Footy: Weighing up just which club is Geelong’s true rival

By Susie Giese

It truly baffles me what can be considered a rivalry these days. It seems every week the television stations are promoting a “clash of arch rivals”. Granted, the VFL/AFL has been around for 113 years, so that gives clubs ample times to make plenty of enemies, but do all the rivalries still actually exist?

When I think of Geelong alone, six rivalries spring to mind, but I question whether they all deserve the title?

First and foremost, there is Melbourne and Geelong. It is the classic war: the two oldest clubs in the league, city versus country, white collar versus blue collar. But just as the demographics the teams represent have changed, so has the feeling between the clubs. Is there still any animosity between the two? Not to my reckoning. There have been no epic finals encounters, blood-thirsty matches or loose tongues in the media. The only factor to make Geelong and Melbourne matches anything out of the ordinary in the past decade, to my recollection, was the extended period without a win at Kardinia Park for the Dees. But that is a history, not any cause for added excitement when the prospect of a Cats v Demons game comes up.

As far as that sort of ‘history’ goes – if that counts for a rivalry — why was not more made of Geelong v Brisbane in 2004? Cats fans were all very aware that we had not beaten the team from the North since their inauguration as the Brisbane Lions. At least with Brisbane, you were always guaranteed a highly physical, aggressive game.

Adding to my point that not all rivalries the AFL advertises are still relevant, one need look no further than North Melbourne and Geelong in 2007. Indeed, that was as good a contest as any in that season, with the teams meeting in three memorable encounters. The first was in Round 5, at Skilled Stadium, when an impressive Kangaroos unit exposed Geelong’s lack of cohesiveness and enthusiasm for the game. Much was said in the media following that game, notably Thompson’s disgust (“Poor attitude. Lack of respect for the game and our opposition. They were tougher, harder and they played much better footy than us … I just don’t want it to ever happen again. I’m over it”) and Chapman’s scorn (“Too many passengers”). This, of course, was the catalyst for our 15-game winning streak and total dominance of the season.

When the teams met again in Round 20, the Kangaroos pushed Geelong most of the way, before the Cats powered away for a comfortable win. There were many mind games played in the media in the lead-up to this match, and following the loss, Kangaroos coach Dean Laidley was said to be trading secrets with Mark Williams on the key to beating the Cats. This was unprecedented.

In the first Preliminary Final, the two teams met again. The Kangaroos made headlines and copped a hefty fine following their ill-conceived idea to run through the Geelong warm-up. A 106-point demolition put the Kangaroos back in their place.

This was a heated, angry season – if anything, I’d say perfect conditions to cultivate a rivalry. Yet after the comprehensive defeat, the relationship between the clubs was never touched on again. Indeed, in 2008 little if anything was made of the two teams’ encounters. This contest was allowed to die, while the AFL continually tries to keep the Dreamtime at the ‘G “rivalry” alive?

Geelong and Hawthorn have an ideal modern-day rivalry, born of a history. In the ’80s, I suppose, you could say it all started when they gave us Gary Ablett. The Hawks were undoubtedly the powerhouse of the ’80s, but we had the star player of the decade, thanks to them. There were many bloody, rough contests that thrilled footy-purists the land over. Case in point, the 1989 Grand Final. Arguably the greatest Grand Final of all time, the game started off true-to-form when Mark Yeates infamously bulldozed Dermott Brereton. Fittingly, it was The Team that won the premiership, but The Player was given his rightful recognition with a 9-goal haul earning him the Coleman medal. Despite Hawthorn having more of a team game, though, the Cats lost by only a kick.

In the past decade, one could hardly call it an active rivalry. However, the tension was always simmering just under the surface, and came to the fore in Season 2008. Seeing as though I repressed the memories of that season (I literally cannot remember more than 3 games from the whole year, the Granny being one of many games of which I cannot recall a single second) I think it best I move on quickly. I feel it is adequate to say this rivalry can be rehashed whenever necessary, but does not become stale through over-exposure.

