Manchester City – the best and worst of the world game

Spurs fan Steve Fahey enjoys (appreciates?) the performance of opponent Man City and contemplates the lot of the mega-cashed-up club.

Around The Bay in a day – you can do it!

What is it like to cycle 219km in a day? Steve Fahey set himself the challenge of the full Around the Bay ride on Sunday and beat a last-minute tyre fault, heat and wind to make it home. And incidentally answer the question – which is worse, cycling 210km or running a marathon?

AFL Round 14 – Port Adelaide v Collingwood: PORT (Pretender Or Real Threat?) answer smacks Pies in the face

Travelling to Adelaide to watch Port seemed like a pleasant idea at the start of the year. As Steve Fahey took his seat at Football Park, he wondered – is Collingwood a contender or pretender?

Black and white memories of Kardinia Park

Some terrific memories from Steve Fahey as he recalls Collingwood clashes at Kardinia Park. His reflections leave him wondering whether kids today will have the same sense of nostalgia from having been to the G and the Dome?

AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v St.Kilda: Pies prevail over sinking Saints but no splash

These teams aren’t quite what they were, and will need to learn to swim better and faster if they want to be competitive with the best.

Typical tension and torment for Tottenham as Champions’ League spots go down to the wire

Following Tottenham as they battle for a place in the Champions’ League gives him an insight into being a Tigers supporter with all their nine-placed finishes.

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Carlton (FPS report): Pies find a way to overcome Mick and his Blues

When you go to the footy to watch your team, it is not relaxing, it is not restful. It is stressful and it is draining. And when your team is Collingwood and you are playing Carlton, it will end in sweet victory or bitter defeat. There is no middle ground.

Athletics adds some much-needed Wattage

You’d be forgiven for thinking that track and field had taken an indefinite break after London but Melbourne hosts an IAAF event, the grandiosely-named Qantas Melbourne World Challenge, this Saturday.

Head of School Girls clash with APS is bad for rowing…and for the girls

A school rowing clash favours the boys ahead of the girls. Steve Fahey thinks there must be a better way.

Conditions steamy but Pies stone cold

One sentence can sum up Collingwood’s games against Brisbane: First half scrappy but competitive, second half crappy and uncompetitive.

Victorian cricketer? You’re out!

The Victorian cricket squad holds a remarkable statistic – it contains four players who are not in the current Test team who have played one Test – Maxwell, Hastings, McKay and Rogers.

A few Floreat Pica Society observations on the Pies’ opener

Just as NAB Cup Round 1 is not really footy as we know it, this is not really a match report, but a series of dot-point observations as the Pies build into a new season.

Musings on an audience with Haiku Bob at Pies training

Haiku Bob and Steve Fahey were amongst a few hundred who watched the Pies train on a perfect morning.

My Pies debut against the Blues – a true story

This is not a work of fiction. But, like the ad where the boy tells his teacher that his dad played for Collingwood, it is both true and not quite what it seems.

AFL Preliminary Finals – Sydney v Collingwood: Not Quite Good Enough (The Floreat Pica Society Votes)

Greetings all It is my unfortunate duty to cast the final Danny Roach votes for the season. The emptiness of a season-ending finals loss is as familiar as it is bitter, and is in this instance compounded by the confined spaces of a cheap hotel room. I think that I’m handling the defeat OK, but I may [Read more]

AFL Finals – Hawthorn v Collingwood: Will tactics get Pies over the line?

Steve Fahey looks at the selection conundrum facing Collingwood ahead of their first final against Hawthorn – but will it matter who they put on the park?

Worthy slaughter?

  I recently heard the 1970s hit All by myself  by Eric Carmen, no relation to Fabulous Phil (Eric couldn’t even spell his surname the same way as the great man), for the first time in many years. It’s a self-pitying lament, with some of the verses starting with the words When I was young, [Read more]

Pies and Zen rule

famous a  celebrated (for quality etc.) ; well known ; (colloq.) excellent I had a very unusual pre-game routine for our blockbuster against the Crows.  I attended a silent retreat for the day as part of a mindfulness meditation course I am undertaking. How does this have any relevance to the game?  Well, limited, but [Read more]

The battle for Champions League spots

by Steve Fahey In between watching the Test cricket, I this morning witnessed the latest round in the Wigan miracle, as they followed up knocking off Man U by beating Arsenal at Emirates (Arsenal’s home).  One has to admire Wigan – as the calendar year started they were anchored at the bottom of the EPL [Read more]

Gallant Pies run out of legs and class as Buddy and Cyril bite us on the ass

Footy came back with a huge bang as we went down to the Hawks in an epic opening round encounter that deserves a record length heading for a Floreat Pica Society match report.   The biggest question going into the game was how well our bottom six would handle the blowtorch heat of the Hawks’ [Read more]