Footy: Sympathy for the Saints

By Susie Giese

There are two basic rules to being Susie Giese: love Geelong and hate the Saints. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember.

But as this new season looms before us, I’ll admit something I never thought I would: I feel sorry for the Saints’ fans. Genuinely sorry.

There was nothing to be ashamed of in last year’s Grand Final defeat: St Kilda put in an admirable performance; you could not ask any more of the players. At the end of the day, there is a winner and a loser, a lesson I learnt all too well in 2008. This is the reason for my empathy.

Chatting with the wonderful group of teenagers on this site, I was asked my opinion on Geelong’s thrashing of Melbourne in Round 19, 2008. I was once more confronted with the disturbing fact that I cannot remember that game – and not just that game, but any game from 2008.

I’ve studied psychology, I know all about repression – I never knew losing a footy match could bring it on. Losing the Grand Final to Hawthorn did just that, though. I lost a whole year of footy, and I still get a bit wet about the eyes when I think too much of that Grand Final.

I have 3 clear memories of football 2008, that is all.

1 – The lovely American tourists who sat in front of me, my mum and my brother at the aforementioned Melbourne game. They were asking us all the rules, marvelling at the toughness and bruise-free bodies of our players, and they left at half time when poor weather and an already decided result made the game undesirable.

2 – Sitting through the entire game when Geelong were thrashed by Collingwood because stupid me invited along my Pies-loving friend.

3 – Accidentally snapping my flag as I stamped it on the ground and swore in a fit of anger as I left the Grand Final early. Walking that long, lonely walk to Flinders Street Station and seeing Hodge’s face on the big screen at Fed Square as he was presented the Norm Smith medal. That was the lowest point. That should have been Ablett. Regardless of which team won, that should have been Ablett. Playing the way he did that day … I’d never felt more miserable.

I really got into cricket that summer, more than ever before. I didn’t let myself think about football if I could help it. Every time I did, it felt like a punch to the guts, a bullet to the chest. This was more than losing a Grand Final, this was, as Billy Brownless put it all those years ago: “like a death in the family”.

Geelong had that premiership won – they had it won! Right up until that final day, that only day that mattered. One loss for the year to that point, that was all. More records broken, the rest of the competition left in our wake. We were the best, in the running for the Greatest Team of All. It was already won, so we forgot we had to go out and actually win it.

When that final siren goes, and you’ve lost, there’s emptiness.

The footy season builds and builds to its thundering climax, each week adding something more to the game and to you. When you’re behind at 5.15pm, it dissipates. The entire year, wasted. You feel sorry for yourself, firstly. How could the team do this to me? Then you feel sorry for the players, which is so much worse.

The preseason that started in October. The gruelling summer months, training in 40-degree-plus temperatures. The tentative preseason hit-out. The long months of the home-and-away season, the tough, nail-biting, sudden-death finals. All this work to make it to that final day, to win the final day. Then nothing. There is no consolation prize.

The AFL has recognised ‘runners-up’, but let’s face it: we all know you either win or lose. One team wins, fifteen teams lose. In 2008, Geelong, who was meant to be the one, fell to being one of the fifteen.

I’ll never be able to rid my mind of the image of a broken Ablett being consoled by Bomber Thompson, or Boris, hands on hips, defiantly trying to ignore the tears running down his cheeks. They say men don’t cry – that’s rubbish. Any player who didn’t cry that day should have been sent packing.

They give their all to football, and football can take everything from them.

There is anger and regret, a whole summer of what-ifs and if-onlys. This is St Kilda’s condition, now. It’s impossible not to have these thoughts, but they can do no good. Geelong’s philosophy since 2007 has been that the past is in the past, and that cannot be changed. The only thing we have any control over is the present. Make the future you want by acting in the present.

For this whole season, St Kilda will be bombarded by talk of the 2009 Grand Final. And it will hurt just as much as it did on September 26, 2009 each and every time it is brought up. Don’t forget the past, but don’t use it as motivation.

If the Saints go all the way in 2010, it will be because this year, they are the best team – when it counts. 2009 should be treated as Geelong treated their 2008 loss: when the going gets tough, we will remember, and we will not subject ourselves to that again. Then, and only then, should the loss be used as a driving force. As Thompson pleaded with his players at the three-quarter time break in last year’s Grand Final: “Make sure you don’t come off the ground again without a medal”. But if the Saints obsess over it and make redemption the focus of their season, they’ll fall behind the competition, because the rest of the competition has moved on.

I thought in January 2009 that I would never want to see another game of football again. I considered cutting it from my life – was it really worth this pain? I wasn’t even a player, for crying out loud, and it ruined my whole summer. Was footy really worth it?

I saw my first television as for football 2009 in February. Hawthorn holding that cup aloft, but there were my boys. Ablett. Harley. Scarlett. Mooney.

Yes, footy is worth it. Most definitely.

If the lowest of the lows can be this potent, just imagine the highest of the highs. I’m lucky – Geelong has taken me there twice.

St Kilda will have their turn, I have no doubt. They are too good a team not to. They deserve to win. When they do, this setback can only make it sweeter, and you will be glad you stuck football.

It is most definitely worth it.

About Susie Giese

Born into the worship of the mighty Hoops, Susie has turned to adopting a Zen-like state during games in recent years to preserve her heart. The Cats of 2015 have the ol' ticker a-racing, though!


  1. Fantastic article Susie, a really good read. Sadly i’m yet to experience the heartbreak, emotion and the celebrations of a Grand Final, but I look forward to it (I think?)

    St Kilda will have their turn, but if its the Saints and Cats going at it in the 2010 decider, I’m quite sure your sympathy for them will be gone by the time the ball is bounced to start the game. Although we all know this won’t happen because North Melbourne are steamrolling their way towards a Grand Final appearance..

  2. Everyone knows steamrollers are slow and steady, Josh – your tractor may make it there in two or three years’ time.

    I’m thinking 2010 will see a Saints vs. Doggies Grand Final, but I’d love for a Geelong/Hawthorn thriller (provided the Cats can come out on top this time).

    I know it’s bad to say this, but I’d rather miss out on a Grand Final all together than lose another one. The longer you last in the season, the more painful the loss.

    And just a couple of corrections to my article, it should read “my first television ad*” for footy, not “as”. And the Saints fans will be grateful they “stuck with* football” ;-p

  3. Yeah, I’ve been predicting a Bulldogs/Saints Grand Final since Hall was recruited. But, if that match-up does happen, even I will be saddened to know one of those teams must lose. And touche’ with the steamroller/tractor line :|

  4. LOL, it wasn’t meant to be a zinger. I reckon the Kangas have a chance of playing the Grand Final, just give them a couple more years, I say. They’re still trying to get consistancy and experience into the team.

    Remember that Geelong made their first real finals charge in 2004, and it took til ’07 to win their first premiership.

  5. I know it may be a bit tough on the memory arhives Susie, but do you remember the close loss to the Brisbane Lions in the Preliminary Final in 2004?

  6. Damian Watson says

    Great read Susie,

    Isn’t it funny how we can only seem to recall in detail the negative parts of a season, particularly if your side has lost the Grand final.

    Although I believe focusing on redemption an also bring out success in a side but it depends on the circumstances. Take Essendon in 2000 for example, Kevin Sheedy repeatedly played that tape of the 1999 Preliminary Final throughout 2000 and as result the Dons only lost the one single match.

  7. 6: Then what should St Kilda do? Nick Riewoldt said in the interview in the HS yesterday that the team had seen ‘bits and pieces’ of the 2009 Grand Final, but not from start to finish. Should they do that before the start of the season? Perhaps a few hours before the start of the Round 1 clash against Sydney could be the perfect motivator for the year. Or it could bring up too much emotion and ruin things.

  8. Steve Healy says

    Well done Susie, well done.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an unexpected grand final this year, one of those is overdue

  9. Damian Watson says

    7- As I said Josh in some ways it depends on the context. The 1999 Essendon team were Premeiership favourites, their loss to the Blues was an absolute upset and I’m sure Sheedy and his side were keen on redemption.

    I think Tom Harley mentioned last year that he saw the tape of the 2008 Grand Final a few times.

  10. Damian Watson says

    By the way guys I believe Jonathon Brown and Barry Hall are on the Footy Show panel tonight.

  11. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Damo, I just heard they’ll be a story on Trengove and Scully too

  12. 5: I remember that game very well, Josh. Probably the best out of every game I’ve ever seen. I had scleritis at the time, so was at home in bed, doped up on painkillers with half my face swollen and one eye out of commission.

    I remember Matthews calling Geelong ‘scared little kids at a haunted house’ or something to that extent.

    I remember Hart, the only guy on the field with a helmet, being involved in a sickening collusion and having his face smashed open.

    I remember watching the game on Channel 10, with the half hour delay, and my sister sneaking listens to the radio. I remember her asking me if I wanted to know the result. I remember telling her no. I remember her humming and sighing and saying: “I’m just so proud of the boys, they did so well this year”. I remember wanting to punch her in the face.

  13. 12: Don’t you hate when family members spoil the result of a game?

    Yeah sad story about Hart, but ironic. the only player in this era to traditionally wear a helmet and he is forced into retirement after that sickening clash with Daniel Bradshaw. I remember it clear as day, it happened on the right forward flank to the right of the screen.

  14. Steve Healy says

    13- Yes, I do Josh, but you’re a bit like that as well lol

  15. Oh cmon, it was only a NAB Cup game, and it didn’t involve any of our teams.

    I actually only hate when Mum or Dad spoils the result of a North game when we are losing, if we are winning then I wouldn’t mind.

  16. Damian Watson says

    Can any of you guys judge a result by the facial expression of someone else?

  17. 13 – Seriously, there’s nothing worse than family members who spoil the result of matches.

    Top job Susie, just one Q though: why the special hate for the Saints during your life?

  18. Steve Healy says

    16- YES! OF COURSE! my brother ruined Hawthorn V Essendon for me last year, I was watching it on tv and I could tell from his expression that Essendon came back and won the game

  19. 16: Yeah, like in the North Melbourne v Hawthorn game in Round 3 last year, we were in it at quarter time, and Mum came in asking if i wanted to know the current score. I said no, and her face screwed up at me and said something like “That’s good” and walked back out. If she’s smiling when she comes in with news on current scores, i know all is safe.

  20. 17: I’m not entirely too sure. As a kid, I was very prone to sweeping conclusions (and probably still am, to some extent). I loathed mullets, and the former face of St Kilda, Fraser Gehrig, had the most infamous mullet of the modern era (Tommy Hawkins attempted on in 2007. It did nothing except make him look a little silly). And as I hated mullets, I therefore hated Gehrig. He was also just a generally unpleasant player. And because I hated Gehrig, I therefore hated St Kilda.

    Adding on to that, one of the first games I am old enough to remember going to, in about 2001/2002 was against the Saints at then Colonial Stadium (or was it already Telstra Dome?). Anywho, I remember there were lots of scuffles breaking out, and at half time, there was an all-in brawl. I think we were beating the Saints soundly, and they weren’t taking it too well. So they were just playing dirty. I was 12 at the time and horrified. Like, it was really just disgusting. I actually left my seat so I didn’t have to watch it.

    And of course, from Round 22, 2003 onwards, there has been a HUGE rivalry between the two clubs. And hatred naturally springs from that.

  21. Steve Healy says

    nah it was Colonial Stadium from 2000-2002

    ive always had a hatred for Hawthorn when we play them, but none more than Collingwood

  22. Wow, great piece! :)
    this part-
    How could the team do this to me?
    thats the story of my life!!

  23. I’m off to the pub. Talk you all later.

  24. Steve Healy says

    ah, off to the pub on your 18th, celebrating in true style

  25. 23- have fun..but not too much fun :P

  26. 22: Story of Geelong’s life.
    The Coodabeen’s had a song, “Wacky Club Songs Melody” or something like that. They used one team’s music to sing a song about another team.

    Geelong’s song, for example, was sung to Hawthorn’s music:
    “We’re a whacky team at Geelong
    We do things the Geelong way
    We fight and we fight just to get to the top
    Then after a while we just stop and rest a bit
    Like the Crows we’re hard to follow
    Always frustrating the fans
    Win some here and lose some there that’s how we play at Geelong
    ‘Cause we are the Mighty, Might Cats!”

    As true in the mid-90s when it was written as it is today -_-

  27. 21- gee why does EVERYONE think Collingwood is the enemy!!
    people listen carefully
    Collingwood’s enemies are Carlton and Essendon, thats all!

  28. Steve Healy says

    Tomorrow’s news:

    A drunken Richmond supporting has been taken to jail after assaulting a taxi driver on his way home from the Eltham pub- hahaha only joking

  29. Steve Healy says


  30. 26- lmaoo

  31. Steve Healy says

    27- Danni, its football tradition that collingwood is the enemy, you should know that. Its the team everyone loves to hate.

  32. 27: I agree, Collingwood have true rivals.
    But they generally make themselves unpopular with other clubs by being umpire favourites, bullies and having (for the most part) unloveable fans.