I will not even bother to go into the Geelong and Collingwood relationship – it seems every club has a bone to pick with the Pies. They are just, generally speaking, an unpleasant bunch whom all other clubs love to hate (or so I am told).

In my mind, the true rivalry at Geelong at the moment is that with St Kilda. It has all the ingredients of an epic, volatile relationship. It all began back in Round 22, 2003. The two clubs met in the last round of the year at Skilled Stadium, with Geelong going home the victors. Neither club made the finals that year, occupying places 11 and 12 on the ladder.

In 2004, things really got moving. The Cats and Saints were the two babies of the competition, youngest and second youngest list in the league respectively. They would first meet in the (then) Wizard Cup Final, where St Kilda beat the Cats. Following this, Paul Chapman made his infamous comment (God love the little bugger) that the Cats were still a much better team than the Saints. St Kilda’s reply came in a Round 1 drubbing a mere fortnight later, followed by nine more wins in a row, giving the Saints an ideal start. In the space of 6 rounds, the Cats and Saints had played each other three times. But while Geelong was showing promise, the Saints had arrived.

The teams met again in Round 18, with the Cats winning a thrilling encounter. The highlight of that game came in the form of one Matthew Scarlett, who earned a prolonged standing ovation as he trotted from the forward fifty back to his position in the defensive goal square following a timely goal. Meanwhile, Fraser Gehrig had been left behind in said goalsquare, scratching his head as to where his close-checking opponent had gone.

That year, both teams made the Preliminaries, before bowing out in narrow losses. 2005 saw Geelong lose in the dying seconds of a semi-final against eventual premiers Sydney Swans (hey, it was a charitable act – they’d been 73 years without the silverware!). Sydney also beat the Saints a week later in the Preliminary Final.

2006 was a forgettable year for both clubs, though St Kilda did at least make it to the elimination finals.

In 2007, Geelong finally proved Chapman’s comments of all those years ago right when they won the premiership. 2008 saw the two teams finally meet in the finals, in the first Qualifying Final. Geelong won that day by nearly ten goals, and we thought the score had been settled.

The Geelong and St Kilda show of 2009 has already been covered so many times, I will spare you another account. (Suffice to say we won and I have never abused bragging rights in so abhorrent a fashion).

That to me is a rivalry. There is common ground, animosity, vicious comments, memorable encounters during the Season Proper, epic battles in finals and, most importantly, one of the most memorable Grand Finals of all time.

Now, that Season 2010 is upon us, I notice that the Rivalry Round concept has been scrapped. I put it down to a combination of the appalling job the AFL did with last year’s fixture and too many alleged “rivals” for the AFL to keep up with.

My question to you is: what is a rivalry, by your definition? And as an extension of that, which rivalries are the true rivalries of 2010?

(Just a final observation. There is one thing I do admire about St Kilda: just as Geelong is the G.F.C., St Kilda wear the initials “St K.F.C.” on the back of their guernseys. Classy or what?)

About Susie Giese

Born into the worship of the mighty Hoops, Susie has turned to adopting a Zen-like state during games in recent years to preserve her heart. The Cats of 2015 have the ol' ticker a-racing, though!


  1. Great read Susie.

    I believe a rivalry is when two teams meet in front of a packed house to battle for something in particular (the last spot in the top 4, the last spot on the ladder) Essendon and Collingwood is a great example of this. Because of the ANZAC Day Clash, every other game between these two is special and entertaining. But the two biggest rivals in the AFL are the two teams who are playing each other on the given day, it could be Geelong v Adelaide playing but i would see them as rivals coz they are competing against each other.

    I think Geelong’s biggest rival would be Hawthorn, historical, they both have the worst jumpers in the league and the best players in the competition. The AFL is recognizing the rivalry too, scheduling the match between these two on Easter Monday. That should attract 80,000+ and is one of the games i look forward too.

    How awesome was the Round 11, 2008 match between North and Geelong? Even though we lost, it was still one hell of a match!

