember i lost my note saying i had to leave during the day at school so i got my friend to forge a note for me (thankfully she has great handwriting 8)) and then i was waiting for my parents at the office and the librarian asked what i was doing and i said “im waiting to go to the footy” and she said “SCHOOL IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOOTBALL!” then an english teacher walked past (former Fitzroy player too) and asked what i was doing, i told him, and he goes “Oh, yeah footy’s more important than school at this age”

  189. Yeah i did, but work experience at the HS is a dream. I’ll take as much work experience this year as i can get

  190. Steve Healy says

    hahaha who’s your teacher?

  191. Leigh Robertson, me and him were having a good chat about Crackers in Maths one day and he said “I should be teaching maths, but this conversation is pretty good so i’ll continue” lol

  192. Damian Watson says

    lol I just searched him on Google, when you get back to school ask him if he remembers playing the first game ever at Waverley.

    Did he play against Crackers?

  193. Steve Healy says

    his getting on a bit, 59 years old.

    76 games, great career

  194. He’s a good bloke too, hopefully i get him for advanced english this year.

    He was telling me a story about Crackers that day in maths, something about him taunting Crackers about hitting the ball to the opposition in the Ruck and then he did it, or something like that. He told me to ask Crackers during one of my programs, but i’ve never gotten enough time to do so.

  195. Oh well, he still made the VFL.

    59?? I thought he was at least 70! Lol, he uses a walking stick now, must be some injuries from the VFL creeping back to him. I remember another of our english teachers broke her leg in the shower and she had a walking stick as well, and they both walked past each other on their sticks one day in the corridor, it was like being in a retirement home!

  196. Oh and i was surprised today to learn Sam Reid is suffering from Diabetes, at least he seems to be on top of the issue.

  197. Steve Healy says

    hahha. yeah born 21/5/1950 it says. he kicked 14 goals in his career, 8 in his first season. Do you know why he stopped playing at only 24? was he dropped or did he retire or something>

  198. Dunno, i’ll ask him. Or i’ll ask my Dad, he’d know

  199. Steve Healy says

    which one, the Sydney draftee or the Bulldog?

  200. Damian Watson says

    Anyway cya guys I have an early start tomorrow.

  201. The Bulldog

    Cya Damo

  202. Steve Healy says

    k cya Damo,

    gee thats sad to hear, you’d think that most professional athletes wouldnt have a diabetes problem

  203. There was a big two-page spread on it, he said when he’s feeling low on blood sugar the trainers run out with lollies lol.

    Anyway, im off now too, cya. Welcome back to the best state in the world for tomorrow Steve (if you make it out of Gundagai)

  204. Steve Healy says

    yeah the rugby plague might constrain me to this badder state.

    cya Josh, ill be home tomorrow at 3-4 I’d say

  205. Looks like i’ll be going to the Essendon intra-club practice match in Shepparton in a couple of weeks, i’ll get to see the new look forward line as well

  206. Josh, yeah, I will be going to the game, but I’ll probs be going with a bunch of my mates and/or my mum. But if that falls through (quite likely) I’d love to meet up with you lot.

    Yeah, I also am a big fan of the 9-second Gary Ablett goal, it was wonderful. I thought we were in for a really good game, but it was a fizzer after that.

    As for work experience – trust me. Wrack it up as often as you can in as many places as you can. I didn’t do any work experience in school (when apparently they break you in), instead I did my first week when I was at uni. They really threw me in the deep end at the Geelong Advertiser. I was getting sent out with a photographer left, right and centre to cover stories, and had to rewrite press releases for the paper and so on.

    Got three articles published in the end, which was pretty awesome :-) One even made it to page 2 (it was a kids’ tennis tournament, which would have been buried somewhere in the middle, except I spotted Matty Stokes there, dragged the photographer over, got a few quotes – next thing you know, my article is on page 2. They love the GFC at the Addy :-D)

  207. Oh, p.s. true what you say about Round 5, 2007 – nothing more humiliating than losing to the Roos :-P

    Nah, it wasn’t so much the opposition. To quote Thompsom: “Lack of respect for the game”, and Chappy: “We had too many passengers”.

    I wouldn’t take it personally.

    What I would take personally is out 106 point drubbing in the 1st qualifying final – serves you guys right for running through our warm-up. I hope you learnt your lesson ;-)

  208. I remember listening on the radio that Qualifying Final day, it was my brothers 21st the night before and hadn’t had much sleep and i heard that the Roos had started a ruckus before the game had started, so i thought we were in for a good day. I was a tad wrong.

    Cool, i was only asking if you were going to the match, but i’d love to see your face and many other Geelong-supporting faces once the Roos flex their muscle and obliterate the Cats in the NAB Cup :)

    I did a day at Paul Daffey’s house working on the Almanac, i think you would call that work experience, but it was really good. I’ve also got work with 4 radio stations in my area and a journalism course at school. 2010 should be a hectic year for me!

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