Leave your team and get to the track!

  by Steve Fahey Don’t go to the footy or cricket this weekend !!! Yes, you read right.  This lifelong sports nut is exhorting you to not attend the footy or cricket this weekend in Melbourne.  Why ?  Because I am suggesting that you insteadattend the Olympic track and field team trials at Lakeside Stadium [Read more]

Floret Pica NAB Cup Week 1

For those either without Foxtel or with a better offer on a warm February night, I offer a few thoughts on the Pies’ opening NAB Cup games.  The Fahey family lounge was full of black and white jumpers as we settled in for the first instalment of the year, this time from the grandiosely named [Read more]

Kenyans sizzle as Track and Field christens its new home with a drenching

Track and Field in Victoria held its first significant meeting at its new home in Lakeside Stadium on Saturday night when it hosted the time-honoured Zatopek meeting.  For me it was a bit like going to the housewarming party of a friend whose old digs you loved, despite them having seen better days (the digs, [Read more]

What if?

One of the many attractions of sport is the endless possibilities for discussions post events beginning with the word “if.” The beauty of such arguments are that they are all hypothetical, so no-one can be proven wrong ! In the wake of the greatest Melbourne Cup of my lifetime, one of the fascinating post-race events [Read more]

The willing and the wounded weave a way to the big day

    escapology n. methods and technique of escaping esp. from captivity, confinement in box etc.   Yes, this was a great escape for the Pies, and we make it through to the finale by the skin of our teeth.   The record volume of FPS email traffic pre-match said a lot about the excitement [Read more]

Looking Back and Looking Forward

  So it’s the Pies and the Hawks on Friday night.  It’s 34 years since these sides squared off in a final,the second semi in 1977.  That was a fantastic game, in which the Pies withheld a late Hawks charge to win by two points.  The win came at a huge cost however, as Michael Tuck’s head came [Read more]

Il Palio is loco

Being fortunate enough in our travels to have reached the gorgeous city of Florence, we planned a day trip to the neighbouring medieval town of Siena, population 60,000, about 100 kms away. In addition to its impressive medieval architecture, Siena is famous for Il Palio, the wild horse race that is conducted on a dirt [Read more]

Magpies and Roos Co-Joined

For those new to the FPS,  occasionally someone puts together a team of players who have represented both clubs, normally ahead of a clash between the two clubs.  Stork has done Richmond, I have done the Swans and the Bulldogs.  This week I had a go at the Kangas, with some much-needed assistance from Stork, [Read more]

Pies step up to step on Eagles

mercurial (of person) sprightly, ready-witted, volatile From half-time on, the story of this game was always going to be the three moments of brilliance from The Mop.  While those moments lit up the game, the bigger story should be that this was a vastly improved performance on our most recent efforts. At the start of [Read more]

Floreat Pica Heritage Round

When roster vacancies arose for the Weagles game, I not only put my own hand up, but also cajoled TAFKATBM (The Artist Formerly Known As The Big Man for those relatively new to the Floreat Pica Society) to write the DR for old times’ sake. FPS began in 2005 and in the early years I [Read more]

The Sounds of Silence

by Steve Fahey   I like this Easter Monday/Anzac Day confluence.  I am not sure when it will happen again, nor whether I will still be breathing when it does, but this year it assisted my enormous privilege to experience two of the great sporting silences on consecutive days. Monday I was of course at [Read more]

FPS: Pies open campaign without pain

Pies open campaign without pain   Round One (now known by the AFL as “Opening Round”) is a time characterised by hope, expectation and over-interpretation of results.  Supporters head off expectantly to see their club’s new chums and gauge their team’s prospects for the coming season. Round One, 2011 was unique for me in that [Read more]

Olympic Park Report

It was a fitting end to O Park. The PA didn’t work a couple of times, I couldn’t read my program in the grandstand because the overhead lights above me were broken and it was a disappointingly low crowd.  The athletics was good for most of the night, but built to outstanding quality over the [Read more]

Farewell to the Big O

For someone who has spent much of my life fascinated and enthralled by sport, there are still many things I don’t get.  Near the top of the list is why the sporting public can be enthused and excited by track and field each Olympic Games, but doesn’t turn up to good quality track and field [Read more]

Why I love the Perth Test

by Steve Fahey As a young boy in Melbourne in the early 1970s, Perth seemed a world away and too distant to even be in the same country.  But I was glad it was, because it meant that DK Lillee, Rod Marsh and their facial hair were on OUR team. My first memory of cricket [Read more]

Vale Presti

Like other Floreat Picans,  I felt genuinely saddened and moved when I heard the news of Presti’s retirement, and the consequent death of the dream of him playing in a premiership. He has been unique in this generation of players and while supporters of many other clubs reckoned that he was overrated, no-one at Collingwood [Read more]

In the Year of Waiting, we await a result

weird a 1. Of, relating to, or suggestive of the preternatural or supernatural. 2. Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange. 3. Archaic Of or relating to fate or the Fates (this one unnerves me a bit). In a world in which everything and everyone seems to be in a hurry, surely 2010 will [Read more]

Tribute to Roosy

by Steve Fahey   I know it’s an un-Collingwood and un-Floreat Pican thing to do, but I want to pay tribute to one of the greats of our game, who is fast approaching his swansong (pun intended).   I first came across Paul Roos in 1979.   He was wearing number 19 for the fashionably named Beverly [Read more]

Floreat Pica Report- Rd 18 Collingwood V Carlton

irresistible a too strong, convincing, delightful etc. to be resisted One of my favourite match reports in the 2009 Footy Almanac came from a North supporter called Andrew Starkie.  Andrew’s report started : “I hate Carlton; despise them. My loathing is limitless, my contempt physical.  It causes my forehead to burn and a deep pain [Read more]

Pies present as apprentices as masters do what they wanna do and be who they wanna be

conviction act of convincing, settled belief I had a vision the other night. Collingwood was on the podium holding up the Cup.  The only problems were (1) It was Paul Collingwood, and the Poms had beaten the Mike Brearley, I mean Michael Clarke – led Aussies in the Twenty 20 final, and (2) it wasn’t [Read more]