    Much like Hawthorn, they play anti-social footy. Both teams have very ferral cheer squads and a high number of undesireables in the general fan base.

  33. two* true rivals

  34. 31- jealous! all of you green with envy!
    thats what you are!
    just because we have the most members and lots of mullah ($$$$$)

    umpire favourites? LMAOOOO
    gee if thats the case i must have been watching the footy blind folded last season cos that aint wat i think. lol

  35. Steve Healy says

    How can supporters love a club who have a terrible reputation, supporters like Joffa and supporters who bash people outside the MCG

    Mullah? you mean money, lol.

    Its good that they are not scrapping the nab cup next year

  36. Steve come on, now that you know me and that im a Magpie you should know better than to generalise all collingwood supporters as so called ‘scum’
    BTW Joffa is a nice bloke so stop the hating!

  37. Steve Healy says

    Of course he’s nice…to fellow collingwood supporters

  38. 34: Last season wasn’t so bad. I noticed it came as a violent shock to the Pies fans at the NAB Cup final when the umpires called a fair game. Everyone else was lauding a fine display of umpiring in the aftermath, but the more violent Collingwood faithful looked reading for a pitch invasion.

    Mind you, I have some lingering hatred to the Pies fans who attended that game, which I think is perfectly justifiable.

  39. 37- well steve if u check his website hes got photos with some footy fans from other teams. you can say what you want but he’s a really friendly guy who just loves his footy.

  40. 38- Susie you should have seen the look on my face when Jack got that free to kick the sealer in the Adeliade game.
    i was just shocked…..
    in absolute AWE that the ump called it OUR way.

  41. Danni, we would be idiots if we still generalised all Collingwood fans after meeting you, you’re a highly classy fan. One of my best friends goes for Collingwood (she is, by all accounts, a little on the less than classy side, but she is not violent or vicious except to me – and she has all her original teeth).

    The fact remains that it is hard not to leave the ground with a negative impression of the vast majority of Pies fans, because they do NOT conduct themselves well. The same can be said for many other clubs: Hawthorn fans, Essendon fans, Carlton fans, Freo fans, Port fans…

    It’s just that Collingwood have such a strong supporter-base, you notice it so much more at their games.

  42. Steve Healy says

    39- oh ok, im sorry.

    status- head ache

  43. 41- fair enough.
    although i can say this from experience, the Saints cheersquad is pretty nice.
    i had seats right in the middle of it on my 17th birthday, round 7 last year.

  44. I don’t really have any hatred to any clubs, i generally dislike Port Adelaide just because, but I do dislike some players. I never liked David Wirrpanda, Ashley Sampi, Bret Thornton, David Wojcinski, Leroy Jetta, Andrew McLeod and to a lesser extent, Brad Johnson.

  45. Damian Watson says

    20- Susie did that happen to be the match at Kardinia Park late in 2001 when Big Bad Barry had a scuffle with Joel Corey and a few of the other Cats players?

  46. 40 – Yeah, the umps had a pretty poor year last year.

    Glad the Pies won, though. Much as I hate to admit it, they’re probably my third favourite team.

  47. 42- head-ache? i cnt even feel my head.
    my brain melted duting my english sac today!!
    i have 2 lessons left and i have to analyse 2 articles, draw the comparison between all 3 and do my conclusion.

  48. 42: Yeah the Dees will do that to ya sometimes.

    Ben Cunnington will be on the Footy Show tonight as well, has anyone seen the video he posted on Facebook today?

  49. Damian Watson says

    From memory I think he managed to knock Corey out cold.

  50. 45 – Rings a bell. I can’t remember too well. We won, though :-) Then we played them in the NAB Cup Final and lost. Then we played them in Round one – I think we lost that too. Bloody Chappy had to go and open his mouth. So we played them 3 times in what was essentially 6 weeks of footy. But we beat them later on in the year. Twas a great game.


  51. Susie- where u at the game when Corey Enright ‘lost’ his footy shorts?

  52. Steve Healy says

    48- count the premierships Josh.

    My favourite non melbourne players in the afl: Nick Naitanui, Andrew McLeod, Brendon Goddard, Paul Chapman, Ablett, Bartel hmmm i cant think of any more lol

    players I hate: Jordan McMahon, Stephen Milne, Andrew Swallow

  53. Damian Watson says

    51- Yeah I think that match was at Brisbane.

    I hope you did well in that English sac Danni.

  54. Steve Healy says

    it was Round 22 2007 V Brisbane, 15.13 103 to 22.13 145

  55. 51: Lol me and a group of friends were discussing yesterday what would our first reaction be if we had our shorts ripped off while playing footy on Saturday. Jeff reckons he would keep playing, haha whatever.

    Wojo? I just don’t like how hungry he can be. Sure, you can run fast, but the ball is going to be better moved down the field when you pass off to Corey, Enright, Ablett, Bartel, Ling etc. And he shanks the kick after a long run most times anyway. And plus, he looks like he’s just gotten out of bed all the time. Have you seen his eyes?

  56. Damian Watson says

    I tend to dislike players who can barely talk in media appearances.

  57. 51 – Nah, I’ve only been to interstate games in Sydney. But I was listening to K-Rock as I watched it on TV, and I’m glad I got to hear the call. It gave birth to my favourite nickname of all time. The team on K-Rock took to calling Boris ‘Jockman’ :p It fits in perfectly with the Batman tune :p

    Did you hear the crowd when he won that possession while still “exposed”? They loved him :p

    But it was also Egan’s last game :-(

  58. 53- thanks, i dont think it makes sense but you know what, its just ONE sac if i mess it up ill just do Better on the next ones…


  59. How could you hate Swallow??? Oh and add Ablett to my list of players i dislike. What a poofter.

  60. Steve Healy says

    WHY DO YOU THINK I HATE SWALLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. 57- lmao i just looked up at the tv and there he was! lmao
    i really did ROFL.
    yeah ill bet he got the attention of teh BONDS advertising people so that when hes done with footy he can do underware modeling. lol

  62. 55: He is the best run-and-carry player the game has ever seen. And he’s allowed to take the shot on goal. Far more often than not, he can win the ball, bounce it three or four times then bomb a goal from outside 50. It’s his trademark. More importantly, it’s his role. Geelong ask him to do it, therefore he does. No one else in the league can pull it off as smoothly and consistantly as he does.

    And Steve, nice to see so many Geelong players there :-)

  63. Steve Healy says

    61- There are other underwear’s avaliable

  64. 60- i dont KNOW!!
    I MEAN…WHY???

  65. 55- lmaoo Jeff!!

  66. Steve Healy says

    62- Yeah I do have a certain respect for the Cats.

    I think Wojcinski is a great player, I mean he shanks some kicks some times, but he sets up so many pivotal plays for the Cats with his dashing run and carry. Hopefully he can keep us his speed since he is now 29 and going on a bit

  67. Best run-and-carry player? I wouldn’t give him that title, i think Daniel Kerr has that tag. But still, I just generally dislike him. Although, on the flipside, Corey Enright has always been my favourite Cats player.

  68. 59 – Watch it, Joshy >_<

    My favourite (non-Geelong) players: The Porpous, Jonathon Brown, Carazzo, Didak, Monfries, Swallow, (formerly) Robertson & Richardson, Rance, the Selwood twins and Naitanui.

    Least favourite: Rawlings, Ballantyne, Medhurst, Milne, the entire Hawthorn team.

  69. Steve Healy says

    64- Round 9 2007, 11.12 78 to 10.19 79 thats why

  70. 68: Jade Rawlings? Yeah I didn’t like him either.

    And would everyone leave Hayden Ballantyne alone? He’s only played 10 or so games and people are already calling him the ‘next Stephen Milne’

  71. 68- MEDDERS? WHAT!!
    SUSIE!! hes such a sweet guy! didnt you talk to him at the fam day?

  72. Damian Watson says

    What is wrong with Rawlings?

  73. 67 – I LOVE Boris!!! He’s just legendary.

    My top 5 Cats?

    Byrnes, Taylor, Jockman, Maxy and Sunken Treasure.

    Stokesy used to be on that list, but in light of recent events… hmm…

  74. Steve Healy says

    Robbo was such a respectable player, I agree Susie.

    Josh, how can you hate Ablett? any player with skills as good as his is great to watch, players who are great to watch should be favourite players, although I hate Ablett when he plays the Dees

  75. 69- ohhh lol okay
    well ill let that go then, i mean its a valid reason.

  76. 74: Steve, when we went to the footy, did you see Ablett try and take on 2 North players? He succeeded in evading one of them, then was wrapped up in a huge tackle and we were awarded a free kick. I don’t hate him because of that, but God it felt good when that happened.

    Sunken Treasure?

  77. Steve Healy says

    I’m not really a favourite player sort of person, I respect all the Dees equally on most ocassions.

  78. 70- lmaoo gee i wouldnt want to be the next ‘milne; lmaoo

  79. Damian Watson says

    Are you referring to Jade or Brady Rawlings?

  80. Steve Healy says

    75- Danni, you dont remember that game do you?

    Yeah, its great when that happens when the Dees play Geelong as well, but I’m always barracking for ablett when hes not playing the Dees

  81. Rawlings – he is a pinhead who stretches the rules constantly. He doesn’t play in the spirit of football. He’s one of those taggers that would be up on assault charges in the outside world.

    Medders – I hated him at Fremantle. I don’t mind him off the field, he does seem quite nice. But on the field, he’s a little rat. And I know it’s not his fault he was involved in the Josh Hunt injury, it was accidental, but Josh Hunt is one of my all-time favourites, and he missed out on a premiership last year because of Meds.

    Ballantyne – Against Geelong, he had three free kicks before the ball had been bounced, including one before the first bounce of the games. The replays showed he was clearly staging, but the umps fell for it every time. Luckily he missed all three, but that is why he has the Milne tag. He is a stager, big time.

    Robbo – Like Richo, he was the spirit and soul of his club, and just a great guy in general. I absolutely adored him and more than half-hoped Geelong would pick him up in the draft at the end of last year.

  82. im guessing Swallow kicked the winning point? or was it a goal?

  83. Steve Healy says

    82- (sigh)

  84. Damian Watson says

    81- I’m guessing that you wouldn’t be a fan of Tony Liberatore either? lol. You can’t stay mad at the Italians.

  85. Darn, I meant Pirate’s Treasure, LOL.

    Stevie J dubbed Mackie “Pirate’s Treasure” in his first season because he reckons Mackie has a sunken chest ;-p I liked it because I’d never expect anything so witty coming from Stevie, LOL. Keep in mind, this IS the man who almost downed a bottle of sunscreen once because he mistook it for beer.

  86. i cant STAND
    Nick Riewoldt, Jake King, Fev, Milne.

    yeah thats about it

  87. 82: GOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!! Nathan Carroll DID NOT get a fingertip onto it ay Steve!

  88. 83- rofl

  89. Steve Healy says

    87- I reckon he did just, but it

  90. Steve Healy says

    continued from comment 89 I actually submittted the comment-

    could have been interpreted as a goal

  91. What do you think of Pavlich Danni? You seem to dislike Fevola and Riewoldt, but you love Brown and Franklin. Pavlich is one of the other powerhouse forwards in the league that i’ve never really heard you mention.

    Would it be correct to say that Steve Johnson is a tad slow? I saw an interview of him after the 2007 Grand Final and his speech was really slurry like but he was sober.

  92. 86 – I used to feel really sorry for Nick Riewoldt after the whole broken collarbone / tears incident. I mean, for crying out loud, everyone gave him such a hard time, but how would YOU react if someone punched you in your just-broken collarbone????

    But I lost a LOT of respect for him after last year’s Grand Final. I mean, he tried to stand up and be the player all the fans wanted him to be, but the number of times he stuffed things up for his teammates, which would result in a turnover and Geelong attack – it was just ridiculous. He tried to do too much in the Grand Final, and it really let his team down at points.

  93. i like lots of players from other teams-

    Cousins, Gibbs, deledio, Swallow, Harvey, Mackie, Mooney. to name a few.
    i cnt say Jurrah only cos i dont watch Melb games unless they are playing my Pies.

  94. 91: He is not the brightest crayon in the box, that’s for sure. But he is incredibly intelligent when it comes to football, he’s a freak. I suppose that’s all you really need from your footballers, isn’t it?

  95. 91- i think he seems nice, hes a bit quiet..or maybe thats cos he plays for Freo, but yeah i deff dotn hate him.

  96. Steve Healy says

    93- Danni, how could you not want to watch a team play, let alone the Dees?

  97. Damian Watson says

    Alan Didak is a player that I can’t stand, the Cornes brothers aren’t exactly the toast of the competition either.

    The Carroll touch is dubious, Steve Silvagni definitely got a fingertip to Michael Long’s 1993 Grand final goal and I stand by it!