  2. LoL, not exactly my smoothest piece of writing ;-p And double yikes – accidentally wrote Coleman Medal instead of Norm Smith when talking about Gazza (he just won too many awards, what can I say?)

    Ouch, Josh – the worst jumpers? Need I remind you of Adelaide’s new guernsey? Port’s jumper prior to this year? And what of North’s clash jumper 2009?

    Honestly, I don’t remember that match – but I’ll take your word for it ;-p

  3. I own a North clash strip in fact, and i love the new Adelaide away guernsey, very sharp looking. As for Port Adelaide, who cares.

  4. By the way – great definition of rival. I like it :-)

    But I was referring more to the concept of, in the lead up to a game, which clashes bring that bit of extra added excitement. Think Essendon/Collingwood, Carlton/Collingwood, Essendon/Brisbane, Essendon/Hawthorn, The Western Derby, The Showdown … that sort of thing.

  5. LoL, I just found it funny that Port’s best ever guernsey was designed by a 7-year-old. How would you feel if you were part of PA’s marketing division? :P

  6. Oh well, the 7 year old has good taste because its not too bad of a jumper.

    And i hate how the AFL used to hype up Rivalry round, true rivals these days are West Coast v Sydney, Geelong v Hawthorn etc.

    Well from a North point of view, i think playing Carlton is always that bit more special, to me anyway.

  7. Richard Naco says

    Far from being one of the two “worst jumpers in the league”, Geelong’s is actually the most romantic and poignant symbol of the actual city they represent.

    Every morning, great long lines of seagulls (reputedly) fly in to The Pivot over Corio Bay. So the navy blue bands of the strip actually represents the waters of the Bay, while the white bands signify those long lines of snow white birds whose arrival accompanies the dawn each day.

    No other clubs’ colours nor uniform design – in this or any other sporting code in Australia – are as dramatically or poetically linked to the area which they represent.

  8. That’s beautiful, Richard. I do admit, I am somewhat of a fan of our jumper, and had heard that white = seagulls, blue = water. You made it sound a whole lot better just then.

    I may be getting my wires crossed here, but at some stage between being called the Pivotonians and the Cats, were Geelong the Seagulls?

    Who do you think our main rival / arch enemy is?

  9. A good read, Susie, and your main contention that rivalries come and go is well put. Other than the two-team towns, no pair of clubs has a rivalry that permanently outshines all others.

    I was surprised you didn’t mention the Cats’ chief rivals for a decade from the early 1990s – that manufactured, suspiciously bulked-up, de facto state side, that postponed our well-earned flag in 1992 and 1994.

  10. John Butler says


    We Old Dark Navy Blues used to live for rivalries. There’s little choice when everyone hates you almost as much as the Pies.

    Hopefully our naughties blight is behind us and many of these great animosities can reclaim their rightful place.

    Richard, you old delusional romantic you, as I may have suggested elsewhere on this site, not even God looks good in hoops.

  11. re- comment 10

    thats not True, Mooney looks great in hoops and so does Mackie!

  12. Andrew, good point! I had forgotten (how could I?!?!?) about the Eagles. Granted, I was two- and four-years-old when we lost those ones, so could perhaps be forgiven for this oversight? I know, I know – inexcusable. We just HAD to hand over that first flag to the invaders … and to complete the humiliation, same day, same stage two years later – same result. Grrrr

  13. hey guys, williams v henin final

  14. John, I know what you mean! In between Carlton games, I forget how much I dislike your club and some of more uncouth supporters (that majority of the Blue Army that could be bretheren of the Pies Army). But then I get to the ground, and I remember the loathing all over again. Carlton is a team I love to play – there’s a bit of animosity here too, isn’t there?

    There is the ’95 GF and the totally unfair ongoing hatred of Dasher Milburn (you should check out the video of his bump on Bambi on Youtube – set to the tune of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” – highly comical. Fans banging on the interchange bench glass and everything ;-))

    And of course there is that memorable game … circa ’02/’03 (I can’t quite remember) when Riccardi kicked that brilliant goal after the siren. Only useful thing David Clarke Jnr did his whole career.

