Victorian cricketer? You’re out!

Assuming what the Australian selectors will do is not simple at present.

However, in the likely event that Glenn Maxwell is omitted from the team for the next Test, the Victorian cricket squad will hold a remarkable statistic or two.

It will contain four players who are not in the current Test team who have played one Test – Maxwell, Hastings, McKay and Rogers.  You also have others who have played a very small number of Tests – Quiney (2) White (4) and McDonald (4).  When you throw in the fairly recently retired McGain, who also played just the one Test, you have a lot of blokes who have had a brief taste of it and not made it on their first go.  Realistically the only one of the above with a more than reasonable chance of adding to his total is Maxwell, and that may take some time.  Quiney would be a chance if he can re-find his touch, but I don’t fancy any of the others being selected again.

Of course Siddle and Wade have made much better fists of their chances, and we can’t take the blame or credit for Radar Rogers fumbling his fleeting chance when he was playing for WA. but it does pose the question – why ?

Does it mean that we have had the perfect recipe for winning Shields – a heap of blokes very good at that level but not good enough for the next level ?  Does it say as much about the selectors as the players ? Or are there other explanations/theories ?


  1. Dave Nadel says

    Cameron White was chosen as a spinner when his greater skills were batting and leadership….and his batting as dropped off since. Of the others, Maxwell is a work in progress, McKay is unlucky that there are so many promising pacemen around but most of the rest are probably not test standard. I think you are right Steve, Victoria has found the perfect Shield formula; include most of the second eleven best players in the country. Queensland did this a few years ago when they played Martin Love, Ian Law, Andy Bichel, etc.

  2. Apt headline, that. Victorian cricketer OUT!
    Currently 9/120 against NSW.

  3. Andrew Starkie says

    Rogers is greatest waste of talent since Siddons. Has scored 50plus first class tons (how many has Steve Smith made), Should have been in Test team years ago. Age 35? now, would still like to see him in England.

    McDonald has performed whenever he’s been in the test team. Again, talent wasted.

  4. Hasn’t Darren Pattinson played just the one Test – for England!

  5. Steve Fahey says

    Excellent call re Pattinson senior. Of course his baby brother has made more than a reasonable fist of it.
    Agree that Rogers is unlucky nopt to play more by sheer weight of runs…every season. I understand that he wasn”t popular with selectors for personality reasons. Surely we have had a few different and difficult personalities over the years

  6. Imagine if the Australian cricket team truly had a no dickheads policy.

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