  98. Now the question is, Danni, do you like them for their playing ability or their looks? LOL ;p

  99. Steve Healy says

    97- Of course YOU would stand by it Damo

  100. 92- i just hated him on the night i turned 17 and now the
    Luke Ball thing has made it worse really.
    I don’t mind guys who cry but Riewoldt is just a Princess really.

  101. Steve Healy says

    Danni, how come all those players you like from other clubs are supposedly “good looking”?

  102. Oh yeah, I hate Chad Cornes and Warren Tredrea for obvious reasons (although i love watching Cornes when he is in form) but Kane Cornes is tough and a really good player, even if his disposal is much-maligned.

    Speaking of bad disposal, did you guys hear about Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls? Apparantly he isn’t that smart and had been taking tests to make himself smarter or something, there’s an article about it in the HS.

  103. Damian Watson says

    99- It was clearly touched Steve, even Hans Moleman could determine that the ball was touched.

  104. 97 – I also dislike the Cornes brothers, but what do you have against Didak?

    He’s kinda like Stevie J a bit in his goal kicking ability. He’s a freak and downright entertaining to watch.

  105. 98- BOTH. they cant help that they are talented AND goodlooking!! :P

    97- PLEASE explain.

    96- the Dees dotn excite me. i like watching the Hawks, Cats, Roos and my Pies the most

  106. Steve Healy says

    102- Yeah I heard about that on the radio, poor guy

    Don’t bring cartoon characters into this Damo!

  107. 103: Hans Moleman and football do not go together. Remember that episode where he gets hit in the groin with a gridiron ball? Lol i remember laughing so hard when i saw it the first time.

  108. 101- i like Swanny and i dont think hes good-looking.

  109. 107- ROFLMAOOO!! hahahhahah hahhaha

  110. Damian Watson says

    I don’t mind his kicking ability and his talent is unquestionably one of the best in the league. However his constant staging and the fact that he tries to provoke a fight is something I loathe about him. Can someone also explain his silly mouthguard?

  111. Steve Healy says

    105- Oh yeah and you think the Roos are really exciting! (no offence Josh)

    I have a feeling you only know 2 or 3 Melbourne players, Danni

  112. I also dislike Kotchitske (can’t spell it either).

    He shouldn’t be playing AFL. Remember a few years back when he seriously injured himself and someone else? He has no hand-eye coordination, terrible reaction time and a general lack of awareness. Look at the number of times he’s smacked a teammate in the face going for a high-five (though, admittedly, this provides highly-amusing highlights)

  113. Lol nope. I don’t think Jack wears a mouth that I think about it.

  114. Damian Watson says

    110- I was referring to Didak.

    Yeah I love that particular clip Josh:

  115. Steve Healy says

    Koschitzke, I’ve never had difficult spelling that name. But there’s one guy who I have had difficultly spelling, and im sure Josh knows all about it lol.

    I like Koschitzke, he can be brilliant at his best, and you have to feel sorry for him when he fainted that time while the ox was intereviewing him

  116. 112: I remember seeing the interview of The Ox and Koschitzke (I felt like a God when I learnt how to spell his last name a couple of years ago) on a Sunday sports program and it really scared me.

    Yeah Didak’s mouthguard is weird looking, makes him look like a normal Collingwood fellow though.

  117. 111- yeah i do, they ARE.
    Sometimes North and Collingwood kinda play the same.

    Jurrah, Watts, bruce, Miller, Mcdonald.
    thats a few off the top of my head

  118. 110 – I HATE the mouthguard – how can he think that is a good look? Michael Gardiner’s is worse, though. And his face is uglier, which just ampliphies this. And he pulls ugly expressions all the time, which just uglifies it tenfold…

  119. 118- hahahhaha lmaoo
    okay that just topped all my comments about the looks of players for the whole of last year!
    lol Nice work!

  120. Remember after that goal he kicked against Geelong in Round 14 last year? He poked his tongue out at the crowd lol.

    Where you at that game Susie?

  121. By the way, mouthguards are for protection, not for looks.

  122. Steve Healy says

    But thats a bad thing Danni, Collingwood have been criticised the most by the way they play

  123. i will never forget the celebration by Daisy the Diva..cnt remember against who but he kciked one on the run and did like a soccer on the floor celebration…quite entertaining

  124. 122- im talking about when they PLAY WELL not when they bodge it up.

  125. Steve Healy says

    123- Collingwood V West Coast, Round 10 2008, final score was Collingwood 27.11 173 to 10.13 73, McKinley stuffed up that kick at goal too

  126. Damian Watson says

    123- Against West Coast 2008 perhaps, I reckon Andrew Embley was tempted to flog him after that celebration.

  127. 120 – Yes -_-

    I go to every Victorian and NSW game for Geelong.

  128. 125- thankyou stats man

    126- lmaoo

  129. 121 – If that were true, the players wouldn’t paint them. Everyone else in the league is happy to wear white mouth guards, why did Didak and Gardiner choose to go for deocrated ones, if not for looks???

    Checkmate ;-p

  130. 129- i wonder why players dont wear thier wedding rings..i mean they couldnt lose it out on the ground could they?

  131. 130: Its a health hazard

  132. 130 – I think it’s an OHS thing. You hear stories all the time about people who get their rings caught in machinery and have their rings grind through to the bone, and so on. I know there are no machines involved in footy, but they always run the risk of getting it caught on something, and finger injuries are just about the last thing an AFL player wants if it is easy to avoid.

    And imagine if that thing that got caught was the lace of the football. Awkward much? :P

  133. 117- steve didnt even see that all my hard work of thinking for nothing! lol

    132- lmaoo ohh ok

  134. 133 – Awww :-( I saw it Danni, well done. I’m still learning all the players – Bruce, Miller and McDonald would’nt have even sprung to my head. Well done :-)

  135. wonldn’t*

  136. 134- lol thanks..
    im working on it..i think it was good for me since i dont watch the dees.

  137. Steve Healy says

    I learnt players names in my mum’s stomach.

    Saying I dont watch the Dees sounds so mean danni lol.

    just had dinner

  138. 137- im telling the truth, i dont watch the Dees.

    lmaoo Its so funny how offended at my girlish transformation you were while my best friend and shopping buddy Sarah couldn’t be happier with me French painting my nails, wearing makeup and high-heels.

  139. I think I can name most players from St Kilda, North Melbourne, Collingwood and Hawthorn.

    I probably know about 3/4 of the players from Richmond, Brisbane, Carlton, Essendon and Western Bulldogs.

    All the other clubs I think I know 50% of the list or less. My goal is to know every player in the league by this season’s GF.

    Naturally, I know every Geelong senior-listed player, rookie, VFL-player and last year’s VFL top-ups quite intricatly :-)

  140. 137: p.s. What were you doing in your mum’s stomach? Most babies are found in the womb… :p

  141. Steve Healy says

    I thought candy was your best friend

  142. 141- have like a few Bestfriends steve

  143. Steve Healy says

    how was I offended at your girly transformation?

  144. Steve Healy says

    140- I was a unique baby lol, I found my way out of the womb

  145. I’ll see if I can name 35 players from each of our clubs:

    Melbourne: Scully, Trengove, Miller, Petterd, Wonaeamirri, Jurrah, Bate, Jones, Bartram, Dunn, Newton, Warnock, Watts, Blease, Bail, McKenzie, Martin, Johnson, Green, Maric, Sylvia, Moloney, Morton, Frawley, Healey, Tapscott, Gawn, Fitzpatrick, Jamar, Jetta, Garland, Bennell, Bruce, Davey, Hughes

  146. Steve Healy says

    yeah but if you say your best friend it normally means that the person is your best friend, not in a group of friends

  147. Steve Healy says

    I can name every player from every club pretty much if I go through in number order, if not ill probably start repeating players lol

  148. 145: “Davey, Hughes”

    Ah, I miss Hughesy! When does BTG return to our waiting screens?

  149. 143- you were like that I was better back then and that ive changed ect

  150. 148-

  151. 146 – You have much yet to learn about girls, Steve :p

  152. Steve Healy says

    Saturday night before Sydney V St.Kilda of course.

    Danni, im not saying that you being more girly and going shopping heaps is a bad thing, but I dont know why in doing that your footy knowledge supposedly has to be worse

  153. Geelong: Ablett, Bartel, Enright, Corey, Ling, T. Varcoe, A. Varcoe, Rooke, Stokes, Byrnes, Taylor, Ottens, Mackie, Allwright, D. Simpson, Gamble, Lonergan, Selwood, Hawkins, Mooney, Blake, Gillies, Podsiadly, Chapman, Wojcinski, Hogan, Laidler, Hunt, Kelly, Djerrkura, Ediwickirama, Scarlett, Johnson, Drum, Milburn (that was a struggle!)

  154. Steve Healy says

    Josh Hunt or Taylor Hunt?

  155. Josh, because of the ‘muffin’ name. I thought T. Hunt got delisted..

  156. Steve Healy says

    nah, he didnt.

  157. 155: Nup, T. Hunt still there – played against North Melb the other week.
    Let’s see some of who you’ve left out… you’ve down well, though, spesh knowing Dkidi and Edi…

    Brown, Christensen, Cowan, DUNCAN(!!!!!!!), B. Johnson, Menzel, Motlop, Stringers, Vardy, West and Weston.

    All in all, they are ones the vast majority of Geelong people wouldn’t think of. (I only remembered Cowan, Menzel and Weston when I checked my record season guide). So you’ve done EXTRAORDINARILY well.

    Though I can’t believe you forgot Duncan! One of three Geelong players who actually showed up to play against North!!!

  158. Djidi*

  159. 152- Cos i spend more time on my appearence than looking at footy

  160. 157: Yes, yes i know. I just checked the Geelong squad and i kicked myself for not remembering Motlop, Vardy, Christensen, Brown and Duncan, who was very impressive in the match a few weeks ago with a couple of goals.

  161. Steve Healy says

    159- Well, I was fine up until you said that, lol.

  162. 160: I wouldn’t stress, you clearly know who they are – you’re never going to be tested on reciting the full list of players. And even if you were, you’d still kick all the Geelong fans’ butts.
    35/41 is awesome.

  163. 40/47*

  164. Danni and Susie, name as many North players as you can without cheating if you have the time. Don’t even bother Healy.

  165. 40/46*

    Got there in the end.

  166. Steve Healy says

    you didnt mention Trent West did you?

  167. 164- Wright, Swallow, Ziebell, McIntosh, Petrie, Lower, Rawlings, Benjamin, Warren, Daw, Edwards, Firrito, Hale, Harvey, Grima, Thompson, Wells…

    I’m drawing a blank. LOL. That’s pitiful :-S

  168. SIMPSON! Is he still around?

    166 – Me or Josh? ‘Cos I did…

  169. Michael Allan says

    Hey Hey everyone,

    Susie I expected better from you, better than Danni though, lol.

  170. Yeah, its not an enterance for Mikey unless hes bagging me in some shape or form.

  171. Steve Healy says

    oh ok

    Simpsons still around! hahahahah

    Michael, welcome back, your monthly almanac binge

  172. Michael Allan says

    You know you love it Dann

  173. Lol good try Susie

    At least Michael is true to his word, he said he would appear more often when the footy season starts. This time next week the game will be well into the final quarter.

  174. Steve Healy says

    So danni, is comment 159 ACTUALLY true?

  175. 169: Give me a break, I only bothered to start learning players’ names about August last year… If you showed me pictures, I’d be able to tell you what they did in certain games.

    Like that guy who got his hand trod on by James Kelly in 2007 … Can’t for the life of my remember his name, but he’s a really good player.

    Ah, and I also know Thomas, Adams, Anthony, Garlett, Goldstein, Hansen, Harding, MacMillon, Pratt and Urquart (though I had to scan the RSG. I DO actually know who they are, LOL)

    And I can name former Roos – Archer, Mooney, Stevens, Martin, Carey, Jones, Grant …

    And Simpson is NOT still around, thank-you very much. Retired last year, as I half-suspected…

  176. 172- yeah..i love being bagged Mikey..

  177. 174- well when i was younger i would watch other teams as well as my own, but now days if in mot straigtening my hair or painting my nails, or doing my hw, or whatever…it not always the case sometimes i paint my nails WHILE i watch the footy.

  178. Michael Allan says

    Good to be back on the almanac – civilsed convo for a change.

  179. Martyn*

  180. I’ll have a go at Collingwood:

    Beams, Anthony, Davis, Didak, Rusling, Medhurst, O’Brien, Pendlebury, Sidebottom, Macaffer, Cook, Thomas, O’Bree, L. Brown, N. Brown, Cloke, Reid, Lockyer, Toovey, Wellingham, Blight, Wood, Jolly, Ball, Maxwell, McCarthy, Dick, Barham, Corrie, J. Thomas, Shaw, Rounds, Prestigiacomo, Swan, Dawes

  181. Steve Healy says

    But you’ll miss some of the action when you’re painting your nails!

  182. Damian Watson says

    Yep In the 1999 Grand Final Cameron Mooney only had one handball, gave away an unecessary 50m penalty before spending the rest of the game on the bench.