  15. Too true, Danni ;-p LoL. And trust me, Andrew. God’s son looks FAR BETTER in the blue-and-white hoops than he would in ANY OTHER JUMPER (hint hint, Gary!)

  16. i have only met 2 geelong players
    Bartel and Scarlett.
    i was so upset that Mooney wasnt there.

  17. Oops, my bad – I meant John, not Andrew, in my last comment.

    Don’t be disappointed, Danni! You met the greatest FB of all time! And apparently Jimmy Bartel is one of the most popular Geelong boys, looks-wise.

  18. Is that why he took a man to the Brownlow instead of a date?

  19. ohh yes he is!! :)
    i thought i was going to pass out when he said hi and then asked me how i was. lol
    and the wierd this was that it was when he had that black eye going on but he still looked gorgeous!
    lol i was to tempted to touch Scarlette curls

  20. Steve Healy says

    Nah Josh it was because he has a girlfriend in Denmark so he took Tim Callan instead.

    When did you meet Bartel and Scarlett Danni? Was it at crown casino?

  21. Who would have a girlfriend in Denmark? That’s almost as stupid as having a boyfriend from Italy.


  22. yes Steve at Crown.

  23. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it is lol, its funny how Callan left to the Bulldogs after that brownlow, maybe he wanted to get some distance away from bartel lol

  24. Steve Healy says

    arghh school tomorrow, im not even prepared, I got a hair cut sorry Danni

  25. Yeah maybe something happened that night that was too awkward for them to look each other in the eye again..


  27. josh- SHUTUP

  28. Steve Healy says

    yeah, Callan thought that leaving the club was the best thing for their relationship lol

  29. I refuse to get a haircut if i haven’t a few days before school goes back, then i delay it until the next holidays. I havent had a haircut since the day of the launch

  30. Danni-what?

    Yeah, maybe long distance is for them.

  31. Steve Healy says

    same, and before that I hadnt had one since the day of North Melbourne V Brisbane in Round 10, which was May the 31st

  32. Well i got my eyebrows done and my fringe cut this morning.

    what do you mean WHAT? you know WHAT!

  33. Nah i don’t actually..

  34. comment 25 thats what!

  35. Steve Healy says

    its not a G rated site Danni, we’re allowed to crack the occassional rude joke every now and then

  36. Meh

    There is gonna be a live chat with Kevin Sheehan tomorrow on the AFL website about Dream Team, not that anyone is associated with that crap Dream Team

  37. Yeah just look at Adam’s post from yesterday

  38. Steve Healy says

    shut the hell up Josh, Dream team is way better than supercoach, we’ve talked about that already. Thats a shame ill be at school

  39. not about poor Jimmy!!

    Steve im so upset at you, how could u cut ur hair!

  40. Oh god i love how so many kids are at school and i still got 5 days to go 8)

  41. Steve didn’t cut his hair, someone else did :P

  42. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I feel sorry for Jimmy Stynes as well, but at least he’s on the road back to recovery lol

  43. Steve Healy says

    yeah Danni, I cant do everything

    oh never mind! Blonds!

  45. I cut my own hair at school once

  46. Im not blonde

  47. dont lie Josh

  48. Pfft, brunette

  49. Steve Healy says

    Sometimes my hair just falls out, im either aging too quickly or i’m taking the medication of a cancer patient. It’s funny because my usual medication is footy

  50. damn right! Brunette and PROUD to be betch!

  51. Steve Healy says

    im proud to be blond!

  52. Steve, do you wear hats a lot?
    do you use any hair sprays or gel a lot?

  53. Steve Healy says

    no, no and no!

  54. really Steve?
    dont lie to me now

  55. okay..maybe it runs in your family then.

