Magpies and Roos Co-Joined

For those new to the FPS,  occasionally someone puts together a team of players who have represented both clubs, normally ahead of a clash between the two clubs.  Stork has done Richmond, I have done the Swans and the Bulldogs.  This week I had a go at the Kangas, with some much-needed assistance from Stork, as it was a difficult exercise.

Here we go :

B: Alan Richardson* Tim Harrington Mick Gayfer*

HB : Glenn Freeborn Jason McCartney Justin Staritski

C : Rick Olarenshaw Bruce Abernathy Ben Davies

HF : Brad Plain Phil Carman Sam Kekovich

F : Craig Davis Sav Rocca John Barnett

Foll : Leigh Brown Graeme Atkins  Shane Bond

* Gayfer and  Richardson who didn’t play seniors at North (but were needed to make up a team !!).


I am sure that I have missed some blokes who have played at both clubs since the 1970s and would love your input.



There is a more impressive team of coaches and officials who have been at both clubs.


Coach : Dean Laidley


Assistant Coach : Brad Scott


Specialist coaches : Gav Crosisca, Shane Watson


Football Manager : Geoff Walsh


CEO : Eugene Arocca


President : Eddie


Floreat Pica





  1. Phil Dimitriadis says

    How about Adrian McAdam?

  2. Steve Fahey says

    Good call Phil. He never played seniors at the Pies, so I don’t consider him a Pie.

    He did however kick 9 at Vic Park for the Roos in 1993, ending Mick Gayfer’s career in the process as umpires cracked down on backmen holding.

  3. Mic Rees says

    Steve – Bill Serong 98 games/52 goals Collingwood (1956-61) & 16 games/8 goals North Melbourne in 1961.

    Member of 1958 Premiership winning team, placed equal second with EJ, Gabbo & Hugh Mitchell on 14 votes in the 1959 BM, 6 behind joint winners Howell & Skilton


  4. Ripsnorter says

    Robert Pyman may have to get a game, coached at the pies as well I believe.

  5. Mic Rees says

    Apologies – Serong spent 1962 at Arden Street, not 1961.

    Mike Delanty played with Pies/Roos in the late 50’s to mid 60’s.


  6. Steve Fahey says

    Love your work Mick

    Serong and Delanty were before my time.

    And thanks Ripsnorter, I think that Pyman was the first fined for draft tampering from memory

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