    Steve, do you know who Lance Klusener is?

  183. Michael Allan says

    Why do you need to paint your nails while watching the footy? the people around you will be watching the footy not your nails.

  184. 181- lol not really but sometimes i miss my nail when im staring at the tv so it doenst come out too hot lol

  185. 182: I thought he didn’t get a touch at all? Oh well, we still beat Carlton with effectively 21 players..

  186. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Danni surely you can find another time to paint your nails.

  187. 183- lmaoo b/c i get bored if my nails have nothing on them so i like to paint them friday nights. cos Dad is at work i watch the footy alone really.

  188. Damian Watson says

    Didn’t Anthony Stevens hobble off in the second term? And Carey only booted two goals so you basically only won the flag with 19 effective players.

  189. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you need to stop worrying about what you look like and spend more time worrying about the important things in life- oh wait, I mean the important THING in life.

    Yeah, I thought he didnt get a touch Damo, Lance Klusener sounds familiar, a cricketer?

  190. Steve Healy says

    Grant, Bell, Harvey and Archer all played really well though

  191. 188: Although Carlton did lose Justin Murphy to that sickening knee injury, so 19 players to 21. Dean Rice played well that match as well.

  192. 189- I doubt very much that guy look at girls b/c they are thinking ‘gee i wonder if she watched the footy last night?’

    lmao its more like
    ‘shes hot’, or something like that

  193. Michael Allan says

    This is what annoys me, your working on you appearence when your home alone and you know nobody will see your work.

    I’m the opposite, I can’t wait till it’s holidays then I’ll get to stop shaving for two weeks!

    I realise I still havn’t had a comment realted to footy so hear it goes.

    Newman says Cousins is right for round 1! Then again Newman said Richo was looking good to start his pre season three days before Richo retired…

  194. I wonder if Danni watched the footy on the weekend..

  195. Steve Healy says

    Well those guys are ones that wouldnt know who Gary Ablett is

  196. Damian Watson says

    Don’t forget Matty Lappin.

    Yeah Klusener looks very similar to you Steve, he was a South African middle order batsman who almost cost his country the World Cup.

  197. Damian Watson says

    Anyway I’m off to watch How I Met Your Mother, cya guys.

  198. 193- wat are you on about, i dont sit at home with makeup and high-heels on, i just paint my nails and straighten my hair okay!

    194- lmao hey you know i was watching Hells Kitchen!

  199. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I know Kluesnar, looks nothing like Steve Damo.


  200. Steve Healy says

    I dont think he really does, lol

  201. Steve Healy says

    197- Damo’s not watching the FOOTY SHOW!!!!!!!

  202. Michael Allan says

    198 – Yes Danni but your putting on cosmetics that arn’t needed for the sake of putting them on. Doesn’t it seem a little wasteful to you?

  203. Steve Healy says

    198- I dont wanna talk about it ok, dont tell me your gonna sacrifice every saturday night to watch hells kitchen instead of the footy

  204. 202- wasteful? nail polish lasts for at least a week with chipping!

  205. Michael Allan says

    201 – Who would watch the footy show? Trash TV of the highest order.

    The only footy shows I watch are the ones that talk about footy.

  206. Without chipping*
    Danni is not watching it either- WOW theres a shocker

  207. Michael Allan says

    204 – Well how am I supposed to know that? But it’s still wasteful, you could get an extra daty out of it if you put it on just before you go out.

  208. 207- it takes a WHILE to dry! lmao

    are you serious about the not liking the footy show? if so then theres another thing we agree on

  209. Steve Healy says

    im gonna record it, I hope damo is too.

    Yeah Michael’s got a point danni, its not like a guy’s gonna climb through a window in your house and you need to impress him, in fact, you’re completely against that lol. So, all in all, there’s no point of trying to look good when there’s no one around you, apart from a few dust mites and the odd cockroach.

  210. Michael Allan says

    I’m deadly serious. Absolute garbage. Have nothing against them panelists, I just think the jokes are lame and they should spend mopre time talknig about footy. I don’t like the way they exploit mentally challenged people on street talk either.

  211. Guys, give Danni a break. Of course she has to do her nails at home, when do you expect her to do them? As she’s out and shopping???

  212. Michael Allan says


  213. Damian Watson says

    Steve does look like Klusener on the cricket tape I have.

    By the way I am watching the Footy show, How I met Your Mother finishes at 9:30.

  214. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Damo, I did overreact a bit lol.

    Ok, he looks a little bit like me

  215. Michael Allan says

    hmm, I always feared another girl on the site would give Danni more suport.

    She can do them half an hour befoire she hits the town. It doesn’t take that long and as a man I can say that we’re not overly concerned with the state of girls nails. I’d be a hypocrite if I was.

  216. okay steve, im not gonna sit here looking all “meh” why shouldnt i be able to look good if i want to feel good

    i wish Robbie was real…
    hes so perfect damnit

    Well Mikey, i agree with that too. i dont watch it and im not gonna!

    thankyou Susie!

  217. Michael Allan says

    I think we’re up to 3 things we agree on Danni. Elvis and I can’t seem to remember the the other one…

  218. 215- half an hour b4 i leave im changing my outfit for the second time.

  219. 215: The wonders of being a girl, Michael, are that we can multi-task :-)
    Maybe the only time Danni has to relax is when the footy is on, so kills two birds with one stone.

    I often use the internet as I watch TV and read a book – and yes, I know what is going on with all three, tee hee hee

  220. Steve Healy says

    looking good doesnt make you feel good if you dont look at your reflection.

    Hopefully the girls dont out number the boys in our conversations any time soon, then it’ll be horrible lol

  221. 217-
    Dustin Martin
    collingwood jumper better with more black

  222. 220 – but it makes you feel more confident, even if you can’t see yourself. It’s about being neat and presentable.

    And I doubt that’ll happen, but don’t you think it was rather unfair? 5 or 6 of you against Danni? LOL

  223. 220- well it does for me, like for the past 2 days at school, ive had GREAT hair days! :0
    so ive been more alert in class.

    219- hw, nails and phone while i watched the footy

  224. Michael Allan says

    218 – I’m fairly sure you suffer from OBD

    219 – That’s impossible, stop lying. You can’t possibly dop all three things effectively. Maybe I only think this cause I don’t have periphertal vision but I can’t understand Where your eyes are looking.

  225. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you must be able to be on the almanac and do homework at the same time, thats all I know lol.

  226. Michael Allan says

    224 OCD*

  227. while ive been on here, i have been doing my Lit essay :)

  228. Steve Healy says

    while ive been on here, ive been throwing my soft footy up and down, not thats multi tasking at its finest.

  229. 224 – It’s a rotational system. TV; adbreak, so internet, then take a look at book. I don’t have to just sit down and do one at a time. And if the TV is at a boring part, I’ll just listen as I use the internet.

    This is an important skill as you get to uni, as you’ll be using a computer to type, a book to get info from, and TV/Music on in the background to keep you on track. If it’s too quiet, I can’t work.

  230. Steve Healy says


  231. Steve Healy says

    I dont know how having the TV can help you study

  232. 228 – Indeed it is, Steve. Indeed it is.

    Right now, using internet as I watch the footy show.

  233. Gday everyone again, and especially gday to Mike, making a rare appearance I see?

    I chuckled at comment 28 Steve. I did have my first legal drink though, along with a massive parma.

  234. Michael Allan says

    I could never read a book like that, I’d constantly lose which line I was reading.

    Then again, I could never read a book normally.

  235. Michael Allan says

    Thank you Bulman – people had stopped going on msn so I ventured out this side of the internet for a change.

  236. 231: Okay, I admit, that is a bit weird, but I just can’t concentrate on one thing at a time, so I’ll chuck on a DVD I know well. That way I don’t get too consumed by the DVD, but I still know what’s going on.

  237. Michael Allan says

    btw, happy birthday.

  238. It’s a fact – Women are better at multi-tasking than men. However, for a man I am especially bad.

    I like to have music while I work, silence makes me think too much off topic.

  239. Michael Allan says

    236 – Well I listen to music while doing homework but I don;’t think that counts.

  240. 229- i Think much more clearly when im typing, my work comes out more sophisticated, my sentences are so much better as is my language, yet when im doing a Sac I sit there pen in hand not being able to think of an INTRO!

  241. Steve Healy says

    I really struggle to read things too, I have to have my mind right on it while I read, I need 100% focus or im not understanding what im reading.

    what was the drink adam? beer I presume?

  242. Michael Allan says

    Danni are you doing Blake poetry for Lit?

    Tell me your books, we might be doing the same ones.

  243. 238: That’s exactly it! If I don’t have music or TV, my mind wanders. There are three million different ways my mind could go.

    With the background distraction, it’s either homework or music/movie. Limits the possibilities :-)

    240 – I know exactly what you mean. Typing the thoughts come fast, but you can get them down fast. By the time you write out a sentence, your mind has moved on and you can’t remember what you were going to say next. Train of thought = derailed.

  244. Strongbow Cider actually.

    Brb guys, have do endure the obligatory Happy Birthday chant.

  245. OKAY
    Katherine Mansfield stories, Emma, Freedom of the City. and some sort of poetry.

  246. Michael Allan says

    I’ve started having a scribe for essays and I’ve been surprised with how much easier thinking is when you say it aloud instead of writing it down. It’s sop much easier than just thingking it in your head then writing it down.

  247. You got Emma? Lucky thing!

    When I did lit, we had:
    The Good Earth, Regeneration, William Donne Poetry, Hunting the Wild Pineapple and something else I forgot.

    Regeneration was the only good book – it was about a mental institution during WWI

  248. Michael Allan says

    We’re douing Mansfiedl short stories – THE BOOK IS MASSIVE!!! We did my Brother Jack form our first SAC this week. I don’t know your other two books. I know we do Hedda Gabbler later on and weve done A room of one’s own which is incredibly boring.

  249. Steve Healy says

    im not looking forward to literature much, im doing it next semester

  250. 247- yeah its alright but when you compare it to Pride and Prejudice (which i did in Lit year 9) its nothing!
    P&P is one of my all time fav books.

  251. John Donne*, the William came from W. Blake, which I did in yr 11

  252. Michael Allan says

    year 10 lit was so easy. It’s bad that I didn’t do 1/2 Lit though, this year it’s tough. I hope I did alright with the first SAC.

    its soo cool

  254. Michael Allan says

    I like Blake poetry, I liked the Tyger cause it was all about the nature of God and reminded me of Richmond lol.

  255. Steve Healy says

    I hope it is, where studying 3 or 4 books

  256. I remembered the other book – ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, by Oscar Wilde. That was pretty funny.

    250 – My favourite Austen book is Persuasion, which I studied in Yr 11, but I do love P&P. Emma and Sense & Sensibility I love, too, but Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey are pretty disappointing.

  257. Steve Healy says

    anyway im off now guys cya

  258. Night Steve!

  259. Michael Allan says

    Cya Healy, are you doing any histories Danni?

  260. 256- Colin Firth as Mr.darcy in P&P just topped my life! i went out and bought the double disc edition of P&P THE BBC version.
    i adore it!!

  261. Michael Allan says

    Keiran Knightley isn’t too bad either.

  262. Steve Healy says

    Or am I?

  263. 259- yeah im doing French Revolution (which is amazing althought the class is having nervous breakdowns cos its really complex)and when thats over we do Russian revoultion.

  264. Michael Allan says


    Your either hear or not.

    Yup I’m doing revs next year and I miught be doing International studies as well.

  265. 260 – S&S has Kate Winslett, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant and, best of all, Alan Rickman. *swoon*

  266. 261- nah Mikey not THAT version.
    im talkign about the REAL version.
    Colin Firth defined what it was to be Mr.Darcy

  267. Steve Healy says

    I believe you spell it here, not hear!


  268. Michael Allan says

    Ooh I love my Emma Thompson.

  269. 266 – It was the best version, without a doubt. Kiera Knightley is cool, but she’s no Lizzy

  270. 264- cool

    have you seen “About a boy” ?

  271. 268: You’re thinking Emma Watson

    But Emma Thompson was also in Harry Potter – she plays professor Trelawney

  272. 270 – Not in years! But it was funny :-)

  273. 269- lol exactly!
    you should have seen me when i saw Colin Firth last week on tv at the Academy awards.

  274. Michael Allan says

    About a boy gets played on Channel ten so much it’s ridiculous. It’s quite scary when you watch Skins and he plays a tough cool kid. Love Actually have most of the people we’ve mentioned in it.

  275. Michael Allan says

    Beleive me I’m thinking Emma Thompson. Awesome actress. Stranger than fiction was awersome! Mind you I like Emma Watson to.

  276. Anyone seen any Blackadder? Absolute gem of a show, one of my favourites. Miranda Richardson (Rita Skeeter in HP) is one of the main cast members alongside Atkinson, Laurie, Fry etc. and the actors who play Hagrid, Sprout and Slughorn all appear as guest stars. Indeed, in a spin-off, Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, all 4 of them appear.