  56. Steve Healy says

    i’ve used gel a few times, not in 2 or 3 years though. I hardly ever wear a hat

  57. Steve Healy says

    no, it doesnt, all my old relatives have a full head of hair, my dad does

  58. I use gel and wax every day, and i have to brush my hand through my hair and most of it ends up in my hand. No biggie though

  59. Steve Healy says

    Danni, would it have anything to do with not washing often enough?

    its not like im worried about it, just often when I put my hand through my hair there’s one or two loose ones that I see fall out

  60. hmmm okay then maybe you are like my hubby Jack Anthony.

    lol Josh

  61. I wash my hair once a week 8)

  62. no appreantly we should only wash our hair one a month ( i dont folow and wash mine every second day) cos the oils and stuff are natural and good for your hair.

  63. Steve Healy says

    really? thank god, I wash it about once every 1-2 weeks on average

  64. status -reading school newsletter and laughing at section about school pics which says no makeup ect.
    do they really think im gonna listen!
    i NEVER wear face makeup to school but im going to wear it for photos! its only fair that i look how i want to look if my parents are paying for my photo.

  65. I went 3 weeks without washed hair, i washed it last week to stop that run. My hair felt like rock

  66. They’ll just edit your pic Danni

  67. Steve Healy says

    thats funny, no one at my school wears make up for school photos

  68. I do 8)

    I remember having dreadlocks last year, it was fun while it lasted

  69. nah they dont josh, trust me!
    most of the girls look nice and bronze in the face i still look pale in mine despite wearing makeup and mum just said
    “yeah you need to wear much more this time around to get more colour in your face”
    So there you go thats permission lol

  70. Steve Healy says

    you wear make up?

  71. I just realised i’ve been listening to Taylor Swift for the past 10 minutes, i feel so unclean :|

  72. Yeah course mate

  73. Steve Healy says

    yeah sure you do, the only T.Swift I like is Tom Swift

  74. I like Taylor Swift, i just hate her music with a passion

    well you know what i think of that chick.

  76. Steve Healy says

    shes all right, not that good though

  77. i hate Taylor Swift, i hate her with a passion. i hate her more than Carlton.

  78. Steve Healy says

    gee thats impossible

  79. no steve..its possible

  80. I couldn’t care less about Taylor Swift. She’s irrelevant, like Henry Playfair and Hugh Grant.

  81. I hate Collingwood, hate them with a passion.

  82. ..And Jayson Laycock

  83. i like Hugh Grant! :)
    hes cute!
    (thats another dollar for Adam lol)

    but i love Colin Firth more.

  84. Josh you are just mean.
    im nice to North but you wont be nice to Collingwood who has one of your fav players in Neon Leon!

  85. He’s not my favourite player, i just rate him very, very highely.

  86. Another dollar for Adam? What do you mean Danni?

    Hugh Grant isn’t an actor, he’s just an annoying recurring character who appears in multiple unrelated movies under different names.

  87. Why’s Adam getting a dollar? I want a dollar

  88. Steve Healy says

    Danni, everyone hates collingwood about from their supporters. its just life

  89. Steve Healy says


  90. didnt you say u wish u could get a dollar evrytime i thought someone was cute?

  91. Has anyone else been getting emails from Credit Union Australia?

  92. Oh yeah, I remember saying that now. Should be $2 if you count Colin Firth. And I wouldn’t know Josh, I just delete those kinds of spam emails without reading them.

  93. She’s talked about Colin Firth many times before.

    Yeah, but this is Credit Union Australia and looks like a proper email. But i deleted it anyway

  94. YAY COLIN FIRTH!! <3

  95. Steve Healy says

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    I did have a nice dinner, take away pizza

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  99. I LOVE ICE TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    no I had an ice dinner lol

  101. Ice Tea <3 haha

    Status – owning some noob on Superfooty :P

  102. i want ice-tea!!

  103. Steve help!

  104. I thought of the best nickname for Dustin Martin today.

  105. Steve Healy says

    Josh, that magpies supporter doesnt even know his own team. I should run the quiz!

