A Mothers’ Day Reflection

Time to return to a lovely piece from Steve Fahey. (first published in 2010)

FPS Report: Round 3 match report and Danny Roach

Greeting Gents Floreat Pica Society continued a long Collingwood tradition by blooding youth in a big game.  !6 year-old Richard Cornell wrote the match report while his 11 year-old brother Nicholas awarded the Danny Roach votes -see both below.  I wonder what these young blokes are like at kicking goals?

Pies triumph on a day of firsts

It has been 197 days since I’ve experienced the warm inner glow and sweet sweet taste of a Pies’ victory and it feels as good as I remember it.  As Foreigner sang all those years ago “It feels like the first time, it feels like the very first time.” Speaking of first times, a Round 1 [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: A few observations on the early Pies

By Steve Fahey Pre-season so no match report, but a few observations : – Middle of Feb, 32 degrees at game start, all other observations need to be considered with that in mind. – Middle of Feb, 32 degrees at game start, very thoughtful of Etihad Stadium management to have us think that we were [Read more]

Floreat Pica Society: Pendles hangs on to win prestigious Horsburgh Medal

By Steve Fahey gala festive occasion; festive gathering for sports galah (slang) fool, simpleton, show-off The fifth annual gathering of the Floreat Pica Society was again a gala/galah evening, with twenty-something Floreat Picans gathered to celebrate another year’s pleasure and pain watching the Pies and to count the votes after Round 17 for the prestigious [Read more]

AFL Prelim Finals: Pies’ loss hurts like hell

By Paul Fahey Well …  I have sat down a few times to write the report but until this morning I could not really muster the energy or enthusiasm to really revisit the match! On Sunday, as I have done following previous finals losses, I chose to not really communicate with the outside world – [Read more]

AFL Semi-Finals: Never-say-die Pies prise prize from under Crows’ eyes

By Steve Fahey Floreat Pican John Ramsdale wrote last week of his sense of déjà vu in watching our ordinary performance in our opening finals appearance.  This week the Pies’ stunning last-gasp win over the Crows gave me a double sense of déjà vu. Why a double sense ?  Firstly because this game was nearly [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Deja vu all over again for Pies fans

By John Ramsdale Father’s Day saw Yarra Park full of fathers in new socks, jocks and aftershave making their way to the ground with their families in tow. The Piesemist was his usual self as we went to meet our daughters who were still a bit more optimistic about our chances than we were. We [Read more]

General Footy Writing: A Father’s Day reflection

By Steve Fahey One of the many things I am grateful to my parents for is my passion for the black and white. Dad’s passion for the Pies was life-long – he was raised in Langridge Street,  Collingwood, upstairs from the fruit shop that my grandparents ran. Collingwood in the early 1930s was a struggling, [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Pies need to go back to the drawing board

By Tony Scully Evening, Floreat Picans, or should I say, Mourning? I went for a long and arduous pushbike ride on Sunday morning. As I struggled into a headwind (I was thinking of the match later in the day to take my mind off the pain) I was swooped by a zealous Magpie. I thought [Read more]

AFL Round 21: What, me worry? Seems we have nothing to fear

By Suzy Lewis PESSIMISM: 1 : an inclination to emphasize adverse aspects, conditions, and possibilities or to expect the worst possible outcome 2 a : the doctrine that reality is essentially evil; b : the doctrine that evil overbalances happiness in life It was a blustery Melbourne day as I walked to the MCG through [Read more]

AFL Round 20: Pies continue merry march while Tigers confirm culture problem

By Paul O’Connell A gloomy Saturday morning was becoming by midday a warm sunny afternoon. At least I knew I could see, feel and smell the weather at the ‘G.  It really felt like I was going to the footy, a rare Saturday avo just like in the good old days. I make no apology [Read more]

AFL Round 19: Wood and Woods produce the goods

You can never hold back spring You can be sure I will never Stop believing The world is dreaming, dreaming of spring You Can Never Hold Back Spring, Tom Waits Saturday 8 August 2009 was a seriously good day for the Pies, and I am indeed now dreaming of spring.

AFL Round 13: Collingwood v Fremantle: Pies prey on Pavlich-less Dockers

By Paul Fahey PREAMBLE: On the morning of the game I stopped to think about whether there had actually been a memorable game in the Collingwood v Fremantle brief history. There was a game a while back on a Monday night where they beat us but it was a very ordinary game. Round 22 last [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Sydney v Collingwood: Pies make Shaw of strong win

By Steve Fahey One of the unfortunate consequences of the draft has been the frequency with which siblings end up at different clubs.  Let’s call it the Selwood phenomenon, if it doesn’t already have a name. While the father-son rule has been great in helping maintain and build family traditions within clubs, siblings ending up [Read more]

AFL Round 8: (FPS) I’d rather not be in Philadelphia

By Steve Fahey     I was bruised and battered and I couldn’t tell What I felt I was unrecognizable to myself I saw my reflection in a window I didn’t know My own face Streets of Philadelphia, Bruce Springsteen   I’m not sure whether this applies more to the team or to we supporters.  [Read more]

Purposeful Pies Pummel Puerile Poultry Portrayers

  by Steve Fahey   josh (slang) n. good natured joke v.t. indulge in ridicule   The Pies continued their loss-win sequence (which now stands at L-W-L-W-L-W) with a comfortable win against very ordinary opposition.  Other than a ten minute burst from the Kangas in the second-half of the opening stanza, we controlled this match [Read more]

Patchy Pies Pipped by Persistent Players from Pissant-Town

by Steve Fahey       Footy’s in the air Every sight and every sound Footy’s in the air Every recalled centre bounce   And I don’t know if I’ve been dreaming (but it is probable) Don’t know if I’m being wise But you’re something that I must believe in Every time that I scream [Read more]