  277. 274- i love that movie!

    “and there i was singing with my eyes closed”

  278. Michael Allan says

    Blackadder is stupid. Not funny in the slightest.

  279. 275-
    I love the guy who plays proff SNAPE!!
    he seriously scares me, i love it

  280. Hugh Grant is an embarrassment. He plays the same character in every single one of his movies.

  281. Michael Allan says

    yeah Alan Rickman, Love Actually again.

  282. What do you have against it Mike?

    Alan Rickman is awesome. I’d love to have a voice as deep as his.

  283. Michael Allan says

    Haha true Adam. My favorite riomantic comedy has to be Notting Hill. Bloody fantastic it is.

  284. 280-
    HE IS NOT!!
    hes a great actor!
    i would know- Drama student for 3 years straight!

  285. Michael Allan says

    I just don’t think it’s funny. Benefiet of the doubt I only saw one episode but I didn’t laugh. The Cosby Show is the best sit-com of all time.

  286. 275: I’m impressed – you’d be surprised how many people have no idea who she is. My apologies.

    276: I do believe that is the most quotable TV show of ALL time. Season 3 is the best.
    If you like that, you should check out: “A Bit of Fry and Laurie”, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie’s comedy sketch show.

  287. 282- jack has a deep voice…so dreamy and manly….

  288. Michael Allan says

    I’m doing a talk on the cosby show for philosophy toomorrow. I’ve always wanted an excuse to do a presentation about it.

  289. Are you sure you’re not thinking of Hugh Laurie Danni? Because Hugh Grant is about as versatile as a frozen watch.

  290. Alan Rickman is Snape, Danni! That’s why I was swooning when I mentioned him before. He plays Christopher Brandon in S&S. I <3 his voice, and he's a superb actor.

  291. Emma Watson is hot.

  292. 288- Everybody love Raymond- LOVE THAT SHOW!

    i also love the acting of ‘Mcdreamy’
    Patrick Dempsey!! so hot

  293. Michael Allan says

    286 – No worries, I’m the only guy I know who likes Emma Thompson. ery underrated actress I reckon.

  294. I suppose Hugh Grant did step out of his typecast for the Bridget Jones movies. He got to play a jerk of a sexoholic prick in those movies :-)

  295. 289- HUGH GRANT

    290- OMG lmaoo okk thats freaky
    BUT OMG HES SOO GOOD! like when i watch HP i sit there frozen, scared..he SCARES ME when he yells at Harry!!

  296. I love Blackadder, but my personal favourite would have to be series 4.

  297. Michael Allan says

    Pretty sure thats what he played in About a Boy lol.

  298. Michael Allan says

    I’ll have to watch it I was interested in it cause I like Rowan Aktinson but I was dissapointed. Then again nobody can compete with the comedic genius of Bill Cosby.

  299. I might take a look at Bill Cosby then. And Fry and Laurie for that matter, I’m a bit of a comedy nerd, especially for British comedy.

  300. What I loved about BJDiaries was that it was Colin firth and Hugh Grant IN ONE MOVIE!!

  301. Colin Firth makes a guest appearance as William Shakespeare in Blackadder: Back and Forth. I got the box set for Christmas and watched Back and Forth for the first time just this week.

    I thought of you when I saw Colin Firth’s name in the credits Danni…

  302. Michael Allan says

    I got so many series of the Cosby Show for christmas I locked myself in my room and watched em all. Best summer ever. I’ll proboably buy more in the holidays.

  303. 298 – Don’t watch season 1. Maybe you saw that season? It’s really nothing like the last three. Seasons 3 & 4 are the best. That’s why Laurie started making regular appearances.

    It’s VERY high brow humour.

    Blackadder: Baldrick, what are you doing out there?

    Baldrick: I’m carving something on this bullet sir.

    Blackadder: What are you carving?

    Baldrick: I’m carving “Baldrick”, sir.

    Blackadder: Why?

    Baldrick: It’s a cunning plan actually.

    Blackadder: Of course it is.

    Baldrick: You see, you know they say that somewhere there’s a bullet
    with your name on it?

    Blackadder: Yes?

    Baldrick: Well, I thought if I owned the bullet with my name on it,
    I’d never get hit by it, ‘cos I won’t ever shoot myself.

    Blackadder: Oh, shame.

  304. 301- YAYY i love being associated and thought of at the mention of Colin Firth!
    ill never forget the launch! lmaoo

  305. Poor Scully! Newman is such a jerk. Tom looked really nervous…

  306. Michael Allan says

    Anyway I’m off now cya later.

  307. Susie – It was my friend Nick who introduced me to Blackadder, less than 12 months ago in fact. That scene was the first scene of the first episode of Blackadder I ever saw. As soon as I saw that scene I knew I loved it.

    Baldrick: And the chances of there being two bullets with my name on it are very, very small.

    Blackadder: It isn’t the only thing that is very, very small Baldrick. If a hungry cannibal cracked your head open he wouldn’t find enough matter inside to cover a small water biscuit.

  308. 307- you KNOW NICK JONAS??

  309. 307 – It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

    I think one of my all-time favourite scenes is from season 3:

    George: Well, we didn’t take `no’ for an answer, and have, in fact, been working
    all night. I’ve done `B’.

    Blackadder: Really? And how have you got on?

    George: Well, I had a bit of trouble with `belching’, but I think I got it
    sorted out in the end. (burps) Oh no, there I go again! (laughs)

    Blackadder: You’ve been working on that joke for some time, haven’t you, sir?

    George: Well, yes, I have, as a matter of fact, yes.

    Blackadder: Since you started…

    George: Basically.

    Blackadder: So, in fact, you haven’t done any work at all.

    George: Not as such, no.

    Blackadder: Great. Baldrick, what have you done?

    Baldrick: I’ve done `C’ and `D’.

    Blackadder: Right, let’s have it, then.

    Baldrick: Right. “Big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in.”

    Blackadder: What’s that?

    Baldrick: `Sea’.

    Blackadder: Yes — tiny misunderstanding. Still, my hopes weren’t high. Now;
    what about `D’?

    Baldrick: I’m quite pleased with `dog’.

    Blackadder: Yes, and your definition of `dog’ is…?

    Baldrick: “Not a cat.”

  310. Sammy Newman and Johnno Brown singing is just painful

  311. 310- I wouldnt know, i dont watch that shizz.


    anyhoo imm off now..lit drained me.

    Night :)

  312. Night Danni!

    I’m heading off too.

  313. Damian Watson says

    214- No need to apologise Steve lol, I just thought there was a bit of a resemblance with Klusener but I guess you are right.

    I love Blackadder, great show, is Hugh Laurie British or American?

    Never been a fan of Hugh Grant since that stupid Nine Months movie.

    Anyway i’m watching the Footy Show, I liked the interview with the youngsters.

  314. Hope you didn’t drive home last night Adam.

    The best part about the Footy Show was when Brown and Newman started singing, how cool was that? Lol, you never see Jono Brown doing that, so he must be going out of his comfort zone this year. And the interviews with Kane Lucas, Jake Melksham, Ben Cunnington, Jack Trengove and Tom Scully were good, although Cunnington was the only one who really talked. And it was funny when Scully sized up against Brown and Hall and then walked off.

  315. 313 – He’s British. And for the record, I just remember he TOO was in Sense & Sensibility with Grant and Rickman. He played a very un-Hugh Laurie role.

    314 – Poor Scully, I thought he was going to cry. Newman = nasty. I know it was a joke, but I don’t think an 18-year-old who is still to play a game is comfortable enough to joke like that yet.

  316. I don’t think i’ve ever heard of Blackadder..

    Did anyone notice the glaring mistake in Jon Ralph’s Pre-Season guide in the HS today?

  317. 316 – I just went back and looked closely through the guide, is it saying that Geelong’s side against the Roos was “half-strength”?

  318. Read the Port Adelaide and West Coast guides..

  319. Steve Healy says

    sounds like the Herald Sun’s guide is riddled with mistakes.

    The Age’s footy magazine is out on Sunday, they’re always good, and our very own Paul Daffey does a profile on every player

  320. Oh it’s so obvious now. That is an enormous failure from Ralph.


    Lol watch that video, it’s funny.

  322. Steve Healy says

    what was the mistake?

  323. He said Port’s form had been up and down after a big win over Adelaide and then a huge loss to West Coast, while the Eagles had been impressive with big defeats of Essendon and Port Adelaide.

  324. Jon Ralph did a short review of each team’s preseason.

    West Coast:
    Make no mistake, the Eagles are massing their forces again. The highlight was the thumping win against Port, but the second and thurd-year players are on fire and the veterans still performing.

    Port Adelaide:
    Impossible to read. Obliterated Adelaide, then went to water against the Eagles. Smashed by Collingwood last week. Who knows?

  325. Steve Healy says

    323- Ralphy, Ralphy, Ralphy, when will you learn?

  326. Steve Healy says

    How could he not know that Port smashed the Eagles, not the other way around? He should lose his job for these mistakes lol

  327. Its disappointing because the Dogs played the Power in the third round of the NAB Cup so he should have known.

  328. Steve Healy says

    I cant believe that journalists in general are making mistakes like these in the modern era.

  329. Also, Brett Kirk nominated Mark Seaby as his most improved player. How the hell does that make sense, this is their first pre-season together.

  330. Seaby wasn’t getting a crack at the Eagles with Cox out for much of the year and now Seaby is getting a regular run and I must say he has been far from disappointing, so yeah it’s a fair call by Kirk, but you think he would nominate someone like Shaw or White.

  331. And Jon Ralph also said Matthew Pavlich was 29 when he’s 28.

  332. Reporters/Journalists need to check their facts.

  333. Steve Healy says

    maybe Ralphy was drinking on the job

  334. Today’s Richo’s 35th birthday. Happy birthday to the champ!

  335. Steve Healy says

    oh yeah it is too, happy birthday Richo

  336. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha you should’ve seen what I did today at school, I was late for school as usual, and on the bit of paper I wrote “unlucky” as my reason for being late, lol and when the teacher signed it she said “unlucky?”, “well, I’m just telling the truth”


  338. Steve Healy says

    337- ????

  339. How can you defend him after his blatant mistakes?

  340. 338- people im on msn to celebrate the fact that i finshed my english sac.
    im hoping this will be my night off to chillax.

  341. Steve Healy says

    340- yay, lets talk

  342. Damian Watson says

    I know you guys are on msn so I’ll be blunt.

    It does seem inexcusable that a high profile journalist can make a mistake of that magnitude so I am suprised with Ralphy’s mistakes, I’m sure it was a good analysis though.

    Yeah I though Hugh Laurie might have been British.

    and well done Danni, I’m sure the English sac wasn’t too complicated lol.

  343. Yeah Hugh Laurie’s now most famous for House, but that role is totally un-Hugh Laurie like.

    Gday Damo.

  344. Damo were you pleased with Kane Lucas on the Footy Show last night? He didn’t talk too much lol.

  345. Damian Watson says

    343- Yeah I agree with you on that aspect Adam, good to hear you enjoyed your 18th.

    Yeah I don’t think many of those young recruits had an in-depth conversation, but I suppose it is their first appearance on Live TV.

  346. Ben Cunnington was impressive, you have to feel for Tom Scully though lol. Not a good way to make a TV debut.

  347. I didn’t watch the Footy Show last night.

    Yeah my 18th was good, as I mentioned I went to the pub, and I got a lot of people saying Happy Birthday at school and on Facebook also. Thanks again to all my Facebook peeps on here who posted on my wall.

  348. So how has your first official day of being 18 gone Adam?

  349. It started well with me getting up late and having a double spare, then there was 4 periods of school which included a brief lockdown period which I mentioned on MSN.

    Overall, not bad, but not much different to being 17 yet, apart from the Strongbow.

  350. I’m not too big on Beer

  351. Danni: “Jack Anthony!”
    Steve: “Jack Grimes!”
    Adam: “Jack Riewoldt!”
    Josh: “We don’t have a Jack…”

  352. Damian Watson says

    351- What about Jack Ziebell? I’m probably the person who would say that the Blues don’t have a Jack. lol

  353. 351: Ahh shut up Adam..

  354. Damo – Yes it was a big mistake on Josh’s part which I pointed out, especially as he has Ziebell’s number on his guernsey, but as Josh said, to be fair, Jack is a common name.

  355. Steve Healy says

    sorry guys, wasnt aware of this conversation.

    Nevertheless, good to hear from you Damo :)

  356. Played in the Semi-Final of Tennis today, lost my three matches 6-4, 6-4 and 6-4. Sense a pattern?

  357. I can’t spot any obvious pattern there, maybe I’m just dense ;)

  358. Must come with old age then Adam ;)

    Off to Melbourne now, cya.

  359. 358: Don’t count seeing me Josh, Melbourne’s a big place ;)

  360. I just discovered that Levi Greenwood is an anagram of NEW ROO LEG DIVE, which is ironic considering his recent injury.