  106. Hmmmm no wonder i was so stumped at the answer.

  107. Diamond! It’s the perfect nickname for Dustin.

  108. Steve Healy says

    oh yeah, I kind of get it, its kind of his name joined with Richmond

  109. Hadn’t actually occured to me Steve. But diamonds are the hardest natural substances on the planet, so it’s perfect for Dustin. Also Dustin Diamond was an actor, most famous for playing Screech in Saved By the Bell. Although, having said that, Dustin Diamond’s character’s personality could not be more different to the Richmond Dustin Diamond’s.

  110. Steve Healy says

    oh ok, I was certain diamond had something to do with his name

  111. oh FFS, he is not that tough! He just puts it on for the camera

  112. Watch him at training Josh.

  113. I saw a picture of him in the HS and he was near tears at training

  114. Steve Healy says

    it was sweat Josh, lol

  115. No his face was scrunched up and he was in despair, first time i’ve seen him without a “tough” scowl on his face

  116. I think the Diamond would be a good chance for NAB Rising Star. Don’t think anyone from the Club has one it since Deledio.
    Another thing I like about Dustin is that he calls a Spade a Spade and he hasn’t got a pea Heart like some Tigers such as McMahon.

  117. And he doesn’t have a little gay mustache like McMahon either lol

  118. Heh, I succeeded in saying all four suits of cards in the one comment ;)

  119. Oh i didn’t notice that lol.

    What does Spades a Spade mean?

  120. Steve Healy says

    hahaha yeah that was funny adam

  121. Steve Healy says

    hahaha Tom Harley and Richo in the crowd in the tennis. who saw that?

  122. Lol that was a poor effort by Seven, no wonder they’re crap

  123. nawww crying Tin tin?

  124. I think im gonna get dad to let me drive to school tomorrow.
    lol wonder how that will go

  125. Maybe you should play it safe, don’t want you crashing before you even start the school year..

  126. Josh thats the whole point! LOL

  127. Oh okay, then i hope you ddddiiiieeeeee for your sake :)

  128. nah im just kidding.
    But i should drive cos i have only done 14hours out of 120!

  129. Come for a drive to the country, that’ll give you 3-4 hours

  130. Do you have school tomorrow Danni? Have fun! I’ve done over 100 hours now :)

  131. omg what i would die lol
    i get tired just doing 1 hour of driving!
    i was like “can i drive home now, IM TIRED!”

  132. yeah i have school from 1:00-3:00
    really Adam, can i borrow a few hours? lol

  133. Oh! There’s so much to see out the window in the country! Adam, when you get your license your the designated come-out-to-Waaia-and-pick-me-up-and-take-me-to-the-footy driver

  134. What’s the point of going to school just for 2 hours?

  135. You’re JOKING Barnstable! Lol

  136. to get into our Homeroom groups,take school photos, get lockers and get told about how this is our VCE year and blahh blah so that Monday is like a fresh start with clases.

  137. No, i’m fully serious :)

  138. Yeah I start on Monday, I think it’s straight into classes, unless we have an assembly and we get our lockers. I’ll be happy if I get a top locker, I’m too tall for bottom lockers!

  139. lol im not! im a shortie. :)
    i like bottom lockers that way i can sit on the floor and manage my books in comfort. lol

  140. I should be in contention for a top locker this year, and i think i miss out on assembly’s coz year 10’s go back a day after everyone else. So we also miss all that “welcome back, have a good year, also don’t litter blah blah”

  141. Adam please dont tell me you have coloured eyes!!

  142. I demanded a middle locker after i split my shorts/pants open 4 times bending down to get to my stuff :|

  143. Coloured eyes? Mine are hazel, what does that mean? I had a bottom locker in year 10. You don’t get to choose it was horrible! If I get a bottom locker I’ll ask to swap with a short person, because I’m 191cm tall and being that tall and having a bottom locker sucks!

  144. comment 142- ROFL!! hahhaha
    dont worry if i was there i would have held up a folder to the exposed area and stood behind u so that no one would notice…too bad i wasnt there eyy?