  361. Steve Healy says

    brilliant, adam hahaha

  362. Back

  363. ..And the day i’ve been dreading for years has come.

    My wisdom teeth are coming in. And it hurts.

  364. Steve Healy says

    wise words Jsoh

  365. Thanks Tseve

  366. Almanackers, i’m talking to Steve on MSN at the moment, and we’ve come across something interesting.

    When Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney come into the league and it expands to 18 teams, we discussed the option of a final 9 for the finals system, and 8th and 9th to play the weekend after Round 22 to determine who finishes 8th. Now, Steve made up an imaginary 2012 ladder, which had the Gold Coast in 8th spot and Richmond 9th. Where would you play this match? The MCG or Gold Coast Stadium?

  367. From a totally objective viewpoint, it would have to be Gold Coast Stadium, since Gold Coast finished higher they deserve a just reward – i.e home ground advantage.

  368. But, what you play a final at Gold Coast Stadium? The MCG is much better, and there is no real home ground advantage..

  369. Would you**

  370. Damian Watson says

    You could possibly host a final in that nature at the Gabba. After all many predict that the Gold Coast will use the Gabba as their home venue for the bulk of the first half of 2012.

  371. That was also an option Damo, but still your not going to get your 70,000 odd that you would get by playing the game at the MCG.

  372. Damian Watson says

    I’d highly doubt that 70 000 will be willing to attend a match between Richmond and the Gold Coast, even if it is a final.

  373. I reckon they would, if the match was to be the only game on a weekend to determine who finishes in the top 8 on a Saturday night at the MCG, at least 60,000 would come through the gates, and 70,000 would be no barrier.

  374. Steve Healy says

    I really don’t get this argument Josh.

    If Richmond finish 9th and Gold Coast 8th, that means the Gold Coast deserve a home final, and if they win, they’ll most likely travel again, but if Richmond win, there’s every chance they’ll be back at the g the next week

  375. Well Steve how about we have this argument in 2 and half years time when we will most likely be presented with this argument.

  376. Steve Healy says

    375- thats a done deal, lol

  377. Steve Healy says

    Fans will be let on the ground on Saturday at the MCG!

  378. Slow night on the Almanac with just 2 days until the Footy starts.

  379. SAC time for the Year 12 kids, I daresay. Just before the end of term it gets a bit hectic. I’m here though, and ready to talk footy if anyone else is on :-)

  380. Steve Healy says

    I’m still on, even though ive got homework to do lol.

    3 days Josh, lol.

    This time in 3 nights Richmond V Carlton will either be over or in the final few minutes.

    I can’t wait to have a kick on the ground

  381. I can’t believe they’re letting people on the ground. That hasn’t happened since I was a little takka. It’s a special feeling, though. It really feels like hallowed turf when you step out there.

  382. 2 nights Steve. Wednesday night is gonna be a ripper with The Bounce and the Footy Show.

    Injections tomorrow :|

    Just starting a Melbourne v Hawthorn review does this look Healy?

    B: Cheney—Warnock—Frawley
    HB: Garland—Rivers—Macdonald
    C: Green—Scully—Grimes
    HF: Davey—Miller—Watts
    FF: Trengove—Bate—Sylvia
    R: Jamar—Bruce—Moloney
    I/C: Jones—Petterd—McDonald—Martin

  383. I’ve been on the MCG twice, once after Carlton v Fremantle in 2005 and another time at the main-break of Hawthorn v Adelaide in 2003.

  384. Injections are fun, Josh! You got kids fainting, left right and centre – you get out of class!

  385. It’s not fun when i’m the one fainting!! Lol, i’m not really scared but i’m still getting that feeling you get when you know your getting a needle.

  386. Steve Healy says

    Susie, it happened two years ago for Melbourne V Fremantle. That was awesome. And now it’s happenning again. See how Jim Stynes can pull the strings to make things happen?

    It’s ok, Josh, but im not sure if Watts will play, and Sylvia will most likely be back in Round 2

  387. Oh I heard something about a motorbike stunt to be performed on the ground before the Demons-Hawks game on Saturday..Jimmy organized it.

  388. Steve Healy says

    Josh, every time someone gets a needle its the same- they are scared beforehand, no one wants to do it, but when it happens there’s just a tiny pricking soreness and its all fine

  389. Steve Healy says

    387- Yeah, that too, he said that in the video, it’ll be crazy to see

  390. Just don’t look at it. And don’t stress. I had an extremely painful needle a couple of years back – one of a set of three. Be glad you are a boy and don’t have to get it. They didn’t prep girls’ arms with the alcohol, they didn’t really look when they injected… they were chatting and looking over our heads.

    Three years on, I am still alive. So I think you will be fine. :-D

  391. The last time I got a needle was the Friday on which Adelaide and Richmond played on a Friday night at AAMI Stadium in Round 8 in 2007. Not unless you count the needles i’ve gotten in surgery since that, which don’t really hurt.

    All the girls in year 7 had massive red patches on their arms after their needles, lol it was so funny.

  392. 391 – Karma will bite you, Josh. You’ll probably end up with a really big red patch now.

    I can’t wait for the footy. Really. I am literally bouncing in my chair now, just thinking about it :-D It’s finally here. I mean, really. It’s here.

    Footy’s back :-D

  393. Ooh here’s a challenge. Anyone wanna have a crack at what the top 50 players will be according to Mike Sheahan? He’s going to release it on Wednesday. I’ll have a shot tomorrow.

  394. 392: Sadly, Round 1 isn’t that appealing to me.

  395. If Ablett isn’t number one, Sheahan should be fired.

  396. 394: Josh, it’s footy. Enough said.

  397. 1. Ablett, 2. Riewoldt, 3. Brown

  398. Steve Healy says

    Here’s mine:

    B Cheney Warnock Bennell

    HB MacDonald Frawley Rivers

    C Scully McDonald Trengove

    HF Jones Miller Davey

    F Petterd Bate Green

    FOL Jamar Moloney Grimes

    INT Bruce, Martin, Strauss, Maric.

  399. 396: Oh of course, it might not be appealing to me but its still gonna be like eight Grand Finals rolled into one.

  400. I’ll have a shot at the top 20 – Bear in mind that I made this in 5 minutes and there are probably players I’ve forgotten:

    1. Gary Ablett
    2. Nick Riewoldt
    3. Jonathan Brown
    4. Chris Judd
    4. Joel Selwood
    5. Nick Dal Santo
    6. Lance Franklin
    7. Dane Swan
    8. Aaron Sandilands
    9. Brian Lake
    10. Lenny Hayes
    11. Jimmy Bartel
    12. Leigh Montagna
    13. Scott Pendlebury
    14. Adam Cooney
    15. Adam Goodes
    16. Bryce Gibbs
    17. Brent Harvey
    18. Brendan Goddard
    19. Brendan Fevola
    20. Ryan O’Keefe

  401. Steve Healy says

    I know what you Josh, only 4 games in victoria, usually there’s 5

  402. I would argue about Nick Dal Santo’s spot in there, but that looks pretty good Adam, it’s just a matter of positioning. I think Luke Ball will be somewhere in the top 25.

  403. 401: yeah, but i mean the games aren’t really blockbusters. Here’s my rating of the matches out of 10:

    Richmond v Carlton-6/10
    Geelong v Essendon-7/10
    Melbourne v Hawthorn-8/10
    Sydney v St Kilda-5/10
    Brisbane v West Coast-6/10
    Port Adelaide v North Melbourne-3/10
    Western Bulldogs v Collingwood-10/10
    Fremantle v Adelaide-3/10

  404. I would argue about Melbourne v Hawthorn being an 8/10, especially considering that it contains no top 8 teams from last year and Geelong-Essendon and St Kilda-Sydney, both of which contain 2009 Grand finalists, are rated lower.

  405. Bit of a pattern developing towards the end there, Adam:

    Adam, Adam, Bryce, Brent, Brendan, Brendan.

  406. Anywho, I’m off now. Should get some homework done so I can get to sleep and be well-rested for my 5.30 wake-up call -_-

  407. 5:30? Ouch. Why?

  408. Steve Healy says

    1. Gary Ablett
    2. Nick Riewoldt
    3.Chris Judd
    4. Joel Selwood
    5. Jonathon Brown
    6. Dane Swan
    7. Nick Dal Santo
    8. Jimmy Bartel
    9. Matthew Boyd
    10. Lenny Hayes
    11. Leigh Montagna
    12. Brendon Goddard
    13. Bredan Fevola
    14. Brian Lake
    15. Adam Cooney
    16. Adam Goodes
    17. Scott Pendlebury
    18. Bernie Vince
    19. Matthew Pavlich
    20. Ryan O’Keefe
    21. Daniel Cross
    22. Bryce Gibbs
    23. Marc Murphy
    24. Ben Cousins
    25. Mark LeCras
    26. Jason Porplyzia
    27. Luke Hodge
    28. Sam Mitchell
    29. Ryan Hargrave
    30. Cyril Rioli
    31. Simon Black
    32. Nick Maxwell
    33. Jobe Watson
    34. Brent Stanton
    35. Brent Harvey
    36. Dean Cox
    37. Leon Davis
    38. Jarryd Roughead
    39. Joel Corey
    40. Drew Petrie
    41. Domenic Cassisi
    42. Brett Deledio
    43. Sam Fisher
    44. Sam Gilbert
    45. Jason Gram
    46. Heath Shaw
    47. Brett Kirk
    48. jarrad McVeigh
    49. Brent Moloney
    50. Daniel Giansiracusa

  409. Steve Healy says

    I probably forgot quite a few lol.

  410. Good effort Healy.

    And Adam, the score was of my opinion, and i can’t wait to listen to Demons v Hawks on the radio, my first Saturday arvo game with no real pressue since Round 22 last year. Whereas Sydney v St Kilda doesn’t promise to be much of a spectacle.

  411. I would dispute the inclusion of Brent Moloney, and I think ruckmen such as Aaron Sandilands and Mitch Clark are very stiff.

    Also, I would have Paul Duffield somewhere in there as he is underrated, and also Presti. And Daniel Rich. And Shaun Higgins. And Cyril is too high.

  412. Simon Black should be at least in the top 20 too.

  413. Would love to see Simon Black win another Brownlow before he retires too, he really deserves it. But, my tip for the 2010 Brownlow Medal is Adam Cooney.

  414. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I had Sandilands in there, he must have gotten chopped out in the editing process accidently.

    Yep, those 4 specifically were ones I kicked myself about after that.

    Sydney V st.Kilda could be a tight close game, but it wont be high scoring

  415. I think Kurt Tippett warrants an inclusion, he is on the verge of being one of the top key forwards in the league IMO. Simon Goodwin and Tyson Edwards are still playing very well despite their years, but you can’t have everyone I get.

    Some top 50 inclusions I would dispute:
    -Brent Moloney (If I’d have to pick a Dee I’d pick Davey)
    -Dom Cassisi (Underrated, Solid captain, but not top 50 worthy IMO)
    -Gia (Good player, but I’d rather Higgins, Gilbee or Griffen)
    -Maxwell (WAY too high at 32)
    -Stanton (No WAY has he done enough to justify putting him ahead of Harvey, Corey and Deledio)

  416. Steve Healy says

    Yes, Adam, I had to put a Dees player in there lol

  417. Steve Healy says

    I found a mistake in the Age season guide- they got Adam Varcoe and Travis Varcoe’s date of births mixed up

  418. Steve Healy says

    Top 50 players 21 or under (as of today)

    1. Joel Selwood
    2. Bryce Gibbs
    3. Daniel Rich
    4. Patrick Dangerfield
    5. Nick Naitanui
    6. Jarryd Harbrow
    7. David Mackay
    8. Jack Redden
    9. Mitch Robinson
    10. Cyril Rioli
    11. Dayne Beams
    12. Steele Sidebottom
    13. Kyle Remiers
    14. David Zaharakis
    15. Tayte Pears
    17. Michael Hurley
    18. Matthew Kreuzer
    19. Stephen Hill
    20. Nick Suban
    21. Chris Mayne
    22. Josh Hill
    23. Travis Varcoe
    24. Cale Morton
    25. Liam Shiels
    26. Ryan Schoenmakers
    27. Liam Jurrah
    28. James Frawley
    29. Jack Grimes
    30. Ricky Petterd
    31. Patrick Veszpremi
    32. Austin Wonaeamirri
    33. Levi Greenwood
    34. Gavin Urquhart
    35. Ben Warren
    36. Lachie Hansen
    37. Craig Bird
    38. Robbie Gray (just qualifies, 22 in 8 days)
    39. Travis Boak
    40. Hamish Hartlett
    41. Nathan Krakouer
    42. Jack Riewoldt
    43. Brad Ebert
    44. Chris Masten
    45. Tyrone Vickery
    46. Jayden Post
    47. David Armitage
    48. Ben McEvoy
    49. Tom Swift
    50. Daniel Hannebery

    Based on performances at AFL level, have to have played one senior game at least

  419. Steve Healy says

    In no paticular order

  420. Trent Cotchin says hello. Also, Jack Riewoldt says “can I get above 42? I’m better than half the guys above me.”

  421. Steve Healy says

    Read comment 419.

    Sorry, Trent.

  422. Steve Healy says

    status- in media

  423. Steve – not only The Age, the preseason AFL Record also has the dates jumbled… as does the AFL Record Season Guide 2010. Everywhere has the two Varcoes mixed up, meaning the AFL got their info wrong.

    Very well spotted – you should send someone at one of the above mentioned places an email, pointing it out.

  424. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, Susie perhaps I should lol.

    AFL News: Aparently Gary Ablett has decided whether he is going to leave or not, and Scott Gumbleton and David Hille are going to play this week

    :( :( :(

    :( :( :(

  426. Steve Healy says

    425-? This must be serious!

    :( :( :(


  428. Steve Healy says


  429. ………. *cries*
    :( :(

  430. Steve Healy says

    Oh… now I know.

    I’m sorry Danni :(

  431. …………….

  432. Steve Healy says

    I feel really bad for you danni

    Lets just hope Jack decides to give her the flick

  433. …You know this REALLYYYY topped my day.
    NEVER using thet STUPID website AGAIN!!!

  434. I can’t seem to find anything about Jack but i’m guessing he has a new girlfriend?

    I got my needle today..

  435. HAHAHAHA this is gold keep it up Danni!

  436. Steve Healy says
  437. Aww, maybe it was just some random that the CFC photographers called his partner.

  438. Not too bad in the looks department. Not too bright I imagine though…

  439. Steve Healy says

    Gotta admit, shes pretty hot though.

    Anyway, im off to watch footy classified

  440. Ben Howlett will make his debut for Essendon this Friday.


  442. B: Kelvin Moore, Will Thursfield, Shane Edwards
    HB: Daniel Connors, Luke McGuane, Chris Newman
    C: Trent Cotchin, Nathan Foley, Matt White
    HF: Ben Cousins, Jack Riewoldt, Richard Tambling
    F: Mitch Morton, Graham Polak, Robin Nahas
    Foll: Troy Simmonds, Brett Deledio, Daniel Jackson
    I/C: Angus Graham, Dustin Martin, Andrew Collins, Alex Rance

    Richmond’s best 22 according to the AFL website

    Not a bad side overall, I would mildly dispute Rance and Edwards, and I cannot understand why they put White in at all. I rate Mitch Farmer over Edwards and Post over Rance.

  443. ….i think ill just crank up the Jonas Brothers on my ipod and eat a tub of ice-cream…..


  444. …does anyone know if Simon Buckley is single??????

  445. Nope I don’t know, presumable not, he’s not that good looking.

    PLUS you guys didnt think Jack was to hot and look at his…..his….

  447. Hey Danni, have you, like me, had an enormous load of SACs this week?

  448. 447- im going through an emotional crisis and u ask me about SACS!!!!
    I have LIT 2mro and Thursday and Business on Thursday.
    i also have History and Media first week back.

    i cnt study….i cnt concentrate and its all JACKS FAULT! :(
    Couldnt he wait until after graduation!!
    and why a BLONDE!!!

  449. So your going to blame Jack for all this?

  450. i blame him for his timing!!
    i cnt concentrate..i was doing fine revision until i thought ‘oh i better go on the collingwood website for my normal checkup’

  451. Danni, it could be worse. He could be dating a girl that you hate at your school.

    I have 4 SACs this week, 2 of them for English, as well as another straight after the holidays.

    My Methods teacher slyly remarked “You don’t have school holidays in year 12. They’re called “class-free periods”

    Is it me or is this year just getting worse, schoolwise?

  453. BTW La Trobe is having their open day on the 9th April from 9:30am to 11:00
    But if u wann check out the accommodation tour then u finish at 12:00

  454. Damian Watson says

    Why is it always quiet whenever I’m on the site? lol only kidding.

    Poor Danni, Jack just wanted someone around his age bracket lol. I had 3 sac’s yesterday and Math test today lol at least I got full marks on my English oral.

    Can’t wait for the matches on Thursday and Saturday should be a couple of mouthwatering contests to witness from the stands.

  455. Good work Damo.

    Danni that’s not their open day, that’s just a “Talk and Tour” thing, their actual open day is in August.

    Here’s something you might be interested in seeing Danni – A Jonas Brothers cover of the Iron Maiden song Aces High. And it’s actually not bad.

  456. Rite, watever its called, im prob going although u should have seen the questioning whne I told my rents.
    ‘why don’t u want to go to Melbounre?”
    “whens Melbourne having its open day?”
    “you should try and get into to Melbourne”
    Jonas eyy? Cool ill check it out. Must say I used to be Jonas Obsessed, not as much now. But Nick Jonas is looking very fine these days. Curls are too cute on guys!

  457. Your parents shouldn’t be coercing you to go to Melbourne and not Latrobe, especially if they haven’t seen either uni. Go to both.

  458. I got 15/16 on an Essay topic in English today, the equal-best in the class. So my teacher gave me $2.

  459. Steve Healy says

    I’d go to Melbourne Uni, Danni, I reckon they’d have a better range of options, plus its a better uni.

    Damo, so you can definitely come then?

  460. 454- full marks? nice one Damo

    457- i dont know..i mean Melb seems..too, outta reach, unrealistic.

  461. 458- like when teachers give stickers! :)

    459- Steve just cos its MELBOURNE uni doesnt mean its THE BEST.

  462. Steve, I’m not sure whether you’ve seen Melbourne before or not, but you definitely haven’t seen Latrobe.

    Danni – Well it can’t hurt to have a look at both anyway, then you can make a comparison.

  463. Unless a person is REALLY passionate about going to Melbourne, I’d strongly advise against going there. It’s highly competitive, unfriendly, and doesn’t have good programs.

    It has the most prestige, but I’d say is definitely not the best.

    Deakin Uni is generally regarded as one of the best, if not the best, for Work Experience, Foreign Work Experience/Study, sport teams, etc. I’m pretty sure Latrobe is right up there, too. Ask them about their work experience program, as that is vital for aspiring journalists.

    Lots of employers have a bit of prejudice against Melbourne Uni because of its lack of creditable work experience programs, I’ve heard.

    I have two siblings who went to Melbourne, both of them hated it. One went on to do further study at VU, and she said it was so much better. Everyone was friendlier and the environment less toxic.

  464. yeah, i know although melb might have too many nerd guys for my liking..

    And ive decided that I don’t care if he has a ‘partner’ I love him too much.
    ILY JACK!!! :)

  465. Steve Healy says

    I’ve drove past it and seen it before, it looks like hole

    latest injury list out on the afl website

  466. I’m most likely going to Latrobe. I went to both Open Days last year and I like the environment at Latrobe so much more. Melbourne is more prestigious, sure, but it lacks a welcoming atmosphere.

  467. Steve Healy says

    Ohh, so it looks like you two will be good friends next year, lol

  468. Adam- i knew my boys could play thier guitar, but THAT IS JUST…OMGG worthy!!
    AND THAT is why they have been on the cover of Rolling Stone!

  469. Oh, and whoever mentioned Ablett coming to a decision earlier, that was one throwaway comment at a press conference that got jumped on and blown way out of proportion, as the Ablett name tends to demand.

    Of course he knows where he wants to be in 2011. Thompson said something along the lines of “He probably already knows where he wants to be”, but hinted ‘can-we-please-move-on-and-discuss-something-actually-new-and-newsworthy?’

    Ablett knows what he wants, and it is either:
    a) He wants to stay at Geelong, and is trying to milk the club for all he’s worth; the longer he takes, the more they sweat and the more they try to offer him.
    b) He wants to go to the Gold Coast, but wouldn’t announce it until the end of the year for fear of being attacked by angry fans/teammates

    I think the fact that he indicated he will probably make an announcement mid-season as an indicator that he is staying a Cat.

    He won’t make it to the Gold Coast otherwise.

  470. Steve, you crack me up. Judging a uni on a drive past is not like judging a book like its cover, its actually much more ridiculous.

  471. Danni, remember that Iron Maiden did the song first, and better.

  472. 466 – That’s really important, Adam. You have to pick somewhere where you will actually want to go everyday. Uni is a lot different to school, a lot of your classes you don’t actually have to turn up for, but it’s to your own detriment if you don’t. If you hate the place, and you hate the people, you’ll lack the motivation to go and you’ll fall behind and might, ultimately, fail.

  473. Susie- i dont think he will leave.

    Adam- lol sure thing lunch buddy :P
    heres the deal u intro me to ur uni friends (guys) in your course and ill do the same for u!

  474. Steve Healy says

    I think he will go, Susie, but I really don’t want him to. With family ties up at the gold coast and possibly double the money, and probably a chance to captain a young side, why wouldn’t he go?

  475. 472- lol im just hoping to get INTO A UNI!!

  476. Haha sure Danni.

    Here’s my opinion on Ablett – I think, by the time he retires, he is still at Geelong and has remained a one-club player, he will be respected and remembered so much more than if he finished his career at the Gold Coast.

  477. 474- why wouldnt he go?
    maybe cos Geelong is capable of another flag THIS year!

  478. Steve Healy says

    This is Gary Ablett we’re talking about Adam. He’ll be remembered either way, depending on how much success he bring from either club from 2011 onwards.

  479. Steve Healy says

    477- Yeah, and Ablett will play in that premiership, before announcing he is leaving

  480. 474 – Keep in mind, he is not a public person. At Geelong, he shares the responsbilities with Coach, Captain and fellow leadership group.

    At the GCFC, he will be the sole face and voice of the club, which he would hate. The coach is a nobody, and he’d be the only established player just about, as just about all the other big names have pulled out.

    He would also not play in another GF. Gold Coast will not be likely to make the finals in the next 8 years, and Ablett won’t last that long.

    Especially as he will be targetted so much more.

    Now, the targeting is shared among Ablett, Selwood, Corey, Bartel, Kelly… the list goes on. On top of which, he gets a lot of protection from his teammates. You can’t expect 18-year-olds to do that for him. He’d be a marked man, you can take it from me. More money, yes. But fewer seasons. Potential to be injured badly. He’d have to be THE leader, THE example. He wouldn’t be a real part of the team like he is now. His support would be non-existant.

  481. 479- i dont know..i mean it is possible but i like the idea of a one club player.
    its more….you know

  482. Steve Healy says

    On the topic of Gary Ablett, Susie, you’d be the best one to answer this, do you think that Ablett will follow in his footsteps of his father and become a better player in his late 20’s and 30’s?

  483. Steve, I’m not sure if you understand the point I’m making. Taking the money and heading north is one thing, but being known as the player who rejected a $1.5 million contract to stay with his loyal teammates and fans is another, and I don’t know about you, but my respect for Ablett will definitely rise a lot if he chooses to stay at Geelong.

  484. 478 – He’ll be remembered either way, alright. But his choices are:
    a) Beloved Geelong Cat through and through who everyone remembers as an icon of the club, or
    b) As a traitor who played for two clubs, and branded himself not a lover of the game, not a grateful man who was appreciate of the support, time, patience and chance he was given, but as a lover of money.

  485. Steve Healy says

    483- Yes, it will Adam, but at the end of the day it’s all up to Ablett and what he wants. They made a point of Footy Classified that if Ablett left Geelong it wouldn’t be as big as if Riewoldt left St.Kilda. Do you guys agree?

    Just then, Question on SEN quiz: Who wears number 9 for Collingwood? lol

  486. Steve Healy says

    Susie, I think it’s unfair to call him a traitor and a lover of money, it might be more than the money that Ablett wants, maybe he’d like a completely new experience in his football career.

  487. 482 – Ablett Snr was not a better player as he was older, he was a different player. Yeah, he got loads more goals, but he was playing full forward, whereas he was a wingman/HFF in his earlier days. The vast majority of his wonderful speccies were taken in the earlier part of his career. His fitness was down a lot towards the end, simply because he played until he was 36. That’s why he was moved forward – less exertion (running- and jumping- and tackling-wise) – to preserve his career.

    Ablett Jnr, provided his career lasts until he is 30 – will not be as good a player as he is now, but will probably be a different player. He might be just as effective, though, in a different part of the ground. He might get something like 70+ goals a year.

  488. 486 – But that is how he would be remembered, regardless of the specific reasons. The issue was how he would be remembered.

    Geelong fans still hate Colbert, though he left for self-preservation.

  489. As far as I am concerned, though, I couldn’t care less if Ablett goes. I half hope he does.

  490. 489-
    “whose number nine?”

    “i dont know, you tell me”


  491. 485**

  492. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys, no one on msn so i ventured out here.

    489 – How could you say that? He’s the best player in the AFL.

  493. 492- mines stuffed up, im online but u cnt see it

  494. Ablett would be mad to reject the offer the Gold Coast has waved in his face. But, in my opinion, it’s Ablett or Selwood to the Gold Coast, one or the other.