  145. Damian Watson says

    I hate bottom lockers! I’ve had them for three years in a row and it’s like a commando course trying to get out, it certainly didn’t help my back injury last year either.

    I start on Monday, I’m guessing the state schools went back today.

  146. great he has HAZEL!
    Damn you!!
    :( lol

  147. I’m 184cm 8)

    Thanks Danni, yeah you weren’t there in my hours of need :(

  148. you should have got ‘babe’ to hold it! lol

  149. Thats impressive Josh :)

    Why all the curiosity about my eyes Danni?

    Yeah I hurt my knees bending down to bottom lockers when i had one, and a couple of times i banged my head on the sharp corner of the open top locker above :|

  150. What was wrong with your back Damo?

    I had blue eyes for a few years, now i’ve got some kind of green colour

  151. Adam, i was forever hitting my head on the corner of lockers, really hurts too :(

    Danni, why would i want a pig to hold a folder in front of me?

  152. Well you see I think all the teens on here have some sort of coloured eyes except me! And my boring brown ones!! And you end up having Hazel! I love Hazel eyes they are so pretty! My Dad has them and mum has dark brown so naturally I got light brown but not hazel

  153. NO, i mean ‘babe’ as in what his name that pretty friend rannga of yours..greg.

  154. Bahaha Josh

    Don’t call your eyes boring Danni, some of the best eyes I’ve seen on people are brown.

  155. …really Adam?

  156. I’ve been told my eyes are good :S

    Oh, babe goes to a different school. There is like 40 babes to Greg Danni ;)

  157. Damian Watson says

    Earlier in the year while I was playing footy a knee went straight into my back which caused a bit of swelling and bruising and then a couple of minutes later I was tackled and landed onto the rock hard surface, for the next couple of months I felt a bit of a sharp pain in the back whenever I bent.
    It was nothing serious though.

    Have you guys heard about that new ipad?

  158. comment 156- haha im not surprised

  159. Aw your not surprised by eyes are good? Shucks Danni :P

    Oh, i hate being the launching pad for potential-Specky Magees :( lol.

    That ipad is ridiculous, everything is becoming electronic these days, even reading.

  160. My eyes are good ^*

  161. lol josh in all seriousness you do have nice eyes.

  162. Lol thanks, not that you saw much of them coz i spent most of the night looking down at my feet :|

  163. I feel bad for commenting all over Susie’s piece, i say we switch to another one?

  164. hahhahahaha nawwwwwwwww!!
    yes thats so true! lmaoo nawwwwwwww
    and ur cheeks were all pink!!

  165. To be fair, they’re always pink :|

  166. Mohammed bin Rocket says

    Reckon Josh is right – Geelong’s major arch rival is Hawthorn.

    I think it can be stretched back to 1963 when Cats’ coach Bobby Davis branded the Hawks the dirtiest team in the league or something similar. Hawthorn took umbrage to it, of course, but the Cats had the last laugh, beating the Hawks 3 times in a row (I think)- last H A away match, the 2nd semi, and then the grand final.

    Of course, they’ve had some epic battles in more recent years, i.e., from the 1980s.

    As for Geelong fans being blue collar – tell that to all the bluebloods from the Western district and all the boys from the College and the Grammar…
    that is why they still have some sort of rivalry with Melbourne.

  167. John Mosig says

    G’day Suzie,

    Just came across this piece. Recovering from knee surgery I’ve had some time to scroll. Disappointed you left out Richmond. In the 60’s we had some great matches and Geelong was always considered a serious game. I used to rally drive in those days and we often competed against the District car Club, so we found ourselves arguing footy with a lot of Geelong supporters at the wind-up BBQ. The Cats had some terrific teams – Dennis Marshall, Polly Farmer, Billy Goggin, Roy West, and of course Doug Wade. Always loved beating them and hated losing to them.

    Maybe rivalry is a generational thing – a circumstantial thing, eh?

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