    And Susie, sadly I think the Gold Coast will be a boom club and should make the finals in their second or third year.

    Ahh Uni talk, drives me crazy.

  495. M. Allan on the Footy Almanac??

  496. Steve Healy says

    I still think Ablett Senior was his best at 1992-1994, simply due to his presence and freakish goal kicking ability in the forward line, and for that he was the champion he was

  497. Michael Allan says

    Selwood will go to West Sydney.

    486 – Maybe his brother living and playing up therer has something to do with it.

  498. Steve Healy says

    No way Selwood will leave Geelong, ever, he is a one-club type.

    I cant see Gold coast making the finals in their first 4-5 years

  499. 492 – Geelong has enough stars, losing one wouldn’t hurt. We’ve shown that we have no issues playing without him, he’s missed a few rounds through injury over the years.

    I don’t actually WANT him to go – I’d probably throw a tantrum if he did, but at the moment I think he’s just being a selfish jerk. Everyone else at the club has taken HUGE pay cuts – I read somewhere the Wojo may only be on a $60,000 contract – to keep the team together. They are all getting far less than what they would get at other clubs, but they are doing it for the team and teammates they love.

    One could assume Ablett doesn’t love his team OR his teammates, as he is pushing for more money while everyone else takes pay cuts. Yes, he’s worth a lot – but time and time again he puts himself ahead of the team, and that is a pet hate of mine. I can’t stand selfish people, and Ablett is just that.

    If he loved the team, he’d have signed already. He wouldn’t be squeezing them for every penny, he wouldn’t be contemplating GCFC’s offer. I can’t stand him.

  500. Steve Healy says

    Geelong have other stars, but you cant replace Gary Ablett

  501. Steve Healy says

    And Michael, for future reference, I think you should put the almanac ahead of MSN

  502. Gold Coast won’t take long to make the finals, Josh, but they are a long way off the GF, and therefore a premiership.

    And I agree, Steve. Joel Selwood is a one-club type. He was a Cats fan growing up, and he often says he wouldn’t be the player he is if it wasn’t for the players around him.

    I think he’ll sign a Geelong contract this year, expect it to be a 4- or 5-year deal, to take him off the market for WS.

  503. A Geelong supporter who dislikes Ablett??

    Susie, just curious, do any of your siblings follow footy?

  504. Michael Allan says

    495 – a rarity I know.

    What is the one-club type Healy?

    Depends on whether they go for draft picks or go for the better players. If I were GC I’d try to get some good Key position players by trading picks. I rekon a Tom Williams type would be good for GC.

  505. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys just came back from a run.

    Ablett’s best seasons from an individual perspective were 1989 and 1993, those conditions in 89′ were horrid particularly on the MCG.

    At this stage Steve I should be able to go. Just a suggestion should we go and watch that charity cricket match? Then again I wouldn’t want to miss a Sunday of footy.

    Ablett would probably be leaning towards the Gold Coast, a marquee player would be handy.

  506. Steve Healy says

    The one club type is a player who sings the song with passion, talks well in press conferences and is strong willed and has leadership qualities and the ability to get their team over the line

  507. Damian Watson says

    506- Don’t forget loyalty.

  508. 503 – Yeah, my whole family does. Dad is Essendon, but Mum, my sister and my three brothers are all Cats fans. I’m generally regarded as the most passionate, though. My brother once said “You’re a Cats Supporter before you’re Susan Jane Giese” :p

  509. Michael Allan says

    501 – Steve, you know I’ve always been an advocate of msn over footy almanac convos. It gets annoying having to always refresh the paghe and alot of our talk isn’t about footy and so it should be on msn, a place that was designed for internet chat.

  510. Steve Healy says

    504- Great point Michael, Tom Williams should DEFINITELY go. I keep hearing so much hype about how he needs to be in the side for the Dogs. 1. He is always injured. 2. He hasn’t performed very well yet. 3. They definitely don’t need him

  511. 508: Oh, so there is a bit of tension in the house over Friday’s match?

    Gee i’ve got a sore arm from the injections today.

    Damo, confident of your chances on Thursday night?

  512. Michael Allan says

    506 – what does being a good talker in press conferences have to do with being a one club player? Gary is great in front of the media. I reckon Gary has all those qualities but I don’t think he’ll stay. You’ll need to fix that definition Healy.

  513. Steve Healy says

    509- MSN is ok, but it just isn’t the Almanac.

    Cool, damo. Whats this charity cricket match?

  514. Steve Healy says

    I think Ablett is a bit selfish on the field Michael, Selwood definitely isn’t. And I don’t think Ablett speaks that well in the media.

    Off for dinner

  515. Damian Watson says

    Immensly confident Josh. If we win I will wear my Carlton scarves and hat throughout the whole day at school on Friday.

    I still believe it will be difficult without Judd and a depleted forward structure but Richmond have only just entered a new era and i don’t expect them to provide winning results at this stage.

  516. 514 – I second this comment (except for the part about dinner)

  517. Michael Allan says

    one of your points wasn’t selflessness Steve.

    Obviously to be a one club type player you need to be the umpire’s pet and be great at selling free kicks. :)

  518. Damian Watson says

    Susie have you seen this Ablett clip:

  519. 517 – Then Judd left WCE why??? :p

  520. 517: Fits Selwood’s bill to a tee.

    I’ve got an out of uniform day on Friday so i’m wearing my North jumper to get fellow North people at my school pumped about the season opener.

  521. Michael Allan says

    515 – I expect CVarlton to win but not easily. Both teams aren’t capable of kicking winning scores at the moment so I think it will be a very low scoring game. I’ll be watching Murphy closely. Without Judd he’ll be the numbher 1 man and get the tag from Jackson. Is better than anyone else on the field so he has no excuse but to step up on the big stage.

  522. Damian Watson says

    521- Yeah that is a fair assesment, do you believe the underdog tag might provide a bit of an edge towards the Tigers?

    Of course in contrast to last season the pressure was on the Tigers to perform, now the pendulum has swung.

  523. 519: Because of the bad publicity the Eagles were getting was one of the main reasons i believe. Who wants to be captain of a club containing Ben Cousins, Daniel Kerr etc.?

  524. Michael Allan says

    J. Selwood makes Judd look like the devil. Judd doesn’t play for freekicks like Joel. Good point though, Judd fits Steve’s criteria perfectly but didn’t stay as a one club player.

  525. mikey- u see if im online on my other msn account? i hate technology!!

    Juddy left cos the WC is feral

  526. Damian Watson says

    523- Then of course there is the issue of wanting to return to your home town.

  527. 518 – Hahaha, I remember seeing this at the time! The only thing that is different now from when he was 14 is that he is perhaps a bit taller, and has less hair. His mannerisms and expressions are EXACTLY the same, LOL!

  528. *WC jumper

    i havnt been up to the WC lol so i wouldnt know but i hate the heat so ..meh

  529. Michael Allan says

    522 – I guess that tag is always an advantage. For once neither team is having a big build up, in 2008 it was Carlton with Judd and last year it was Richmond with Cousins. Won’t be a big enough edge to win us the game though. Remembenr just like Carlton, we’re missing our two most impotranbt players.

    And no, one of them is not Jake King.

  530. Damian Watson says

    527- It was funny when he was constantly shrugging, his old man wasn’t a fan of the publicity either.

  531. Damian Watson says

    Is Tom Hislop in the line up?

  532. 529: I heard Hislop isn’t playing, is he one of the two?

  533. Michael Allan says

    Danni I don’t hav ur other msn addres, add me on it.

    526 – In a way Ablett is returning home. Since he has family up on the Gold Coast.

  534. Trav Cloke is the best infront of the camera, he says the funniest most random things!

  535. Michael Allan says

    lol he was 14 years old give him a break. He’s better now.

    I was talking about Cousnis and Foley. I still don’t believe Ben will play.

  536. 533- i did

    [email protected]

  537. I rate Cousins a 70% chance to play, but if he doesn’t then at least the Tigers can blood one more recruit. No point in giving game time to the likes or White and Connors, give a young kid a go instead.

  538. Michael Allan says

    White is a spud. He disgusts me.

  539. Steve Healy says

    White had a good 2008, shocking 2009.

    I really can’t believe the footy season starts in 2 days

  540. Michael Allan says

    White had an AVERAGE 2008.


  541. Damian Watson says

    Where will you be sitting on Thursday Michael?

  542. Steve Healy says

    he only missed 2 games in 2008 and was a solid contributor, his influence in Richmond V Brisbane helped the Tigers get over the line by 3 points.

    Who isn’t excited?

    I wanted to go to 2 games this week, I was gonna go to Geelong V Essendon with my friends but it turns out that we cant go, so yeah I dunno, I dont think ill go to Geelong V Essendon alone.

  543. Michael Allan says

    He kicked a crucial goal in the final term if memnory serves me correctly. I’m going to thursdays game and hawthorn melbourne.

  544. I’m really looking forward to Western Bulldogs v Collingwood, but of course i’m looking forward to that first bounce on Thursday night.

  545. Steve Healy says

    Bulldogs V Collingwood should be live on TV, there should be a massive crowd, sunny and 31 degrees on Sunday

  546. Damian Watson says

    I’ll probably be sitting in the Southern Stand on Thursday, not sure where we’ll be on Saturday.

  547. Damian Watson says

    Live on TV? are Channel 7 willing to show it live?

    Speaking of Channel 7 is anyone going to watch ‘The Bounce’ on Wednesday night?

  548. Michael Allan says

    Sunday, Western Bulldogs, Channel 7. The three reasons it won’t be sold out or shown live.

  549. Steve Healy says

    547- Sorry, I meant should as in I think it should

    Yep, ill probably record it and the footy show and watch them both another time though

  550. Steve Healy says

    Michael, the Dogs get great numbers at the Dome, especially this season with their record membership. In round 15 last year, Bulldogs v Collingwood got 51,382 to the game

  551. Damian Watson says

    St Kilda v Geelong game was played on a Sunday and managed to sell out.

    What is wrong with the Western Bulldogs? they have an entertaining free flowing game style and have avid supporters, don’t forget it is Johnson’s 350th if he plays.

    Channel 7 would probably be the only query.

  552. Damian Watson says

    Just heard that Channel 7 will show the game delayed at the usual time on Sunday in Victoria.

  553. Damian Watson says

    Every Free to Air Game will be delayed aside from Sydney v St Kilda on Saturday night for obvious reasons.

  554. Michael Allan says

    WB have one of the lowest supporter bases in Victoria. If it does sell out it will be all thanks to Collingwood. Hardly say the Dogs get great numbers.

    I would be very surprised to see it shown live.

  555. Steve Healy says

    554- They are on a rapid rise in the supporter stakes.

    I really hope Johnson plays, like I’ve said before I want him to get to 400 games

  556. Steve Healy says

    damo, ill check the MCG website and see where we can sit.

  557. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I believe he still has the skill and stamina to reach 400 games if he continues his form.

    Thanks mate.

  558. I’ll be watching The Bounce tomorrow, hopefully it’s actually funny unlike Game Day. Then straight after i’ll be watching the Footy Show, all this after Footy Training of course. Gee i’ve got a lot of Footy tomorrow lol.

    And i’ve got Parent Teacher Student interviews on Thursday after school, I got in early and made sure mine were early so i wouldn’t miss a moment of the game that night.

  559. Steve Healy says

    General admission seating areas:
    Southern Stand
    – Bays M1 – M11
    – Bays P1 – P15
    – Bays Q1 – Q15 and Q28

    Ponsford Stand
    – Bays M28 – M31
    – Bays Q29 – Q36

    Olympic Stand
    – Bays Q49 – Q57 (rows P to the last row)

    That means, behind the goals at the city end in the first level, all top level is open, the punt rd end behind the goals and pocket and flank is open, as well as level 2A in the same place, so the only public place that is reserved is the olympic stand level 1which is always filled up with Hawthorn members for home or away games, and there is already a contingent of melbourne members with reserved seats there

  560. Damian Watson says

    I have a bludge day tomorrow.

    I like the fact that Peter Rowsthorn has been recruited on The Bounce, hopefully Strauchnie will make an apperance sometime throughout the course of the year.

  561. Steve Healy says

    558- Thank God you won’t miss any of the game from a parent teacher interview!. what sort of sad person would book their interviews then. I’ll probably be out tomorrow night, ill have to get someone to record the bounce for me

  562. Damian Watson says

    Well it doesn’t bother me where we sit, it’s up to you.

  563. 561: My last interview is at 5:10 with my P.E teacher, good way to finish by chatting to him about football. That’s all we talk about.

  564. Steve Healy says

    562- Fair enough, lol.

    It is all top level general admission for Richmond V Carlton

  565. Someone write something, we need a new thread to talk in..

    I had the best idea for a new article last night, but I forgot it..

  566. Damian Watson says

    Yeah but I have reserved tickets for that match.

  567. Damian Watson says

    *in the first level.

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